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Yussef Dayes

Black Classical Music - 2024 Reissue

    ‘Black Classical Music’ is a 19-track record taking listeners through a looking glass into the exalted artist’s past and present whilst exploring themes of home and family. The album draws influence from his musical heroes Miles Davis & Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Yussef’s extensive travel around the globe that has deepened his study of rhythm.

    Honourable features on “Black Classical Music” - Chronixx, Jamilah Barry, Tom Misch, Shabaka Hutchings, Miles James, Sheila Maurice Grey, Nathaniel Cross, Theon Cross and the Chineke! Orchestra, plus Venna, Rocco Palladino, Charlie Stacey & Elijah Fox


    A1. Black Classical Music Ft. Venna & Charlie Stacey
    A2. Afro Cubanism
    A3. Raisins Under The Sun Ft. Shabaka Hutchings
    A4. Rust Ft. Tom Misch
    A5. Turquoise Galaxy

    B1. The Light Ft. Bahia Dayes
    B2. Pon Di Plaza Ft. Chronixx
    B3. Magnolia Symphony
    B4. Early Dayes
    B5. Chasing The Drum

    C1. Birds Of Paradise
    C2. Gelato

    C3. Marching Band Ft. Masego
    C4. Crystal Palace Park Ft. Elijah Fox
    C5. Presidential Ft. Jahaan Sweet

    D1. Jukebox
    D2. Woman's Touch Ft. Jamilah Barry
    D3. Tioga Pass Ft. Rocco Palladino
    D4. Cowrie Charms Ft. Leon Thomas & Barbara Hicks 

    Yussef Dayes

    Experience Live At Joshua Tree (Presented By Soulection)

      Yussef Dayes releases Live At Joshua Tree, the sound recording from a naturalistic video shot in Joshua Tree, California in collaboration with Soulection. Featuring Venna on sax, Rocco Palladino on bass, Alexander Bourt on percussion and Elijah Fox on keys, the vinyl release of this stellar session includes the exclusive vinyl-only track ‘For My Ladies’.


      A1. Raisins Under The Sun (Desert Version)
      A2. For My Ladies (Feat. Elijah Fox)
      A3. Odyssey
      A4. Golden Hour (Feat. Rocco Palladino)
      A5. Mystics (Feat. Venna)
      A6. Rhythms Of Xango (feat. Alexander Bourt)

      Muva Of Earth

      Align With Nature's Intelligence

        A spiritual soul inspired by nature, life and her experience living as an Afrikan woman, blending spiritual mantras and conscious lyricism, her music is truly transformative. Muva of Earth announces her debut project Align With Nature’s Intelligence via Brownswood Recordings. A soft and celestial spell lush with playful keys, delicate sparkling chimes and the harp expertly played by muva, this single explores her deep appreciation of being a unique and divine being. A meditative project centred around vulnerability, healing and an evolved way of thinking, on the forthcoming project across 8-tracks (also known as affirmations and chants) muva of Earth encourages empowerment and self-expression.

        Born as Davina Adeosun-Bright (Davina, which originates from the word ‘divinity’, Adeosun pronounced A-de -o-shu is Yoruba tongue and means ‘Crown of Ọṣun’ which is a dedication to the orisha and goddess of the river, Ọṣun), muva of Earth was raised by Nigerian parents to be strong and independent. Making an impact early in her career, her live experience has already led her to open for Erykah Badu and Pink Siifu at the Southbank Center in Nov 2022, as well as previous headline shows and plays at We Out Here, SuperSonicJazz Funk and Soul Weekender, Cross The Tracks, X Jazz! Festival and more.


        1. Heaven Hear Me Above
        2. No One Else Has Your Magik!
        3. Your Intuition Is Your Friend
        4. Nserewa
        5. Meditation: Align With Nature's Intelligence (feat Sirius B)
        6. Free Soul
        7. Mermaid Under The Sun
        8. The Sun Will Guide You



          Welcome to ‘STR4TASFEAR, Bluey and Gilles’ second STR4TA album released.

          A collection of songs, melodies, grooves and sounds that sit perfectly in the brand new music world it’s part of. Gilles and Bluey are both men who emerged into the Brit funk world. They were both part of this truly thrilling chapter in the story of homegrown music; which manifests itself here in a sumptuous mixture of twanging basslines, spacey synth melodies, clicking beats and wispy, ethereal voices.

          And for this new set, they’ve got a few like-minded souls along to join the party. Multi-talented Neo-soul Godfather Omar, and celebrated vocalist, Valerie Etienne, both represent Brit funk’s first bounce. Also welcomed in to the fold is musical polymath, Emma-Jean Thackray, Brighton duo Anushka and Floridian trumpeter/vocalist Theo Croker. ‘STR4TASFEAR’ is Gilles and Bluey’s wide-open window into a timeless, wonderful world of Brit funk (Words by Mark Webster, 2022).


          Barry says: Str4ta make music that hints at the Brit-funk roots of both members, but transforms into something more than the sum of their parts. It's richly dynamic and endlessly twists from funk to disco via hip-hop and soul, effortlessly blazing paths between definitions with ease.


          1. Galactic Fanfare
          2. City Sounds
          3. Turn Me Around
          4. When You Call Me
          5. Why Must You Fly (feat. Omar)
          6. To Be As One (feat. Theo Croker)
          7. (Bring On The) Bad Weather (feat. Anushka)
          8. Reflections (Chaser 1)
          9. Night Flight 05:25
          10. Soothsayer (feat. Theo Croker)
          11. Reflections (Chaser 2)
          12. Lazy Days (feat. Emma-Jean Thackray)
          13. Find Your Heaven (feat. Valerie Etienne)
          14. Virgil (Vocal Version)
          15. Something, Anything

          Latest volume of the Future Bubblers series - the 9 track compilation is a musically diverse collection of tracks, fusing genres that span across electronic, alt-R&B, alt-hip-hop, spoken word, neo-soul, jazz and beyond. Spanning just under 40 minutes, Future Bubblers 5.0 is an extremely impressive assemblage of talent who have all delivered top-shelf singles - the compilation embodies the spirit of the musicians as well as the team behind Future Bubblers.


          Millie says: Future Bubblers are back with their fifth instalment on the Brownswood label, not afraid to be different and showcase talent that deserves a platform. This has it all - Hip Hop, Nu Jazz and Afrobeat to name a few. V much enjoying it on the turntable this morning.


          1. Magoya - The Most Beautiful Lie Feat. Ella Knight.
          2. Mark Cake - Hoon
          3. Ella Knight - It Don't Matter
          4. NeOne The Wonderer - Nose Dive
          5. Conrad Ellis - Make It Last
          6. Damos Room - Soft Bodied (Widow's Reprise)
          7. Shakira Alleyne - Floating Soul
          8. Madi Saskia - Fast Or Slow
          9. Griz-O & JSSO Project - Tabou Remix Feat. Kalliope

          From Mexico’s most established and prolific jazz musician, Brownswood Recordings is proud to present the new album from Tino Contreras, ‘La Noche de los Dioses’. Here, Tino Contreras presents a sonic gift; a kaleidoscope of evolving and shifting spiritual rumination about life and humanity. His new work features seven new recordings, contemporary jazz themes liquiscing with 3/4 rhythms, written and recorded in Mexico City, 2020.

          This album is fresh - reinforcing the need to recognise, research and acknowledge the voices of the past as they still electrify us out of the numbing routine of the present, elegantly propelling us forward. Born in 1924 in Chihuahua, in Northwest Mexico, to a family of musicians, Contreras kicked off his fascination with the drum kit as a very young child. He was surrounded by music, raised by his father who led the OK Jazz Band orchestra, which inspired Tino to move to Ciudad Juárez where he formed his own orchestra. You could find Tino sharing stages with the likes of Dave Brubeck, Art Blakey, Louis Armstrong and many more greats, experiences that have led Contreras to conjure up many a hypnotic track fuelled by an erudite, flawless rhythm section and unyielding brass and bass.


          A1. La Noche De Los Dioses
          A2. Máscaras Blues
          A3. Naboró
          A4. Malinche
          B1. El Sacrificio
          B2. Al Amanecer
          B3. Niña Yahel



            The afrobeat-inspired eight-piece Kokoroko drop their hotly-anticipated debut, a horn-fuelled, soul-shaking introduction to the young collective.

            Kokoroko are part of the thriving scene that’s grown out of london’s young, jazz-influenced musical circles. Led by bandleader Sheila Maurice-Grey, their self-titled ep is the group’s first solo release, following their early 2018 debut with ‘Abusey Junction’, a track that has gone on to accrue over 15 million plays on youtube and 2.6 million on spotify. Across the E.P’s four tracks, the eight-piece deliver on the promise of that memorable introduction, offering a bigger vision of their afrobeat-influenced, soulfully-imbued sound, west african roots shaded with inner London hues.

            ‘Abusey Junction’ was first featured on we out here, the 2018 Brownswood compilation documenting London’s bright-burning, jazz-influenced musical underground, picked by Rough Trade as compilation of the year 2018, and praised by the Wire, Monocle and the New York Times. Writing and performing as a group since 2014, Kokoroko have played at iconic venues from ronnie scott’s, performed at the festival, Afropunk, and toured in Brazil, Colombia and France. Inspired by Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor, Tony Allen and the great sounds that come out of West Africa, Kokoroko put on a performance to honour the masters that taught them.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Emily says: Kokoroko have (deservedly) attracted a lot of attention since being featured on Brownswood’s “We Out Here” compilation. The promising London jazz ensemble are now offering their debut EP which draws inspiration from afrobeat giants Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor and Tony Allen. “Abusey Junction” is a slowly unfolding ballad tinged with melancholy and nostalgia. “Uman” begins with a bittersweet horn chorale and slowly builds into a joyous afrobeat stomper. A record filled with moments of wisdom, celebration and fabulous musicianship.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Adwa
            2. Ti-De
            3. Uman
            4. Abusey Junction

            Troumaca release their brilliant debut album 'The Grace' on Brownswood Recordings. Drawing inspiration from love, honour and warmer climes, the Birmingham five piece have created a longplayer that draws on tropical rhythms and textures more commonly associated with the Caribbean than the Midlands, filtered through pirate radio and the perpetually shifting dance music underground. Spacious and ancient, 'The Grace' is an album bred out of a love affair with UK bass music - you might even call it bass escapism.

            The relationship with the homeland runs deep, from the gentle ring of steel pans on 'Gold, Women & Wine' to the warm sub bass that permeates the record from beginning to end. It was those frequencies that first resonated with school friends Sam Baylis, Geoff Foulkes and Jim Nayak who delved into garage and house music with gusto: “We hung out, did the usual teenage thing and got stoned and jammed together,” says Geoff. Joined by kindred spirits Tom Gregory and Matt Duke, the circle was complete: “We all enjoy the same music, we go to the same raves in Brum. The musical affinity has always been there.”

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Trees
            2. Sanctify
            3. Gold, Women & Wine
            4. Kingdom
            5. The Sun
            6. Interlude
            7. Tiger Eye
            8. Ivory
            9. Layou
            10. Lady Colour
            11. The Grace

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