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    Desire shares Escape, their new album written & recorded in Los Angeles & Palm Springs, California. Inspired by the ultra-vivid world of 1970's giallo films, they wrote the soundtrack of their dreams using their favorite musical instruments: Minikorg, Jupiter 8, 909, Mellotron, Simmons Rhythm Modules, String Machine, a D-50 & Fender Rhodes.

    House music rhythms provide the canvas for girl group narratives & a children's choir to paint the picture. Throbbing synthwave & daytime drama soap operas all play into the color pallet of the album. The lyrics are sung in English, French, & Korean, adding even more drama to the mix. Through it all, there is the optimism of true love's compass navigating us through all the chaos life has to offer.


    Side 1
    1. Black Latex
    2. Telling Me Lies
    3. Liquid Dreams
    4. Love Is A Crime

    Side 2
    5. Zeros
    6. Dark Age
    7. Haenim (ft. Ether)

    Side 3
    8. Ghosts
    9. Escape
    10. The Young And The Restless

    Side 4
    11. Days & Nights
    12. Broken Windows
    13. Friends & Enemies


    Escape Artist

      MISOGI is a multi-genre artist and producer who has produced for, and collaborated with, the likes of AJ Tracey, Lil Yachty, Yeat, Dylan Brady (100 gecs), Master Peace and more.

      As part of Gen Z - the first generation to grow up totally in a digital world - technology and the internet opened up countless new fantasy worlds for MISOGI from an early age. “It’s almost a coping mechanism for living the same day over and over - the suburban lifestyle,” he reasons. It’s a process that ‘ESCAPE ARTIST’’s lyrics - which frequently reference dreaming and sleep - encapsulate brilliantly.


      PINK NOISE (feat. Dream, Ivory)
      ECHO (feat. Ginseng & Cedric Madden)
      SHOEGAZING (feat. No Rome)
      DREAMER BOY (feat. Odunsi (The Engine))

      The Rifles

      Great Escape - Reissue

        Originally released in 2009, The Rifles second studio album 'Great Escape' is being re-issued on limited edition double heavyweight coloured vinyl and 2 disc CD. It features eight bonus tracks, some of which have never been released before on vinyl.

        The album is being released alongside close to sold out 'The Great Escape' tour in October & November 2019, celebrating 10 years of the album. The original release from 26 January 2009 now has over 38 thousand copies sold in the UK, and was produced by Dave McCracken and Stan "Jan" Kybert. The Rifles used Dave Davies' (The Kinks) Konk Studios in Crouch End, Dan Hawkins' (The Darkness) studio Leeders Farm, and "The Pool" in Miloco Studios to record the album.


        Disc: 1
        1. Science In Violence
        2. The Great Escape
        3. Fall To Sorrow
        4. Sometimes
        5. Toe Rag
        6. History
        7. Winter Calls
        8. Out In The Past
        9. Romeo & Julie
        10. The General
        11. For The Meantime

        Disc: 2
        1. Talking
        2. A Love To Die For
        3. I Could Never Lie
        4. Darling Girl
        5. Lazy Bones
        6. She’s The Only One (Live) W/ Paul Weller
        7. Eton Rifles (Live) W/ Paul Weller
        8. Winter Calls (Demo)


        Live At Third Man Records

          Ian F. Svenonius and the philosopher of fuzz, black-jacket beat-bopper, bandstand bolshevik, single note savant, tear-stained tape deck, last refuge of ineptitude, sin is in group ESCAPE-ISM stopped by our Detroit location one afternoon last spring and recorded this pan-sonic polymorphously perverse plastic platter live on the Blue Stage.

          Various Artists

          Escape To The Red Mountains / Who The Fuck Is Cup Of Tea? Inc. Lockwood

          After teasing our pleasure centres with that excellent sampler and the Studio58 album, Lemonade serve up their newest press of fruits: Lockwood's 'Escape to the Red Mountains' EP. Picking up right where they left off with "Blue Heron" on the sampler, Lockwood's debut EP on Lemonade is a perfect slice of musical escapism. With influences from jazz, house, garage & ambient, Lockwood tell their story about a boy's adventure of becoming a man. Packed with bleeps, bloops, cats in space and broken rhythms, these are  some astral travellin', speakers not handlin', dance floor tremblin' vibrations. Take the trip folks!


          Millie says: This really does have it all, mainly jazz instrumentals but it incorporates different genres seamlessly such as house elements, spoken word, merging an electronic jazz-funk groove and broken beats thrown into the mix too for some good measure. The outcome is brilliant, you’ve got to hear this one.


          A. Lockwood - Jane's News
          A. Lockwood - What Time Is It ?
          A. Lockwood_Escape To The Red Mountain
          B. Numen Feat Sadu - Chptr 1
          B. Fungku - Nospce/Rip
          B. Yarno & Vicking - Elevator
          B. Title - Froove
          B. Pippin - Tsu
          B. Mambelle & Fungku - Calm Before The Storm

          The Beat Escape

          Life Is Short The Answer's Long

            Long before they were a band, Montreal duo The Beat Escape took a small first step towards a longer journey at a university video class. “We made a short oddball work; a video piece that followed two characters through a psychedelic waking dream,” say Beat Escapists Addy Weitzman and Patrick A Boivin of their founding collaboration. Many other projects and outside collaborations later, the duo have crafted a debut album their younger selves would be proud of: Released through Bella Union, the sublimely immersive ‘Life Is Short The Answer’s Long’ plays like a waking dream of near-psychedelic electronic pop, moving to its own beat in the push-pull of forward motion and submerged reflection.

            That sense of propulsion ushers opener ‘Sign Of Age’ into rising view, its sparse drums, hypnotic sequence and melancholic chords resembling house music as reimagined by Angelo Badalamenti. The enveloping mood holds as ‘Moon In Aquarius’ unfurls like a nighttime road ahead, ghosted by narcotic harmonies. ‘Limestone Alps’ lingers meditatively, hymnal vocals reverberating. ‘Where Water Ends’ and ‘More Dreams’, meanwhile, navigate the porous boundary lines between Krautrock, Factory Records and obscure minimal wave records of the 80s.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Superb throbbing pseudo-synthery from The Beat Escape, Bella Union's answer to Pye corner Audio mix swooning pads and soaring vocal abstractions around a dynamic core of weighted percussion, flickering arpeggios and spine-tingling euphoric leads.

            TRACK LISTING

            Sign Of Age
            Moon In Aquarius
            Limestone Alps
            Where Water Ends
            More Dreams
            Then I Drift Away
            Seeing Is Forgetting
            Thousand Pound Shoes
            Nemo Propheta

            Tapper Zukie

            Escape From Hell

              One of Jamaica's most talented artists, Tappa Zukie has had an equal impact on both sides of the recording deck, as both a hitmaking toaster and as a producer who has worked with the cream of Jamaica's vocalists. In addition, his early ties to the punk community in both London and New York was instrumental in the crossover of roots reggae into the mainstream. The album 'Escape From Hell' saw its initial release in 1977 as a ten track album. It has been somewhat overlooked due to the small numbers of its original pressings. Tappa was at the height of his peak period as a roots producer with Sly & Robbie and the Revolutionaries house band and then up-and-coming engineer Prince Jammy, who would replace Philip Smart as right hand man at King Tubby's legendary Waterhouse facility. The opening cut, Sidewalk Dub, sets the tone as a totally dubwise reading of Tappa's devotional 'My God Is Real', followed by the instantly recognizable "Massacra Dub", an enthralling cut of Prince Allah's wonderful anthem, 'Burial'. Population Dub takes the 'Take Five' riddim, itself being an adaption of Dave Brubeck's jazz favourite. Then there is Weather Umbrella a well known riddim originally made popular by Ray-I as 'Weatherman Skank', who used the Treasure Isle classic 'It's Raining'. Next up comes King Alpha In School, a spirited re-cut of the Ebony Sisters' 'Let Me Tell You Boy' that Tappa used earlier for Horace Andy's 'Stop Your Brutality', followed by the outstanding Experience Dub, a subtle counterpart to Horace's 'Natty Dread Weh She Want' (which borrowed lyrics and structure from an earlier Soul Syndicate hit whilst also making use of the melody of Alton Ellis' Studio One classic, 'Hurting Me'). 

              The Fall

              The Wonderful And Frightening Escape Route To The Fall

                This contains the material from the two singles and the EP, Call For Escape Route, that the band released in 1984, which were also part of the extended cassette ver-sion of the original album. These were the remaining tracks recorded at the sessions.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Oh! Brother
                2. God-Box
                3. C.r.e.e.p.
                4. Pat - Trip Dispenser
                6. No Bulbs 3
                7. Slang King 2
                8. Draygo's Guilt
                9. Clear Off
                10. No Bulbs

                Lower Dens

                Escape From Evil

                  Lower Dens are Jana Hunter (vocals, guitar), Will Adams (guitar), Geoff Graham (bass, vocals) and Nate Nelson (drums). On ‘Escape From Evil’, Lower Dens’ Jana Hunter emerges, cerebral and hot-blooded, rash and incorruptible and, crucially, possessing of a loud, clear voice. The album sees Hunter stepping up and taking centre stage and emboldening every aspect of the band.

                  ‘Escape From Evil’ is a cinematic, tonally rich work. The sounds are clean and warm. The pulse of the album is strong. Melodies are potent and songs are physical. Lyrics are direct, frank confrontations with life’s common crises. The album title is brazen and, along with the grimly funny title of lead single, ‘To Die In L.A.’, almost theatrical.

                  The album was produced by Hunter and co-produced and mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House, Cass McCombs). Other production elements came from Ariel Rechtshaid (Sky Ferreira, Vampire Weekend) and Lower Dens’ Walker Teret. Additional recording and production was done in Dallas, TX with John Congleton (St. Vincent, The Walkmen).

                  Released on inimitable label Visionquest, Footprintz debut album ‘Escape Yourself’ delivers on a level that many dance LPs aspire to reach but few attain; a ‘proper’ album with each song taking you deeper and deeper into what is an accomplished and well-rounded body of work.

                  Every journey has its beginning, and as the opening chords of ‘The Things That Last Forever’ give way to a hypnotic bassline, you know you’re on your way. Basslines form a key part of the Footprintz sound, acting as an anchor from which vocal melodies, synth lines and warm chords weave around in an often psychedelic style. Debut single, ‘Utopia’, exemplifies this ethic with its synth flirtations and optimistic vocal musings adding layers upon a solid core.

                  As Clarian and Addy say, “We wanted to work around a concept of escaping the confused years of growing up. 16-25, those are the years where you’re figuring yourself out, going through the motions of meeting different people and finding new things”. Tracks like ‘Uncertain Change’ and recent single ‘Dangers of The Mouth’ tackle this subject head on, focusing on the insecurities that arise from growing up. ‘Zanzibar’ takes a lighter approach, touching on the innocence of youth that brings with it, its own simple pleasures.

                  What becomes apparent throughout ‘Escape Yourself’ is a real craftsmanship to Footprintz’s songwriting. Each track reveals a little more on each listen, aided by the slick production work, done predominantly by the guys themselves in their Montreal bunker studio full of analogue equipment, odd instruments and a fridge laden with ‘special brownies’; which goes some way to explain a noirish-haze that permeates through the album.

                  Having met at an afterparty aged 15, Clarian North & Adam Hunter have experienced most of their adult life together. ‘Escape Yourself’ distills their experiences, wraps them in a warm analogue fuzz and shares them with the listener. You join them on their journey, and deep down they hope it helps you shape your own.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  CD Tracklisting
                  1. The Things That Last Forever
                  2. Heaven Felt Like Night
                  3. Utopia
                  4. The Favourite Game
                  5. Private Enemy
                  6. The Invisible
                  7. Uncertain Change
                  8. Zanzibar
                  9. Dangers Of The Mouth
                  10. The Fear Of Numbers
                  11. The Nightingale
                  12. Keys To The Sky

                  LP Tracklisting
                  A1. The Things That Last Forever
                  A2. Heaven Felt Like Night
                  A3. Utopia
                  B1. The Favourite Game
                  B2. Private Enemy
                  B3. The Invisible
                  C1. Uncertain Change
                  C2. Zanzibar
                  C3. Dangers Of The Mouth
                  D1. The Fear Of Numbers
                  D2. The Nightingale
                  D3. Keys To The Sky


                  The Great Escape - 2012 Reissue

                    To celebrate the 21st anniversary of their debut release, Blur’s fourth album The Great Escape has now been remastered from the original tapes by Frank Arkwright (The Smiths, Arcade Fire, New Order, Joy Division), with the remastering overseen by legendary original producer, Stephen Street.

                    Expanded across two discs, the LP format of The Great Escape remaster is cut on heavyweight 180 gram, audiophile vinyl and housed in a replica of the original sleeve artwork.

                    Radio Moscow

                    The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz

                    Radio Moscow’s popularity is growing rapidly, as more and more fans tune in to their unique brand of American psychedelic blues rock. Radio Moscow’s music is rooted in the power trio sound of the late sixties and early seventies, and they have been compared to Blue Cheer, Hendrix, Cream, Ten Years After, and similar bands from the golden age of rock’n’roll. The band is the brain child of guitarist/drummer/singer/songwriter Parker Griggs, with Zach Anderson on bass, and Cory Berry handling the drums on stage. They released their first “self-titled” album on Alive Naturalsound records in 2007, produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. The record received rave reviews and praise worldwide, and in 2009 their second album, the hard-grooving stoner rock album “Brain Cycles” was released, also on Alive Naturalsound.

                    This, their 3rd album, is their most psychedelic and powerful work to date. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered analog at the legendary Prairie Sun recording in Northern California. In order to achieve the true natural sound they were looking for, the band used vintage Supro, Gibson, and Alamo amps, as well as other off-beat gems, while Parker Griggs sometimes ran his vocals through a tape echo, a Leslie cabinet or an old Gibson reverb tank. The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz is an amazing album that updates an old-school style with craft, passion and plenty of psychedelics.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Little Eyes
                    2. No Time
                    3. Speed Freak
                    4. Creepin'
                    5. Turtle Back Rider
                    6. Densaflorativa
                    7. I Don't Need Nobody
                    8. Misleading Me
                    9. Summer Of 1942
                    10. Insideout
                    11. Deep Down Below
                    12. Open Your Eyes

                    Dillinger Escape Plan

                    Dillinger Escape Plan

                      The Dillinger Escape Plan seamlessly fuse extreme metal and punk hardcore into a most extreme package. This is their classic first mini album with brand new digipack artwork and as well as the original 6 track mini album there's three previously unreleased bonus live cuts.

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