The Countach

Aqua Marina

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Best Record

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Beautiful Balearic house vibes on this Best Record release, a label that is best known for soul-boogie and Italo-disco reissues, but it also comes with forgotten gems from the Italian deep house scene, such as "Aqua Marina" by The Countach! Active for only two singles in 1990, "Aqua Marina" has plenty of lashings of jazz funk rubbed into its loins, not least on the "Sweet Dream Version". The "Paradise Version" nudges the key of the club mixes and ramps up the reverb, and then the "Original Studio Version" switches up the mood with an organic, live band groove on this crucial 12". A timeless masterpiece by DJ-producers Giampiero Malvatani (aka Giampi) and Davide Domenella (aka D.Dee), developed by M Giancarlo Ragni at the Vallemania Studio in Genga. Precious classic Balearic beat, 100% pure for which even today we shed sweet tears of nostalgia for this sound of the early 90s! Classic stuff!


Matt says: As Balearic as langoustine in a cravat - this under-appreciated joint from 1990 reeks of sea breeze and carefree excess. Whichever version you choose - make sure your buttons are undone and there's at least a smidge of chest hair on show.


1. Dance Club Version
2. Sweet Dream
3. Paradise Version 
4. Original Studio Version

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