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Tiny Star


    This is the debut EP from Tiny Star (The Blasting Company, with Eddika Organista and Harlan Silverman). Born from their time composing the incredible soundtrack to the 2014 animated mini-series Over The Garden Wall, The Blasting Company set out to fully realize the music of one of their many in-universe bands: Tiny Star. The results are a blissful collection of dream pop songs, filled with stellar synth and delicate vocals. Featuring all new artwork by Patrick McHale (creator) and Levon Jihanian (illustrator) of Over The Garden Wall.


    Side A
    1. Far From Me
    2. Galaxies
    3. Eclipse

    Side B
    4. Black Hole
    5. Gravity

    Lucio Fulci directed this dystopian sci-fi epic in 1984. In 2072 the world is ruled by TV networks. Two of these networks are locked in a bitter rating battle and in finding more ways to outdo each other one of them decides to host a Roman centurion style battle to the death featuring convicted murderers fighting each other on motorcycles (wait is this a documentary?) As you would expect from Fulci it’s outrageous, silly, super entertaining and full of over the top violence. The score was composed by Maestro Riz Ortolani and here he delivers one of his most bombastic, striking (and fun) scores. Loaded with killer synth lines, chunky riffs and pounding synthetic drums.


    A1. Roma Imperial Rock (Titoli)
    A2. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Love Theme)
    A3. Roma Imperial Rock
    A4. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Rock Fanfare)
    A5. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Future Rome)
    A6. The Fighter Centurions
    B1. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Tension & Mystery)
    B2. Roma Imperial Rock
    B3. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Warrior's Action)
    B4. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Labyrinth Of Death)
    B5. The Fighter Centurions
    B6. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (More Tension)
    B7. Roma Imperial Rock 

    Anton Maiovvi & The Karakura Orchestra

    Abdullah - Original Score


      One off pressing for Record Store Day 2017 featuring 180g coloured vinyl and a DVD featuring the short film Abdullah housed inside a 425gsm sleeve complete with a download card.

      Maiovvi’s score is a powerhouse tour de force featuring his signature raw electro sound blended with traditional Turkish sound structures and instruments. He has managed to create something totally unique, dark disco that is familiar yet totally alien. The perfect follow up from his last short Yellow. We are very proud to highlight the short film Abdullah included here as a bonus Blu Ray, shot on 35mm the film looks magnificent and the dark tale is perfectly suited to Maiovvi’s delirious take on Turkish standards.

      UK = 500 Red Vinyl


      Side A
      1. For Glory
      2. Work
      3. Wandering
      4. Diner
      5. Pick Up

      Side B
      1. Your Throat
      2. Mountains Of Delirium
      3. Magician’s Guilt

      Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to present The Greasy Strangler. The film was featured on Sundance’s Midnight section and drew immediate hype for its singular vision. The Fright File wrote “Complementing every scene in an incalculable way is one of the most pronounced and inspired music scores and soundtracks in recent memory, an instantly catchy, appropriately playful lo-fi orgy of electronic synth compositions from Fuck Buttons band member Andrew Hung”.

      Hung’s score reflects the onscreen insanity perfectly offering an extremely twisted musical electronic soundtrack reminiscent of 80s video games complete with chiptune vocals, children’s keyboards and playful bouncy beats, it’s the kind of off kilter musical styling’s you might find from the residents in some of their more delirious pop moments.

      Andrew Hung is a producer/composer who first came to prominence as a founding member of electronic-rock band Fuck Buttons. The group is highly regarded for their powerful live performances and all three of their album releases were met with universal critical acclaim. Since their inception in 2007, they have headlined multiple world tours, headlined many festivals including the Park Stage at Glastonbury, collaborated and remixed Jean-Michel Jarre, Moby and Caribou (amongst others), and featured in the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012 which was watched by over 900 million people worldwide.

      In 2012, Hung founded the songstress project Dawn Hunger, which featured his writing and production, performed by an electronic/vocalist duo. The group went on to tour the UK that year and released their single “Stumbling Room” on Hung’s own label “Mourning Joy”.

      In 2015, Hung released two eps of fun-inspired music called “Rave Cave 1” and “Rave Cave 2” both written whilst on tour. Pitchfork noted the music was “heavy on the ears and on the heart”. This same year, Hung produced the blistering Mauritius afro-punk 5-piece band Zun Zun Egui. The result was “Shackles Gift”; the album’s hyperkinetic sound heaped praise on by the music press.

      At the end of the same year, Hung was asked by director Jim Hosking to compose the soundtrack for his depraved comedy “The Greasy Strangler”. The film featured at Sundance’s Midnight section and drew immediate hype for its singular vision. The Fright File wrote “Complementing every scene in an incalculable way is one of the most pronounced and inspired music scores and soundtracks in recent memory, an instantly catchy, appropriately playful lo-fi orgy of electronic synth compositions from Fuck Buttons band member Andrew Hung”.

      In 2016, Hung collaborated with Brit Award winner Beth Orton on her album “Kidsticks”. The two wrote and produced the music together over the course of 2 years. The album was proclaimed a return to Orton’s career high with many proposing it her best yet. Treblezine wrote, “"Hung’s contribution to Kidsticks may be the most striking and sweeping of any collaborator Orton’s ever employed—not a paltry statement since those past partners include William Orbit and Jim O’Rourke”.


      A1. Brightly Coloured Pills
      A2. Get On The Greasy
      A3. Go Home To My Bed
      A4. Little Song
      A5. Make Love To Me Brayden
      A6. Pottertoe
      A7. Gulp!
      A8. Oily Grapefruit
      A9. Fizzy Barf (mafia Mix)
      B10. You Didn't Listen, Oh No
      B11. Go Home To My Bed (sad Mix)
      B12. Disco Kings
      B13. Lubricate The World
      B14. Cornball
      B17. Fizzy Barf
      B18. Ricky The Pricky
      B19. Get On The Greasy (slo Mix)
      B15. Stoned On Fart Fumes
      B16. Amulet Of Arg 

      Giona Ostinelli

      Darling OST

        How does it sound when you’re slowly being driven insane? Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to bring you a soundtrack that aurally illustrates this in great detail in the form of Giona Ostinelli’s mesmerising score to DARLING. Written and directed by Mickey Keating (POD) and starring Lauren Ashley Carter (THE WOMAN) and genre favourite Sean Young (BLADE RUNNER), the film is a psychological horror in the vein of pictures like such Roman Polanski’s REPULSION, and features a young woman who becomes a caretaker of an isolated New York mansion and is driven slowly insane while walking the corridors.


        A1. NYC Pt. 1 (1:23)
        A2. Darling (1:22)
        A3. The City (2:17)
        A4. Why Did You Come Here Tonight ( 2:04)
        A5. Abyssus (2:22)
        A6. Dragging The Body (2:18)
        A7. James Abbott (1:51)
        A8. Crucifix (2:04)
        A9. Falling ( 2:29)
        A10. Pacing Around ( 1:56)
        A11. Coming To Life (1:06)
        A12. The Phone Call (1:31)
        B13. Invocation (1:33)
        B14. NYC Pt. 2 (1:13)
        B15. The Door (1:34)
        B16. The House (1:13)
        B17. Conversation (3:43)
        B18. Following Him ( 1:10)
        B19. Henry Sullivan ( 4:46)
        B20. Abyssus Pt. 2 (2:05)
        B21. Inferno (1:07)
        B22. Makeup (1:17)
        B23. Encounter (2:39)
        B24. Exploring The House (4:48)
        B25. Scriabin Preludes Op. 11 (3:28)
        B26. NYC Pt. 3 (1:05)
        B27. Demon (0:49)
        B28. Second Phone Call (1:12)
        B29. I Couldn't Let Him Live (3:21)
        B30. Darling Reprise (1:09)

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