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Beth Orton

Trailer Park - 2022 Reissue

    Brit Award nominated Trailer Park makes a welcome return to vinyl with a 2LP pressing to ensure a superior audio quality and with the track Whenever re-instated, having been left off the original 1LP release. This sits alongside classics such as Someone’s Daughter, She Cries Your Name and the epic Galaxy Of Emptiness (produced by Andrew Weatherall).


    Side One
    01 She Cries Your Name
    02 Tangent
    03 Don’t Need A Reason
    Side Two
    01 Live As You Dream
    02 Sugar Boy
    03 Touch Me With Your Love
    Side Three
    01 Whenever
    02 How Far
    03 Someone’s Daughter
    04 I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
    Side Four
    01 Galaxy Of Emptiness

    Beth Orton

    Central Reservation - 2022 Reissue

      Central Reservation also makes a welcome return to vinyl having not been available outside the US since its release in 1999. This is the album which saw Beth win a BRIT Award and a Mercury Prize nomination and is home to some of her most popular tracks including Stolen Car, Pass In Time (featuring Terry Callier) and the title track, Central Reservation. 


      SIDE ONE
      01 Stolen Car
      02 Sweetest Decline
      03 Couldn’t Cause Me Harm
      SIDE TWO
      01 So Much More
      02 Pass In Time
      03 Central Reservation (Original Version)
      01 Stars All Seem To Weep
      02 Love Like Laughter
      03 Blood Red River
      01 Devil Song
      02 Feel To Believe
      03 Central Reservation (The Then Again Version)

      Beth Orton

      Weather Alive

        “Through the writing of these songs and the making of this music, I found my way back to the world around me – a way to reach nature and the people I love and care about. This record is a sensory exploration that allowed for a connection to a consciousness that I was searching for. Through the resonance of sound and a beaten up old piano I bought in Camden Market while living in a city I had no intention of staying in, I found acceptance and a way of healing.” - Beth Orton

        Many musicians turn inward when the world around them seems chaotic and unreliable. Reframing one’s perception of self can often reveal new personal truths both uncomfortable and profound, and for Beth Orton, music re-emerged in the past several years as a tethering force even when her own life felt more tumultuous than ever. Indeed, the foundations of the songs on Orton’s stunning new album, Weather Alive, are nothing more than her voice and a “cheap, crappy” upright piano installed in a shed in her garden, conjuring a deeply meditative atmosphere that remains long after the final note has evaporated.

        “I am known as a collaborator and I’m very good at it. I’m very open to it. Sometimes, I’ve been obscured by it,” says Orton, who rose to prominence through ‘90s-era collaborations with William Orbit, Red Snapper and The Chemical Brothers before striking out on her own with a series of acclaimed, award-winning solo releases. “I think what’s happened with this record is that through being cornered by life, I got to reveal myself to myself and to collaborate with myself, actually.”


        1. Weather Alive
        2. Friday Night
        3. Fractals
        4. Haunted Satellite
        5. Forever Young
        6. Lonely
        7. Arms Around A Memory
        8. Unwritten

        Beth Orton

        Central Reservation - Expanded Edition

          It was released in 1999 as a follow up to the acclaimed Trailer Park and received a Mercury Music Prize nomination and helped Beth earn a BRIT Award in 2000 for Best British Female. The album also features in the book, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

          The album featured the hit singles Stolen Car and Central Reservation and is now re-issued with a second disc of material compiled by Beth. It features key b-sides, including the Spiritual Life Ibadon remix of title track Central Reservation plus unreleased live recordings and demos.

          The expanded packaging features brand new sleevenotes including a new interview with Beth.

          Rolling Stone – “A space cowgirl with a stolen car heart”

          Beth remembers: “Listening back to the record now, I enjoy hearing the melodies and how I played with them and the words. The making of records is often a period of redemption for me and the recording of Central Reservation was the actualizing of all my most positive

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