DJ Nobu & Wata Igarashi

Flares / Abuku

Image of DJ Nobu & Wata Igarashi - Flares / Abuku
Record Label
Fabric Originals

About this item

Frequent collaborators DJ Nobu and Wata Igarashi come together for an anticipated joint release on fabric Originals. This will be the first offering by the fabric imprint for fabric’s 25 Year celebrations.The split single release features two luminaries ofthe techno realm with the DJ Nobu track ‘Flares’and Igarashi’s ‘泡 (Abuku)’, which translates as‘bubbles’ or ‘foam’ in Japanese. The productions explore two of the multifaceted sides of the techno genre. Nobu revels in a driving urgency that is not without delicate nuance. Igarashi embraces the more euphoric and psychedelic side of 4-4. Both hit the sweet-spot of club-floor pleasure and headphone delight.


DJ Nobu - ‘Flares’
Wata Igarashi - ‘泡 (Abuku)’

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