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    Described, variously, as “dusky and mysterious, cosmetic and up-for-it”, “Industrial techno disco,” and “like a Japanese express train”, Curve’s second album Cuckoo is more sophisticated, more seductive, less serrated, even squelchy in places than their debut, Doppelganger. A mature, fluent, and literary album, it hit the Top 30 on release in 1993. Cuckoo takes the listener from the established hallmarks and runs with them - over the horizon - to many new and rich areas of pop melodrama. Delicate and gorgeous moments sit easily with their simultaneously cool and incendiary sound. A more personal album, it is nonetheless metallic, unforgiving, LOUD, clear. As with Doppelganger the album was produced by the band with Flood and Steve Osborne, and it was mixed by Alan Moulder. It is home to the lead tracks from singles ‘Blackerthreetracker’ EP and ‘Superblaster’ and is regarded by the band as their best piece of work.


    Disc: 1 (2CD Version)
    1. Missing Link
    2. Crystal
    3. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
    4. All Of One
    5. Unreadable Communication
    6. Turkey Crossing
    7. Superblaster
    8. Left Of Mother
    9. Sweetest Pie
    10. Cuckoo

    Disc: 2 (2CD Version)
    1. Missing Link (Single Version)
    2. On The Wheel
    3. Triumph
    4. Superblaster (Remix)
    5. Low And Behold
    6. Nothing Without Me
    7. Missing Link (Screaming Bird Mix)
    8. Rising (Headspace Mix)
    9. Half The Time (Honey Tongue Mix)
    10. Rising (Original Version)
    11. Half The Time (Original Version)

    1. Missing Link
    2. Crystal
    3. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
    4. All Of One
    5. Unreadable Communication
    6. Turkey Crossing
    7. Superblaster
    8. Left Of Mother
    9. Sweetest Pie
    10. Cuckoo

    Earl Brutus

    Tonight You Are The Special One (Expanded Edition)

      Earl Brutus achieved notoriety and cult status with the release of their debut album Your Majesty… We Are Here. Their attention grabbing interviews and gigs attracted wider interest and they sign to Island Records via Fruition. They released a second long player, Tonight You Are The Special One, and several singles including The SAS And The Glam That Goes With It and Come Taste My Mind (“masterful examples of raging techno-pop” - Select ) and Larky.

      The band continued to play chaotic shows and the last ever gig is at Hammersmith Working Men’s Club on 7th April 2004 and the last track from that gig, Teenage Taliban, is included on the 2CD edition along with a demo recorded in William Reid’s (Jesus And Mary Chain) front room. Other bonus tracks include all the single b-sides sequenced by the band.

      The art direction on this re-issue has been done by Scott King who realised the concepts for the original release and singles. The album sleeve is included in Q magazine’s 100 Best Album Sleeves Of All Time in 2001.


      DISC: 1
      1: The Sas And The Glam That Goes With It
      2: Universal Plan
      3: Midland Red
      4: God, Let Me Be Kind
      5: Come Taste My Mind
      6: Second Class War
      7: Your Majesty We Are Here
      8: Don't Die Jim
      9: 99 P
      10: East
      11: Edelweiss
      12: Male Wife

      DISC: 2 (2cd Edition Only)
      1: Nicotine Stain (Live)
      2: Superstar
      3: Larky
      4: Tv Tower
      5: William, Taste My Mind (William Reid Remix)
      6: Gypsy Camp Battle
      7: The Scottish
      8: Teenage Opera
      9: Come Taste My Mind (Live At The Astoria 1998)
      10: Nice Man In A Bubble
      11: England Sandwich
      12: Teenage Taliban (Demo / Live From Hammersmith Working Men's Club, 7 Th April 2004

      Earl Brutus

      Your Majesty...We Are Here (Expanded Edition)

        Earl Brutus are Nick Sanderson (Clock DVA, Jesus And Mary Chain, World Of Twist), Gordon King and Jim Fry (World Of Twist), Rob Marche (JoBoxers, Subway Sect) with Shins and Stuart Boreman.

        Earl Brutus formed in 1993 and release a handful of singles before their debut album Your Majesty… We Are Here on Deceptive Records in 1996. They are chaotic, glam-rock, glitter-stomp British Pop. They think Bowie, T-Rex, Kraftwerk and The Fall. Their chaotic live shows became folklore and their reviews and interviews were always impressive. Your Majesty… featured in Q Magazine’s Top 50 Albums of the Year in 1996 and in 1000 Albums To Hear Before You Die.

        Your Majesty… has been long unavailable and is now re-issued.

        The two CD edition also includes all the b-sides sequenced by the band and an unreleased David Arnold remix of Life’s Too Long, the rare Alan Vega (Suicide) version of On Me Not In Me and Earl Brutus Display Purchasing Power, both commercially available for the first time.


        DISC: 1
        1: Navy Head
        2: I'm New
        3: Male Milk
        4: On Me Not In Me
        5: Don't Leave Me Behind Mate
        6: Thelmex
        7: Black Speedway
        8: Motarola
        9: Shrunken Head
        10: Cursty
        11: Blind Date
        12: Life's Too Long
        13: Karl Brutus
        14: Single Seater Xmas

        DISC: 2 (2cd Edition Only)
        1: Earl Brutus Display Purchasing Power
        2: North Sea Bastard
        3: Mondo Rotunda
        4: On Me Not In Me (Alan Vega Version)
        5: Bonjour Monsieur
        6: Valley Of The Slimkings
        7: Like Queer David
        8: Life's Too Long (Flash Vs Tarkus)(Saint Etienne Remix)
        9: 48 Trash
        10: Life's Too Long (David Arnold Remix)
        11: I Love Earl Brutus (Introducing Shinya)

        60ft Dolls

        The Big 3 - Deluxe Expanded Edition

        60ft Dolls are one of the most underrated of the Cool Cymru bands. They spearheaded the Newport scene of the 1990s, were championed by Steve Lamacq and soon signed to Indolent Records following a couple of Rough Trade singles and support slots for Oasis, Elastica and Dinosaur Jr. The Big 3 was released in 1996 to strong reviews and made the Best Of The Year lists in the NME, The Guardian, New York Times and was named in 2003 by Mojo as one of the Top 12 Britpop Albums Of All Time. It features the singles Happy Shopper, White Knuckle Ride, Pig Valentine, Stay and their Top 40 hit Talk To Me.

        They spearheaded the Newport scene of the 1990s, were championed by Steve Lamacq and soon signed to Indolent Records following a couple of Rough Trade singles and support slots for Oasis, Elastica and Dinosaur Jr. This 2CD expanded edition includes the original album together with the best of their b-sides as chosen by the band. Also included is their session for John Peel which is listed in the Best Peel Sessions Of All Time.“as close to soar-away rock perfection as it's possible to imagine" NME 1996. “pure, unadulterated, no nonsense, emotional, tuneful, impassioned, purposeful, hedonistic rock 'n' roll" Melody Maker 1996. A blistering kamikaze mission of damaged punk magic.” MOJO (2015)


        DISC: 1
        1: New Loafers
        2: Talk To Me
        3: Stay
        4: Hair
        5: Happy Shopper
        6: The One
        7: Good Times
        8: No. 1 Pure Alcohol
        9: Streamlined
        10: Loser
        11: Pig Valentine
        12: Terminal Crash Fear
        13: Buzz

        DISC: 2
        1: Doctor Rat
        2: British Racing Green
        3: Everybody's Got Something To Hide(Except For Me And My Monkey)
        4: Mess
        5: Stay (60ft Dolls Vs Pastor Ray Bevan)
        6: White Knuckle Ride
        7: After Glow
        8: Easy
        9: The Maindee Run
        10: Yellow Candles
        11: Rosalyn
        12: The New Loafers*
        13: Streamlined*
        14: Loser*
        15: Piss Funk*
        16: Stay*

        Sea Of Bees

        Build A Boat To The Sun

          Sea of Bees is the musical project of Julie Ann Bee, or Jules as everyone calls her. She sings, writes the songs, and plays lots of musical instruments. She is the kind of singer-songwriter you come across only a few times in a lifetime – special, unusual, leaping out at you like an alien, her character fully-formed, her uniqueness intact.

          Following the acclaim of debut album, Songs For The Ravens and follow-up Orangefarben, Jules is leaving the darkness for brighter horizons, gathering the good things up, leaving the bad behind and moving forward. The music has moved forward sonically too, with a full band sound after Jules bought a drum set and spent as much time playing it as she played guitar, much to her neighbour's dismay.

          Working with long-time producer John Baccigaluppi she again visits a variety of styles across the album – folk, Americana, pop and rock. The album was mixed by Jesse Lauter (The Low Anthem).


          The Singles And EPs

            Following the acclaimed re-issue of their sole album, Leave The Straight Life Behind, BOB return with an anthology of all their singles, many appearing on CD for the first time.

            The band’s most well-known single, Convenience, a John Peel favourite, opens this 2CD set and the CD is then a chronological run through of the key songs from the various singles and EPs.

            Disc Two includes many of their b-sides and EP tracks including their debut 1986 flexi disc.

            All tracks bar Convenience appear on CD for the very first time having all only ever been released on vinyl previously.

            The Pre New

            The Male Eunuch

              The Male Eunuch follows the highly acclaimed Music for People Who Hate Themselves and its remixed companion album Music for Homeowners. Early material has been streamed online and has had strong radio play with tracks Speed Queen and A Song for One Direction.

              The bands own protest ambassador Stu Boreman stated: "Binary Digital Bankruptcy converts this Sonic Debris into the sound of summer. Off shore becomes on shore as British Summer Time arrives early. Shot thru the Black Hole into the hole in your heart, it's the colour chart from hell. Foxton's still burns. Face-sitting is banned. Froch vs Groves. Farrow & Ball. We are at War."

              “The Pre New bring absurdist punk spleen, synth pulse and the chaotic free play of signifiers – with an enraged estate agent on vocals, a Zal Cleminson lookalike in a hoodie and samples from Mike Leigh’s ‘Nuts in May’” – Q
              “The Pre New – as the name suggests – are the a mix of the noble past and the glorious future” – THE HERALD
              “Wow – that was definitely made for television...brilliant” – BBC 6 MUSIC - MARC RILEY
              “Wrap your ears round the warped brilliance of The Pre-New” – THE QUIETUS

              Jack Adaptor


                Twenty years after the demise of independent rock favourites The Family Cat, singer and lyricist Paul “Fred” Frederick returns with a new record as Jack Adaptor, a duo with songwriting partner Christopher Cordoba.

                Fans of the Family Cat will recognize the vocal style and find joy in the sophisticated songwriting of Frederick and Cordoba, from up-tempo indie rockers like “Number One Record” (a tribute to Alex Chilton and Big Star) to atmospheric, genre-defying songs such as “V.U.” (check out the unpeeled banana!). Fred wrote the lyrics and sings the songs, while Cordoba provides most of the instruments, production and mixing skills.

                Fred refers to this record as “a distillation of 20 years thinking about music and the kind of record I really wanted to make. Now I feel I really have something to say and the musicians to give it life”.

                Originally released in 1994, the album turns 20 this year and can be considered to be one of the defining albums of the Britpop era, making the end of year lists in Melody Maker, NME, and Select that year. It is home to the hit singles ‘Insomniac’, ‘Close... But’, and the anthemic ‘I Can’t Imagine The World Without Me.’

                EGO is the album that saw Echobelly land a major label deal, tour the world, sell out gigs from Japan to the US, build up fervent fanbases and famous followers including Morrissey, REM (who asked them to be their support band) and Madonna (who wanted to sign them to her label).

                The bonus material includes the “Bellyache EP” from 1993, plus the b-sides from the singles and a previously unreleased Steve Lamacq BBC Radio 1 session from 1994.

                The set is packaged with brand new sleeve-notes by Sonya Madan and unseen and rare photographs.

                TRACK LISTING

                1: Today Tomorrow Sometimes Never
                2: Father, Ruler, King, Computer
                3: Give Her A Gun
                4: I Can't Imagine The World Without Me
                5: Bellyache
                6: Taste Of You
                7: Insomniac
                8: Call Me Names
                9: Close...But
                10: Cold Feet Warm Heart
                11: Scream
                12: Bellyache
                13: Sleeping Hitler
                14: Give Her A Gun
                15: I Don't Belong Here
                16: Centipede
                17: Talent
                18: Sober
                19: Venus Wheel
                20: So La Di Da
                21: I Can't Imagine A World Without Me (Live)
                22: Cold Feet Warm Heart (Live)
                23: Father Ruler King Computer
                24: Call Me Names
                25: Taste Of You
                26: Give Her A Gun

                Beth Orton

                Central Reservation - Expanded Edition

                  It was released in 1999 as a follow up to the acclaimed Trailer Park and received a Mercury Music Prize nomination and helped Beth earn a BRIT Award in 2000 for Best British Female. The album also features in the book, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

                  The album featured the hit singles Stolen Car and Central Reservation and is now re-issued with a second disc of material compiled by Beth. It features key b-sides, including the Spiritual Life Ibadon remix of title track Central Reservation plus unreleased live recordings and demos.

                  The expanded packaging features brand new sleevenotes including a new interview with Beth.

                  Rolling Stone – “A space cowgirl with a stolen car heart”

                  Beth remembers: “Listening back to the record now, I enjoy hearing the melodies and how I played with them and the words. The making of records is often a period of redemption for me and the recording of Central Reservation was the actualizing of all my most positive

                  The Auteurs

                  How I Learned To Love The Bootboys - Expanded Edition

                  The Auteurs fourth and ultimately final album, How I Learned To Love The Bootboys was released in July 1999, a 3-year gap since their previous release, After Murder Park, a period during which Luke Haines released albums as part of Black Box Recorder and under the guise of Baader Meinhof.

                  This expanded edition, compiled by Luke Haines, features 40 tracks including key b-sides and rarities plus 5 previously unreleased tracks. The second disc features the band’s final gig recorded at London School Of Economics in November 1999. This is the first time it’s been on CD, having been briefly available as a download previously.

                  “On listening to '...Bootboys' again, I'm actually surprised how focussed it sounds. There's a straightforward 'pop side' and an unstraightforward 'experimental' side. My only regret is not putting more on the album – really stretching it out and making it a sprawling double, songs like 'Breaking Up' and 'Get Wrecked At Home' were far too good for B-sides.” Luke Haines 2014

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1: THE RUBETTES
                  2: 1967
                  4: YOUR GANG, OUR GANG
                  5: SOME CHANGES
                  6: SCHOOL
                  7: JOHNNY AND THE HURRICANES
                  8: THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN
                  9: ASTI SPUMANTE
                  10: SICK OF HARI KRISNA
                  11: LIGHTS OUT
                  12: FUTURE GENERATION
                  13: GET WRECKED AT HOME
                  14: BREAKING UP
                  15: POLITIC
                  16: ESP KIDS
                  17: JOHNNY AND THE HURRICANES
                  18: FUTURE GENERATION
                  19: SCHOOL
                  20: ESSEX BOOTBOYS
                  21: THE RUBETTES (ACOUSTIC)
                  22: 1967 (ACOUSTIC)
                  23: SOME CHANGES (ACOUSTIC)
                  24: LIGHTS OUT (ACOUSTIC)
                  25: BAADER MEINHOF
                  26: MEET ME AT THE AIRPORT
                  28: BACK ON THE FARM
                  29: BAADER MEINHOF 2
                  30: UNSOLVED CHILD MURDER
                  31: 1967
                  32: THE RUBETTES
                  33: HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE THE BOOTBOYS
                  34: YOUR GANG, OUR GANG
                  35: HOW COULD I BE WRONG
                  36: BUDDHA
                  37: AFTER MURDER PARK
                  38: LIGHT AIRCRAFT ON FIRE
                  39: LENNY VALENTINO
                  40: FUTURE GENERATION

                  Baader Meinhof

                  Baader Meinhof

                    Taking its name from two renowned members of The Red Army Faction, the album tells the story of the organisation and was recorded by Haines between Auteurs albums.

                    Long unavailable, the album has been remastered and expanded with five bonus tracks, including four previously unreleased tracks taken from a remix EP that was never commercially released.

                    The album comes with brand new sleeve-notes by Luke Haines.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. BAADER MEINHOF
                    2. MEET ME AT THE AIRPORT
                    3. THER'S GONNA BE AN ACCIDENT
                    4. MOGADISHU
                    5. THEME FROM BURN, WAREHOUSE, BURN
                    6. GSG-29
                    7. ...IT'S A MORAL ISSUE
                    8. BACK ON THE FARM
                    9. KILL RAMIREZ
                    10. BAADER MEINHOF
                    11. I'VE BEEN A FOOL FOR YOU - LP BONUS 7"
                    13. THERE'S GONNA BE AN ACCIDENT (FUSE REMIX) *
                    15. GOD IS WAR- DALAI LLAMA

                    Kitchens Of Distinction


                      Kitchens of Distinction were formed in London in 1986 and started and ended their career with a Single of the Week in the UK music press. In between they put out four albums and won the hearts and minds of a generation. Hit singles generally eluded them (the band’s third single “The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule” did however make it into the ‘NME Writers 100 Best Indie Singles Ever’ list in 1992) but they fared better in the US with “Drive That Fast” hitting number one on the college radio charts over there.

                      A compact trio comprising of Patrick Fitzgerald (Vocals, Bass), Julian Swales (Guitars) and Dan Goodwin (Drums, Percussion) they were known for their swirling maelstrom of guitar effects - coined in the press as like being a ‘sonic cathedral’ – and Patrick’s introspective and unabashed lyrics that often dealt with his own homosexuality. They were tagged with the genre ‘shoegaze’ (UK) and ‘dreampop’ (US) although, like many of their peers similarly defined, they never felt comfortable with either term. Their sound was inspired largely by their love of Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Echo and the Bunnymen and peers A R Kane and it went on to be heard in a new generation of bands like Interpol, Bloc Party, Editors and British Sea Power.

                      • The songs were recorded in Patrick’s studio in Derbyshire and at Julian’s studio in Brighton.

                      “I can listen to a British Sea Power record and think: ‘You know what? Kitchens Of Distinction were ahead of their time.” STEVE LAMACQ / BBC RADIO / 2013

                      “I love them to death. Long may they burn.” GRAHAM LINEHAN / writer Father Ted, Black Books, The IT Crowd

                      “Kitchens of Distinction are one of my favourite bands” CHRIS PACKHAM / Springwatch BBC2

                      Mega City Four

                      Sebastapol Rd - Expanded Edition

                        Sebastopol Rd was Mega City Four’s first album for their new major label home, Big Life. With the success of debut album “Tranzphobia”, follow up “Who Cares Wins”, and a constant touring schedule around the UK, Europe and the US they built up a solid, devoted fanbase easily identifiable in one of the many MC4 t-shirts. By this time, the band were appearing on the front covers of the NME and Melody Maker and the crossover to a major label was no great surprise.

                        Teaming up with producer Jessica Corcoran (Senseless Things, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Shed Seven and The Wonder Stuff) gave the album a pop-punk crunch and more emphasis on the pop than previous material. It features the Top 40 hit ‘Stop’, ‘Prague’, covered by Muse in 2010 on the Resistance single as a tribute to the band who had influenced them, and CD1 now includes the two singles (plus their attendant b-sides) Words That Say and Shivering Sand, their highest charting release.

                        This 2CD set, 21 years after the initial release, gathers together all the studio material from this period and adds 10 previously unreleased tracks, including demos and the John Peel Session from September 1993. It includes all the b-sides and demos taken from the box loads of cassettes and DATs in guitarist Gerry’s shed.

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