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The MBO Theme (Remaster)

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Klein & MBO's iconic crossover Italo anthem "The MBO Theme" is back with a nice fresh, legit pressing for anyone who's worn out their (very expensive) OG or got bored of the terrible slew of bootlegs that currently exist.

There's not many Italian records that crossed over into Chicago as much as this. Hammered by one Ron Hardy, it's combination of catchy guitar parts, fizzy synth lines and skeletal drums providing the definitive blueprint for proto-house, and the track that DJs and producer's would return to time and time again for inspiration.

Best Records have remastered the track and it sounds super! Also included is a rare Italian edit which I'm pretty sure is the one Jamal Moss used in one of his early Sample/Pattern mixes. Every home needs one! (and there are currently NO original copies for sale on discogs.. -Ed).


Matt says: What can be said about one of the most talked about and celebrated tracks from the proto-house cannon? Not much other than BUY IT NOW!


A. Original Version
B. Italian Version

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