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Trad Vibe Records proudly presents a first-time reissue of Caribou, a side-project of Cortex, originally released in 1977. A great and rare double-sider jazz-funk 7inch, now available as a reissue. Originals don't go for less than £50!!

French avantgarde jazz-funk pioneers Cortex released three milestone albums during the seventies including the iconic "Troupeau Bleu". Their music has been sampled by hip-kop artists such as MF Doom, Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross and as a consequence is still very much alive today.


Matt says: Heavy sampled jazz funkers Caribou (not that one!) are oft-referenced but little known outside select circles. This particular 7" has been a rarity for some time. Do your ears a favour and give 'em this to listen to they'll thank you for it!




Suddenly Remixes EP

    "Suddenly", Caribou's critically acclaimed seventh album get remixed by Shanti Celeste, Kareem Ali, Logic1000 and India Jordan - a smogasboard of nu-talent ready to elevate Snaith's tracks into the heavens!

    Beginning with staccato, powerful, early-session house banger, Shanti Celeste’s remix of “Ravi” is as pumping and upfront opening to the EP as one could want. Just wait for those M1 licks!

    Personal favourite is the Logic1000 remix; taking holygraphic fractals from "Sunny's Time" and adding her own pneumatic, rigid, breaks-n-bass finesse. Definintely one of the hottest producers around at the moment.

    India Jordan squdiges the stems of "Like I Loved You" into a sloppy house refix; dropped shoulders and snaking hips a likely result of these liberal grooves while the falsetto vox from the original is an unusual but effective juxtaposition.


    Matt says: Shout outs to Logic1000 once again for perfectly marrying old school energy with new school flavour. Her soundsystem-ready tickles and touches an absolute delight to behold. That said, I'm feeling Shanti Celeste's contribution too. Bought!


    1. Ravi (Shanti Celeste Remix)
    2. Sunny's Time (Kareem Ali Remix)
    3. Sunny's Time (Logic1000 Remix)
    4. Like I Loved You (India Jordan Remix)


    Never Come Back (Four Tet & Morgan Geist Remixes)

      About the Remixes:
      Four Tet Remix: This is what it sounds like when the universe spontaneously synchronises. We give you the new Four Tet remix of Caribou’s latest single "Never Come Back” Kieran took the track and warped and bent it into a playfully hypnotic late night wormhole that lures you in with it’s repetitive claps, snares and synths. It will never let you go.

      Morgan Geist Remix: Morgan is one of the architects of modern electronic dance music and electronic pop as we know it today, whether it was as a part of influential duo Metro Area and the label Environ, as the mastermind behind chart-topping project Storm Queen or his numerous remixes, Morgan left an undeniable mark. His rework of Caribou's excellent single "Never Come Back" pays respect to the early 90ies transatlantic house phenomenon that stretched from New York to London US to Europe.


      Barry says: We get a couple killer club edits of the Caribou originals here, first up is Morgan Geist glitching out the melodic floorfiller 'Never Come Back' into a burning, acidic rework before our own Mr. Tet reworks it into his ring-modulated take, more chaotic but keeping the euphoric vocal sample to ground things.


      A1. Never Come Back (Four Tet Remix) 
      B1. Never Come Back (Morgan Geist Remix)

      In 2014 Dan Snaith aka Caribou released "Our Love" to overwhelming critical acclaim and massive fan support. Now Caribou returns with his seventh studio album "Suddenly", an album about family and the changes we go though as those relationships evolve. "Suddenly" is the most surprising and unpredictable Caribou album to date. Though it retains the trademark Caribou warmth and technicolour, this album is littered with swerves and left turns, and amazes with its yet unheard nuances, samples and hooks. As Snaith puts it, “these albums are like photo albums for me – when I look back at the old ones, they’re a snapshot of my life at that time, full of people who are close to you”. This is the drive to continue to make Caribou albums. Full bodies of work where Snaith is able to evaluate things, look at those around him and celebrate them. As his passion and joy in music making remains as fresh as ever, "Suddenly" is the purest example of this yet.


      Patrick says: Exciting times! Dan Snaith is back in the Piccadilly house with a brand new Caribou LP, infusing hook-heavy house jams, hip hop curveballs and sweet synthpoppers with the signature warmth and space of his previous work. I would imagine festival goers of all ages will enjoy losing their proverbials to this in the coming months.


      1 Sister
      2 You And I
      3 Sunny's Time
      4 New Jade
      5 Home
      6 Lime
      7 Never Come Back
      8 Filtered Grand Piano
      9 Like I Loved You
      10 Magpie
      11 Ravi
      12 Cloud Song

      Dan Snaith makes his highly anticipated return to the long player, faced with the unenviable task of following up an undeniable classic, 2010's "Swim". That universally adored album (placed in the Piccadilly Records End Of Year Top 3) saw Snaith complete the journey from the pastoral electronica of his early work as Manitoba, through the woozy hip hop inflected beats of "Milk Of Human Kindness" and "Andorra" to the undisputed champion of leftfield house. "Our Love" sees the producer joining the dots between the synth led euphoria of his dancefloor productions and the polyrhythmic rattle of his Daphni project while offering new take on warm and expansive future soul, while featuring his strongest songwriting to date.

      Snaith makes his intentions clear from the off, with album opener "Can't Do Without You" picking up right where "Sun" left off, but with the euphoria turned all the way up to 11 thanks to crescendant synths and heartfelt vocals. Recent single "Our Love" falls into the same camp, pairing emotional vocals and melodies with a skipping garage beat, while organic synths and Owen Pallett's darting strings provide a richly textured backing. The warm analogue sounds of futuristic soul weave themselves deep into the record’s DNA, particularly on "Silver", "Second Chance" (featuring Jesse Lanza's seductive vocals) and "Back Home". These immersive synth ballads form intimate moments of calm between the driving house and garage of "Can't Do Without You" and "Our Love", the Daphni-styled dancefloor diaspora of "Mars" and the raving interludes "Dive" and "Julia Brightly". Snaith's mastery of these diverse styles, and the ease with which he moulds them into his artistic vision is a testament to his mature and accomplished songwriting. Nowehere is this so clear as on the LP finale and crowning moment "Your Love Will Set You Free", which combines the soulful with the driving, the melancholic with the euphoric, bringing the album to a gorgeous bitter sweet conclusion. Ultimately, Snaith has delivered a worthy follow up to "Swim", which is high praise indeed.


      01. Can't Do Without You
      02. Silver
      03. All I Ever Need
      04. Our Love
      05. Dive
      06. Second Chance
      07. Julia Brightly
      08. Mars
      09. Back Home
      10. Your Love Will Set You Free


      Our Love - Inc. Daphni Remix

      Caribou follows up the blink-and-you'll-miss-it "Can't Do Without You" 12" with limited single from his forthcoming album; this time hitting us with the title track "Our Love". As you'd expect, the track is a lesson in production for the rest of the mortals out there, as Snaith balances programmed rhythms with a live kit, seduces us with the wooziest synths out there and plays pitch shifted vocals with virtuoso skill. Ostensibly a tale of two halves, this one builds into the kind of peak time monster the dancefloor was made for. The introduction is a emotional affair which sees the producer balancing those trademark ingredients which made "Swim" a classic with a couple of jazzy new additions, while the latter segment of the track is a floor burning rave assault featuring a tasty interpolation of Inner City's "Good Life". It's massive in other words. On the flip, Snaith partakes in a little split personality partying, switching into Daphni mode to mix the shit out the A-side. This one means business right from the off, hitting you with a one-two combo of bubbling analogue basslines like a long lost Virgo Four record before unleashing a full scale percussion assault. Gradually the spectral synthlines and pitch shifted vocals of the original float through the sound field prompting a little hands in the air excitement. This is total floor flaying madness; 100% essential!

      Second limited 12" from Caribou. Title track from album plus Daphni Mix.


      A. Our Love
      B. Our Love (Daphni Rework)


      The Milk Of Human Kindness

        Repress of Caribou's mindblowing 2005 opus, The Milk Of Human Kindness, available once again since the last repress in 2013 sold out as soon as it hit the floor. A gripping and joyful romp through folk, rock and psychedelia, all imbued with Snaith's trademark electronic melodicism. 

        'Yeti' displays perfectly why Caribou have endured for so long, and continue to confound expectations to this day : brilliantly anthemic, but forged through a clashing of textures and styles brought together with a deftness rarely seen in today's electronic music landscape. Hefty percussion underpins the luxy keys and clanging chimes, all graced with a smoothly delivered but satisfyingly gritty vocal performance. There are (relatively) ambient interludes littered throughout the collection, the jazzy keys of 'A Final Warning' starting inauspiciously before breaking down into a haze of psychedelic drone and fizzling synths, much like the classic-rock vibes of the shamefully brief cut-up snippets of 'Drumheller'. 

        'Pelican' has definite hints of (Snaith's mate) Four-Tet with it's truncated samples and jazzy flourishes, satisfyingly crunchy loops and hip-hop percussives, while 'Hello Hammerhead' expertly mines the ground laid by folk-rock luminaries Simon & Garfunkel et. al, but with a modern touch, brittle crackles and heady looping accentuating the woozy harmonies and hazy atmospherics. 

        A classic, and a must have for any collection. 


        Barry says: One of Caribou's best outings to date sees an engrossing and skillful mix of folk, electronica and classic rock, brought together with Snaith's deft ear for melody and pitch-perfect production. Grab it before it goes again!


        A1. Yeti
        A2. Subotnick
        A3. A Final Warning
        A4. Lord Leopard
        A5. Bees
        B1. Hands First
        B2. Hello Hammerheads
        B3. Brahminy Kite
        B4. Drumheller
        B5. Pelican Narrows
        B6. Barnowl



          If you think you know Caribou, think again. Dan Snaith’s new album, "Swim" is the sound of the musical glass ceiling being blown away. Dan’s latest recording sees him getting busy in the basement with some expertly constructed, rave-tinged sounds that sing with soul. But that’s not all. As a songwriter of considerable standing, Dan has not subsumed his uniquely recognisable touch in an orgy of technical bliss – although, there is plenty of euphoria in the musical alchemy on offer. From Dan’s perspective, he says, 'The most important thing for me with this record was finding my own sonic vocabulary. That’s why I’m proud of this record.'

          "Swim" is full of brightly textured, rapturous gems that gleam with astonishing production – and then wrenches at your heart with soulful, thoughtful reveries on the passing of time, family history and the breakdown of relationships. 'There are songs about growing old in a relationship, about divorce and loneliness in old age but the lyrics are generally pretty abstract sketches of what’s going on in the situation in my head', says Snaith. If there is a link to previous album "Andorra", it would be in the ravishing explosions of sound pulsing through album closer "Niobe". A continuum of sorts leads us to 2010, but that finale gives mere hints as to the future Caribou. From the opening effervescent gambol of "Odessa" to the glorious odyssey of "Jamelia", it’s crystal clear that Caribou has made a massive leap forwards, upwards and sideways.


          Up In Flames

            Genre-busting album that takes onboard the 21st Century psychedelia that is inspired by bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Mercury Rev and Spiritualized and then mixes it with leftfield electronic beats and noises. This is their second album and is massive leap from the warm electronica sound that was the hallmark of their first album, the music here can be best descibed as drawn out widescreen and the addition of vocals achieves a psychedelic lyricism more usually associated with bands such as The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev. The reviews were stunning and it was Jockey Slut's album of the month, making this an album that you'll be hearing about for a long time!!

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