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Bob Marley & The Wailers

Catch A Fire - 50th Anniversary Edition

    Catch A Fire is the fifth studio album by Bob Marley and the Wailers and the first to be released by Island Records UK. Originally having a limited release under the name, The Wailers in a sleeve depicting a Zippo lighter, designed by graphic artists Rod Dyer and Bob Weiner. Future releases would have the classic portrait of Marley smoking a “spliff” and crediting the band as Bob Marley and the Wailers with the image taken by Esther Anderson. A tour taking place in the UK and US generating international interest in the band.

    Critical acclaim has included the album being listed at number 126 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, It is regarded as one of the top reggae albums of all time.

    In 1971 after a solo tour Marley returned to Jamaica with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer to record Catch A Fire but the sessions were abandoned because of clashes with Johnny Nash and Danny Sims. The band did not have funds to return to Jamaica, nor could they earn money due to work-permit restrictions, The group’s London Road manager, Brent Clarke, recommended they get in contact with Chris Blackwell from Island Records, who had released licensed singles by The Wailers from Studio One in Great Britain. Blackwell gave the group an advance of £4000 to help them get home to Jamaica, and to complete the recording of their next album. In 1972 the album was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica at 3 different studios. As the story goes, in 1972 Marley flew back to London to play the tapes to Chris Blackwell. CBS and Sims, with whom the band were already contracted, took Blackwell and the Island Records label to court over the recording, Island won the case, Blackwell remixed the tracks at the Island Studios on Basing Street and included overdubs.

    April 2023 saw the 50th Anniversary of Catch A Fire, to mark this a limited edition 7” featuring 2 alternate versions of Stir It Up (vocal and instrumental) both feature on these releases. The 3LP+12” vinyl package will consist of the studio album, Live at The Paris Theatre London, previously only ever bootlegged, will get its first official release, the package also feature’s Alt, extended and instrumental Jamaican versions of album tracks Slave Driver, 400 Years No More Trouble and Stop That Train, finally on the 12” is 3 tracks from the Wailer’s performance at the Sundown Theatre in the village of Edmonton, North London, playing tracks Slave Driver, Stop That Train & Get Up Stand, Stand up, the reverse side has an etched image of the Zippo lighter.

    Bob Marley & The Wailers

    Bob Marley & The Chineke! Orchestra

      Bob Marley With The Chineke! Orchestra reimagines some of Bob Marley's greatest songs with contemporary classical orchestration from the globally esteemed Chineke! Orchestra. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios and produced by Nick Patrick (If I Can Dream, Elvis Presley and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, True Love Ways, Buddy Holly and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra), reimagined tracks include Satisfy My Soul, Exodus, Is This Love, Redemption Song, Get Up, Stand Up, and One Love/People Get Ready, scheduled for release as a lead track on 25th March.

      The genesis of the idea for Bob Marley & The Chineke! Orchestra came via the acclaimed cellist and 2016 BBC Young Musician of the Year Sheku Kenneh-Mason OBE. Although now a full-time solo artist and no longer an active Chineke! member, it was Kenneh-Mason's pioneering and original arrangements of Marley's No Woman, No Cry and Redemption Song that initially captured the attention and appreciation of Tuff Gong and the Bob Marley estate. So the Chineke! musical journey, via Abbey Road Studios, had begun.

      Chineke! founder Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE explains, "As a purely trained classical musician, the idea of being involved in a musical collaboration with the legendary Bob Marley was truly mind-blowing. I ardently believe that all genres of music should be open to absolutely everyone, so it was wonderful for Chineke! to be able to bring new orchestrations to these iconic tracks."


      1. Exodus
      2. Stir It Up
      3. One Love/People Get Ready
      4. Get Up, Stand Up
      5. Is This Love
      6. Redemption Song
      7. Top Rankin'
      8. Satisfy My Soul
      9. I Shot The Sheriff
      10. Turn Your Lights Down Low

      On August 24, The Marley Family, Island Records, and UMC celebrate 40 years of "Kaya", Bob Marley & The Wailers’ historic March 1978 release. This most special anniversary edition to date will feature Stephen 'Ragga' Marley’s exciting and vibrant new "Kaya 40" mixes of all ten tracks from the original album alongside its original mixes in 2CD and 180-gram 2LP configurations.

      Bob Marley’s artistic legacy forever endures, and the 40th anniversary edition of "Kaya" only serves to reinforce just how much we all share the shelter of this special music.


      Disc 1
      Easy Skanking
      Is This Love
      Sun Is Shining
      Satisfy My Soul
      She's Gone
      Misty Morning
      Running Away
      Time Will Tell

      Disc 2
      Easy Skanking
      Kaya (Kaya 40 Mix)
      Is This Love (Kaya 40 Mix)
      Sun Is Shining (Kaya 40 Mix)
      Satisfy My Soul (Kaya 40 Mix)
      She's Gone (Kaya 40 Mix)
      Misty Morning (Kaya 40 Mix)
      Crisis (Kaya 40 Mix)
      Running Away (Kaya 40 Mix)
      Time Will Tell (Kaya 40 Mix)

      Bob Marley & The Wailers


        The masterpiece that is Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’ was originally released on Friday 3rd June 1977. He recorded the ‘Exodus’ album in exile in the UK, having escaped an assassination attempt in Jamaica.

        ‘Exodus’ transformed Marley’s career. A recording of extraordinary creative maturity, the album resonated with audiences around the world. In the UK alone in stayed on the chart for 56 consecutive weeks and included three massive hit singles. Bob Marley was established as the Third World’s first superstar, a legacy that survives thirty years after the album’s release.


        1. Natural Mystic 3:28
        2. So Much Things To Say 3:08
        3. Guiltiness 3:19
        4. The Heathen 2:32
        5. Exodus 7:40
        6. Jamming 3:31
        7. Waiting In Vain 4:16
        8. Turn Your Lights Down Low 3:39
        9. Three Little Birds 3:00
        10. One Love / People Get Ready 2:52

        Bob Marley & The Wailers

        Catch A Fire

          'Catch A Fire' was the major label debut for Bob Marley and the Wailers, and it was an international success upon its release in 1973. Although Bob Marley may have been the main voice, every member of the Wailers made valuable contributions and they were never more united in their vision and sound. All the songs were originals, and the instrumentation was minimalistic in order to bring out the passionate, often politically charged lyrics. Much of the appeal of the album lies in its sincerity and sense of purpose - these are streetwise yet disarmingly idealistic young men who look around themselves and believe they might help change the world through music. Marley sings about the current state of urban poverty ("Concrete Jungle") and connects the present to past injustices ("Slave Driver"), but he is a not a one-trick pony. He is a versatile songwriter who also excels at singing love songs such as his classic "Stir It Up." Peter Tosh sings the lead vocal on two of his own compositions - his powerful presence and immense talent hint that he would eventually leave for his own successful solo career. More than anything else, however, this marks the emergence of Bob Marley and the international debut of reggae music. Marley would continue to achieve great critical and commercial success during the 1970s, but 'Catch a Fire' is one of the finest reggae albums ever. This album is essential for any music collection.


          A1 Concrete Jungle 4:12
          A2 Slave Driver 2:53
          A3 400 Years 2:45
          A4 Stop That Train 3:55
          A5 Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby) 3:56
          B1 Stir It Up 5:32
          B2 Kinky Reggae 3:36
          B3 No More Trouble 3:51
          B4 Midnight Ravers 5:09

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