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Sarathy Korwar



    RSD exclusive pressed on transparent green vinyl, with new artwork which calls attention to the UK's immigration process.

    Otherland' is a companion piece to Sarathy Korwar’s celebrated 'More Arriving' album, which drew on the words and experience of the Indian diaspora to powerful effect.

    The release features two brand new tracks with vocals by London-based poet Zia Ahmed ('Birthright') and Kushal Gaya of Melt Yourself Down ('Juggernaut'), plus remixes by Auntie Flo and Emanative.

    RSD exclusive pressed on transparent green vinyl, with new artwork which calls attention to the UK's immigration process.


    A1. Birthright (featuring Zia Ahmed, Mirande & Swadesi)
    A2. Juggernaut (featuring Kushal Gaya)
    B1. Mumbay (featuring MC Mawali) (Auntie Flo Remix)
    B2. Birthright (Emanative Remix)

    Julia Kent

    Green And Grey (Expanded)

      New York-based cellist / composer Julia Kent’s celebrated second album, Green and Grey (2011), is to be released on vinyl for the very first time for Black Friday 2019. Across two discs, on green and grey coloured vinyl (naturally), this expanded edition features the preceding Last Day in July EP (2010) and two previously unreleased tracks. The gatefold sleeve features a new interpretation of the original artwork.

      Green and Grey explores the intersections between the human world and the natural world, the melding of the technological and the organic using Kent’s now trademark looped and layered cello, electronics, and field recordings. It references the patterns and repetitions that exist in nature often mirrored in human creations and also the complexity and fragility of our relationships, with one another and with the world that surrounds us. Without collaborators - other than the insects, weather, and wind sounds that create a sort of exoskeleton for the music - she has created an intensely personal landscape that references the way nature, however subverted and endangered by our modern world, still retains its power.

      "The Versailles Sessions" consists of six new pieces composed by Fernando Corona for Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes, an annual festival of sound, light and water at Château de Versailles in France. The six compositions derive entirely from recordings of 17th century baroque instruments (including harpsichord, viola da gamba, flute and violin) and a mezzo soprano, made in Paris in 2007 for the project. The release cements Corona's reputation as a highly regarded contemporary composer.



        The truly monumental "Cosmos" is Murcof's third album proper, and his first release since 2005's "Remembranza". Made up of six massive instrumental compositions inspired by his new-found love of astronomy, this is without doubt Fernando Corona's best work yet. The set was composed almost entirely from recordings of classical instruments, a process which Corona describes as 'expanding the possibilities of acoustic instruments through electronics'. A move away from the glitch sound he helped to pioneer, "Cosmos" will appeal as much to fans of contemporary composition and artists such as Earth, Sunn O))), KTL or Bohren as it would to lovers of Brian Eno's ambient album series. Definitely one to appreciate on a proper stereo with the volume right up!

        Nancy Elizabeth

        Battle And Victory

          With an intuitive understanding of melody and dynamics, Nancy Elizabeth brings a refreshingly Northern turn of phrase to her debut album, "Battle And Victory". The Lancashire-born singer's down-to-earth songs are brought to life by her warm and unaffected voice. Unpretentious but effortlessly ambitious, Nancy turns the retro, less-is-more aesthetic of the current acoustic revival on its head. Not content with writing and singing all the songs herself, the 23-year-old also plays most of the instruments, including guitar, khim, Indian harmonium, Appalachian dulcimer and bouzouki, amongst many others. The album was recorded in a 17th Century white stone cottage in the remote Welsh countryside, and a village hall outside Manchester, resulting in an intimate, uncontrived gem of a record. Using a minimum of recording equipment, the heartfelt honesty of her songs is revealed, extending to grander, more complex arrangements when the occasion calls, and bringing in friends to add cello, horns and percussion. While her work is never in thrall to any particular artist or genre, Nancy's music calls to mind aspects of artists as diverse as The Incredible String Band, Talk Talk and Led Zeppelin.

          Various Artists

          Check The Water

            "Check The Water" is a double CD compilation celebrating 10 years of The Leaf Label. It marks the 100th release of the label, and includes many classics and hard-to-find tracks from the last 10 years, plus a couple of brand new exclusives from recent singings Volcano! and Sutekh. Among the 29 tracks are classics from the label's greatest successes, including Caribou, Susumu Yokota, Four Tet, Faultline, Efterklang, Murcof, Hanne Hukkelberg and Colleen.


            Born Again - Collected Remixes 1999 - 2005

              Sutekh, aka Seth Horvitz, is internationally renowned for his blazingly original tech-house and left of centre electronics, with releases on labels like Soul Jazz, Foce Inc, Orthlorng Musork and his own Context Free Media label among others. "Born Again" is a near definitive collection of his remixes of other artists work since 1999, comprising 23 tracks (on the CD, 12 on LP1, 11 onn LP2), including mixes of Murcof, AmmonContact, Swayzak, Portable, Safety Scissors, Hanne Hukkelberg (exclusive to this release) and more. CD and LP one include the more recent home listening electronica mixes, while CD and LP two include tougher techno work going back to 1999.



                As Murcof, composer Fernando Corona creates some of the most captivating music being made today. For several years he has combined musical styles in wholly new ways, adding emotional depth to robotic minimalism. His innovative approach reaches new heights with "Remembranza", his sublime second full album as Murcof, a record that creates a storied, layered framework within strict micro-boundaries. The pieces here incorporate traditional intrumentation recorded especially for the album, working in tandem with his passion for new and unexplored rhythms.

                Clue To Kalo

                One Way, It's Every Way

                  Written and recorded in Adelaide during a two-year period of great personal change, "One Way, It's Every Way" is Mark Mitchell's second album as Clue To Kalo and a huge step forward both lyrically and musically. Instrumental contributions from friends old and new, along with elements of new folk and electronica, are recontextualised as a ten track set thick with overloaded melodies, multi-part harmonies and literate language.



                    A specially priced collection from Murcof, featuring reworkings of tracks from "Martes" the two tracks from last year's exceptional "Ulysses" 12" and two further previously unreleased Murcof tracks, "Una" and "Ultimatum".

                    Various Artists

                    Delivery Room

                      Special low price sampler featuring new and exclusive tracks from the Leaf label's current roster. Includes tracks from Manitoba, Asa-Chang & Junray, Murcof, Colleen, Icarus, Bill Wells and more.


                      I Tweet The Birdy Electric

                        After previous releases on Temporary Residence, Hydrogen Dukebox and Output, Icarus now join the roster at Leaf, delivering an LP of 21st Century improv on an electro-acoustic glitch tip.

                        Riow Arai

                        Mind Edit

                          Tokyo beat producer's first album release outside his own country. Influenced as much by Chicago post-rock and German electronica as it is by the cut up styles of Matthew Herbert or Rob Swift, or the straight up hip hop of RZA or Busta Rhymes. This is hip hop like you've never heard before, masterfully crafted, incredibly fresh and quite unique.

                          Clue To Kalo

                          Come Here When You Sleepwalk

                            Mark Mitchell is a young guy, unlucky in love judging by some of these lyrics, from Australia who as Club To Kalo presents on "Come Here When You Sleepwalk" a set of loops, voice and atmospherics that weave an ambiguous dream-like electronic spell. If you like Iceland's Mum or Notwist you'll go a bundle on this gently hypnotic set of tracks that has gentle melodies that meld into hushed songs with real vocals. Always sweet, always interesting.


                            Hendrix With KO

                              As with other Manitoba tracks, this wonderful song straddles the worlds of cutting edge electronica and dreamy pop-psychedelia with consumate ease. Also includes two brand new tracks from the "Up In Flames" sessions - "Cherrybomb" and "Silver Splinters".

                              Various Artists

                              Lost For Words

                                Great cheap price sampler from the label that brought us the likes of Asa-Chang & Junray, Susumu Yokota, Manitoba and The Suns Of Silence. All of those artists feature on here along with many others.

                                Boom Bip & Doseone


                                  Originally out in 2000 on the Mush label, this leftfield hip hop LP gets re-released by Leaf. Boom Bip teams up with Clouddead's lyricist Doseone to push the boundaries of hip hop as far as they can. Makes the likes of Anti Pop Consortium sound mainstream! And i'm sorry if i've got the title of the track that i've MP3'd wrong... when you get the LP you'll understand why!



                                    Former member of the Mexican Nortec Collective, Fernando Coruna brings this lush electronica LP to the Leaf label. The tracks blend ultra minimalist electronica with solo piano making it an electro-acoustic delight!

                                    Susumu Yokota

                                    Grinning Cat

                                      The follow up to last years hugely acclaimed "Sakura", and this is every bit as good. This guy is a huge star on the ambient / leftfield scene being regarded by many as the next Eno. The ambience of the music is complemented with piano, acoustic guitar, windchimes, heartbeats and handclaps all under a jazzy influence.

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