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Beautiful Balearic house vibes on this Best Record release, a label that is best known for soul-boogie and Italo-disco reissues, but it also comes with forgotten gems from the Italian deep house scene, such as "Aqua Marina" by The Countach! Active for only two singles in 1990, "Aqua Marina" has plenty of lashings of jazz funk rubbed into its loins, not least on the "Sweet Dream Version". The "Paradise Version" nudges the key of the club mixes and ramps up the reverb, and then the "Original Studio Version" switches up the mood with an organic, live band groove on this crucial 12". A timeless masterpiece by DJ-producers Giampiero Malvatani (aka Giampi) and Davide Domenella (aka D.Dee), developed by M Giancarlo Ragni at the Vallemania Studio in Genga. Precious classic Balearic beat, 100% pure for which even today we shed sweet tears of nostalgia for this sound of the early 90s! Classic stuff!


Matt says: As Balearic as langoustine in a cravat - this under-appreciated joint from 1990 reeks of sea breeze and carefree excess. Whichever version you choose - make sure your buttons are undone and there's at least a smidge of chest hair on show.


1. Dance Club Version
2. Sweet Dream
3. Paradise Version 
4. Original Studio Version

Retro house sounds from Italy on this release... tunes that still go down well with some of the big name festival dj's during their summer tour! A track that remained unpublished for 33 years until Devil Dee decided to make it public and bring his own voice to the spotlight joined by jazz-blues singer Joan Faulkner, (former supporting voice of Boney M and Milli Vanilli, also known by her stage name 'Dee-Vah'). Devil Dee is Davide Mancori - a cinematograph with a flattering career as a club-dj from 80s-90s onwards - who lovingly produced this release which differs from most of the releases on Best Record by its housey vibe. 'And The Beat Goes On' was written in Germany in 1989 by Leonie Gane and Ryan Paris laying the crucial foundations for an evolutionary step of the italian disco music. A step forward for the 'Italo' movement considered obsolete and defunct. In fact, the track is also referring to the latest Italo-Disco which entirely covered the scene of the 1980s with furious activity, If the meeting between Devil Dee and the famous interpreter of 'Dolce Vita' - Mister Ryan Paris - creates the alchemy, the explosive mix is completed with the precious work of Marco Magrini. The arrangement by Pierluigi Cerin and the executive work of Claudio Casalini close the magic circle. Five friends and a great singer from Indiana to fill the dance floors all over Europe, while the images of the provocative and surreal video-clip capture the audience by splitting in two. There are those who do not want to see certain issues publicized and those who appreciate their cheekiness, such as Best Record which by publishing the vinyl printed at 180 grams celebrates the 40 years of activity.


Matt says: Can you believe this sat unreleased for 33 years? Can you believe it's actually 33 years old?! Unfathomable questions to a record that, if it had been released, would be WAY ahead of its time. Instead, we get it now, and it makes complete sense. Devil Dee - a timing genius.


01 And The Beat Goes On (marco Magrini Extended Edit)
02 And The Beat Goes On (instrumental)
03 Devil Dee Ft Joan Faulkner And The Beat Goes On Club Version
04 And The Beat Goes On (electro Dub By Devil Dee Claudio Casalini)

Klein & MBO

The MBO Theme (Remaster)

    Klein & MBO's iconic crossover Italo anthem "The MBO Theme" is back with a nice fresh, legit pressing for anyone who's worn out their (very expensive) OG or got bored of the terrible slew of bootlegs that currently exist.

    There's not many Italian records that crossed over into Chicago as much as this. Hammered by one Ron Hardy, it's combination of catchy guitar parts, fizzy synth lines and skeletal drums providing the definitive blueprint for proto-house, and the track that DJs and producer's would return to time and time again for inspiration.

    Best Records have remastered the track and it sounds super! Also included is a rare Italian edit which I'm pretty sure is the one Jamal Moss used in one of his early Sample/Pattern mixes. Every home needs one! (and there are currently NO original copies for sale on discogs.. -Ed).


    Matt says: What can be said about one of the most talked about and celebrated tracks from the proto-house cannon? Not much other than BUY IT NOW!


    A. Original Version
    B. Italian Version

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