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Fleetwood Mac

Tusk - Coloured Vinyl Edition

    ‘Tusk’ was originally released in October 1979 and quickly climbed to Number One on the UK album chart. The album spawned the huge hit singles ‘Tusk’ and ‘Sara’.

    More than any other Fleetwood Mac album, 'Tusk' is born of a particular time and place - it could only have been created in the aftermath of 'Rumours', which shattered sales records, which in turn gave the group a blank check for its next album. But if they were falling apart during the making of 'Rumours', they were officially broken and shattered during the making of 'Tusk', and that disconnect between bandmembers resulted in a sprawling, incoherent, and utterly brilliant 20-track double album.

    Unavailable on vinyl for many years, ‘Tusk’ is now released as a 140gm double vinyl LP.


    2xColoured LP Info: Double 140g Silver Vinyl.

    Fleetwood Mac

    Mirage - Coloured Vinyl Edition

      During the summer of 1982, Fleetwood Mac released ‘Mirage’ which topped the album chart and added to the band’s already impressive canon of hits with “Hold Me,” “Love In Store” and “Gypsy.” 


      Coloured LP Info: 140g Violet Vinyl.

      Fleetwood Mac

      Fleetwood Mac (75) - Coloured Vinyl Edition

        The eponymous title signified a new begining for the erstwhile blues outfit from England, as two Californians - Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham- climbed on board and chartered the band into poppier territory. Recorded in just 10 days (in 1975) and lyrically dealing with doubt, suicide, witches, mountains and magic this record waved bye-bye to sweaty blues and gave a big warm hug to slick, summery, catchy soft rock. Don't be put off: it's full of soul and emotion. This is music from a time when even radio-rock wanted to have substance, wanted to reach for somethin' other...


        Coloured LP Info: 140gram White Vinyl.

        Fleetwood Mac

        Before The Beginning - 1968-1970 Rare Live & Demo

          Two recently discovered live recordings from 1968 and 1970 from Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and will be released as a 3CD Boxset on 7 June 2019. The set will include rare band images and a brand new essay. Vinyl formats are on triple heavyweight discs, Volume One, the 1968 recording, contains early incarnations of some of the bands most loved and famous songs including ‘Madison Blues’ and ‘I Need Your Love So Bad’ from the blues era and ‘Long Tall Sally’ and ‘Willie And The Hand Jive’ from the Rock ‘n’ Roll College of Music. Volume Two will feature the 1970 recording and will also feature demos and rarities of classic tracks including ‘Oh Well’, ‘Green Manalishi’ and the bands first UK number one ‘Albatross’.

          Fleetwood Mac

          Tango In The Night

            During the summer of 1982, Fleetwood Mac released ‘Mirage’ which topped the album chart and added to the band’s already impressive canon of hits with “Hold Me,” “Love In Store” and “Gypsy.” They followed this album up in 1987 and released the second-best selling record of their career with ‘Tango in the Night,’ an album that’s sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. It topped the album charts in the UK and scored major hits everywhere with “Big Love” and “Little Lies.”

            Latest in the series of Fleetwood Mac remastered edition.

            Fleetwood Mac

            Rumours - 36th Anniversary Vinyl Edition

              Rhino is commemorating the 36th anniversary of one of the greatest and best-selling albums of all time: Rumours. This iconic 1977 Fleetwood Mac album has been bought over 40 million times globally, despite being recorded through hedonism, scandal and relationship break-ups within the band. The album, according to music journalist Stephen Thomas Erlewine, “transcends its origins and reputation, entering the realm of legend”. 

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