The Grace

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Brownswood Recordings

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Troumaca release their brilliant debut album 'The Grace' on Brownswood Recordings. Drawing inspiration from love, honour and warmer climes, the Birmingham five piece have created a longplayer that draws on tropical rhythms and textures more commonly associated with the Caribbean than the Midlands, filtered through pirate radio and the perpetually shifting dance music underground. Spacious and ancient, 'The Grace' is an album bred out of a love affair with UK bass music - you might even call it bass escapism.

The relationship with the homeland runs deep, from the gentle ring of steel pans on 'Gold, Women & Wine' to the warm sub bass that permeates the record from beginning to end. It was those frequencies that first resonated with school friends Sam Baylis, Geoff Foulkes and Jim Nayak who delved into garage and house music with gusto: “We hung out, did the usual teenage thing and got stoned and jammed together,” says Geoff. Joined by kindred spirits Tom Gregory and Matt Duke, the circle was complete: “We all enjoy the same music, we go to the same raves in Brum. The musical affinity has always been there.”


1. Trees
2. Sanctify
3. Gold, Women & Wine
4. Kingdom
5. The Sun
6. Interlude
7. Tiger Eye
8. Ivory
9. Layou
10. Lady Colour
11. The Grace

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