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    Welcome to ‘STR4TASFEAR, Bluey and Gilles’ second STR4TA album released.

    A collection of songs, melodies, grooves and sounds that sit perfectly in the brand new music world it’s part of. Gilles and Bluey are both men who emerged into the Brit funk world. They were both part of this truly thrilling chapter in the story of homegrown music; which manifests itself here in a sumptuous mixture of twanging basslines, spacey synth melodies, clicking beats and wispy, ethereal voices.

    And for this new set, they’ve got a few like-minded souls along to join the party. Multi-talented Neo-soul Godfather Omar, and celebrated vocalist, Valerie Etienne, both represent Brit funk’s first bounce. Also welcomed in to the fold is musical polymath, Emma-Jean Thackray, Brighton duo Anushka and Floridian trumpeter/vocalist Theo Croker. ‘STR4TASFEAR’ is Gilles and Bluey’s wide-open window into a timeless, wonderful world of Brit funk (Words by Mark Webster, 2022).


    1. Galactic Fanfare
    2. City Sounds
    3. Turn Me Around
    4. When You Call Me
    5. Why Must You Fly (feat. Omar)
    6. To Be As One (feat. Theo Croker)
    7. (Bring On The) Bad Weather (feat. Anushka)
    8. Reflections (Chaser 1)
    9. Night Flight 05:25
    10. Soothsayer (feat. Theo Croker)
    11. Reflections (Chaser 2)
    12. Lazy Days (feat. Emma-Jean Thackray)
    13. Find Your Heaven (feat. Valerie Etienne)
    14. Virgil (Vocal Version)
    15. Something, Anything

    Latest volume of the Future Bubblers series - the 9 track compilation is a musically diverse collection of tracks, fusing genres that span across electronic, alt-R&B, alt-hip-hop, spoken word, neo-soul, jazz and beyond. Spanning just under 40 minutes, Future Bubblers 5.0 is an extremely impressive assemblage of talent who have all delivered top-shelf singles - the compilation embodies the spirit of the musicians as well as the team behind Future Bubblers.


    Millie says: Future Bubblers are back with their fifth instalment on the Brownswood label, not afraid to be different and showcase talent that deserves a platform. This has it all - Hip Hop, Nu Jazz and Afrobeat to name a few. V much enjoying it on the turntable this morning.


    1. Magoya - The Most Beautiful Lie Feat. Ella Knight.
    2. Mark Cake - Hoon
    3. Ella Knight - It Don't Matter
    4. NeOne The Wonderer - Nose Dive
    5. Conrad Ellis - Make It Last
    6. Damos Room - Soft Bodied (Widow's Reprise)
    7. Shakira Alleyne - Floating Soul
    8. Madi Saskia - Fast Or Slow
    9. Griz-O & JSSO Project - Tabou Remix Feat. Kalliope



      Mirrors is the second album by endlessly influential South London producer Mala. It follows his 2012 Brownswood release where Gilles Peterson invited the producer to soak up Cuba’s music and culture to turn the results into Mala In Cuba. But Mirrors is less Mala In Cuba Mk II and more the realisation of a creative method that works for this most understated and intuitive producer: digging deep into the roots of a culture, recording local musicians and sounds, and using the recordings as source material and storyboard for a record.

      The product of repeated visits to dive into Peru’s music, it revolves around tempo and flow, working local Afro-Peruvian percussionists, grassroots tap dancers and an Andean soprano into its fourteen tracks. Mala went there for a month, visiting Lima along with Cusco and the Sacred Valley just outside of the capital. “I was introduced to music from the jungle, music from the mountains, Andean sounds, native sounds, Afro-Peruvian music,” says Mala. “It all goes back to the roots and the rhythms and I related instantly. That primal rhythm is in all of us.”

      Dancers bring another sound to Mirrors’ palette. Colectivo Palenke are masters of Peru’s stomping battle-dance, zapateo, and their feet-first percussion graces the track titled ‘Sabateo’. On ‘Sound of the River’, meanwhile, you can hear field recordings of a stream running through the Sacred Valley and soprano-anthropologist Sylvia Falcon. It’s a fragile and human performance that soothes and uplifts in equal measure, and it’s a most subtle production.“

      Mirrors is a bridge joining Croydon and Lima. It creates a link between traditional instruments made from donkey jawbone and dried-out pumpkins and the contemporary box of tricks inside Mala’s laptop. Like all bridges it links the past to the present, giving a clear view of where Mala has been – and where he’s going next.


      Patrick says: The South London genius returns with a sumptuous album inspired by the traditional sounds of Peru. The resulting LP is a stunning fusion of head nodding beats, club sonics and ancestral melodies.

      Troumaca release their brilliant debut album 'The Grace' on Brownswood Recordings. Drawing inspiration from love, honour and warmer climes, the Birmingham five piece have created a longplayer that draws on tropical rhythms and textures more commonly associated with the Caribbean than the Midlands, filtered through pirate radio and the perpetually shifting dance music underground. Spacious and ancient, 'The Grace' is an album bred out of a love affair with UK bass music - you might even call it bass escapism.

      The relationship with the homeland runs deep, from the gentle ring of steel pans on 'Gold, Women & Wine' to the warm sub bass that permeates the record from beginning to end. It was those frequencies that first resonated with school friends Sam Baylis, Geoff Foulkes and Jim Nayak who delved into garage and house music with gusto: “We hung out, did the usual teenage thing and got stoned and jammed together,” says Geoff. Joined by kindred spirits Tom Gregory and Matt Duke, the circle was complete: “We all enjoy the same music, we go to the same raves in Brum. The musical affinity has always been there.”


      1. Trees
      2. Sanctify
      3. Gold, Women & Wine
      4. Kingdom
      5. The Sun
      6. Interlude
      7. Tiger Eye
      8. Ivory
      9. Layou
      10. Lady Colour
      11. The Grace

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