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Basement Jaxx

Remedy - 2023 Reissue

    Remedy is Basement Jaxx’s joyous debut album from 1999. It was one of the most assured, propul-sive full-lengths the dance world had seen since Daft Punk’s Homework. A set of incredibly diverse tracks, Remedy is indebted to the raw American house of Todd Terry and Masters at Work, and even shares a penchant for Latin vibes (especially on the horn-driven “Bingo Bango” and the opener, “Rendez-Vu,” which trades a bit of salsa wiggle with infectious vocoderized disco).


    A1. Romeo
    A2. Breakaway
    A3. SFM
    B1. Jus 1 Kiss
    B2. Broken Dreams
    B3. I Want U
    C1. Get Me Off
    C2. Where’s Your Head At
    D1. Do Your Thing
    D2. Freakalude
    D3. Crazy Girl
    D4. All I Know

    Basement Jaxx

    Rooty - 2023 Reissue

      Named after their infamous Brixton club night, Basement Jaxx’s second album Rooty saw Basement Jaxx continue to push the boundaries of pop and club music. The album mixes classic house with generous lashings of punk, funk, R&B, jazz, hip hop, 2-step and pop song-craft in a mad genre crash that works like a charm. It features the massive tracks “Where’s Your Head At”, “Romeo” and “Do Your Thing”.


      A1. Romeo
      A2. Breakaway
      A3. SFM
      B1. Jus 1 Kiss
      B2. Broken Dreams
      B3. I Want U
      C1. Get Me Off
      C2. Where’s Your Head At
      D1. Do Your Thing
      D2. Freakalude
      D3. Crazy Girl
      D4. All I Know

      A raw project by highly skilled musicians that explore modern grooves and brain-melting jazz chops. Led by Georgian producer Mishulino, who was also involved with the 2021 broken beat future-classic Turbulance project with Kid Sublime. On keys is former child prodigy Bjazz11, who already played with legends like Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke from an early age. On drums is Mike Mitchell aka Blaque Dynamite, another young legend who performed with Kamasi Washington, Mononeon, Erykah Badu, Thundercat, and many others. This record shows these top notch players jamming it out with full freedom to express.


      Beat 77
      CBD Cream
      Greatness Challenge Ft Stan Smith
      Beat 79
      Punk Funk


      Colourmeinkindness - Deluxe Anniversary Edition

        Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Basement’s breakthrough LP Colourmeinkindness with a deluxe double LP pressing this fall on Run For Cover Records. This collectors’ edition includes the album in full on the first disc and includes four alternate versions of songs from the album on disc 2 as well as an etched D-side.

        Originally the swansong album that preceeded Basement’s first hiatus, Colourmeinkindness was a landmark release for the band that cemented them as some of the best songwriters in the burdgeoning rock scene of the 2010’s. Following 2011’s debut LP I Wish I Could Stay Here, Colourmeinkindness feels mature from the first discordant notes strummed on album opener “Whole” - a song that has kicked Basement sets across the world into a frenzy for a decade now. The album has been a long-standing favorite for offering a number of different sounds - melodic singalongs like favorites “Covet” and “Bad Apple,” emo-inspired reprieves like “Breathe” and “Comfort” and huge riffs on “Spoiled” and closer “Wish” all stand out on a classic album worth listening to for 10 years and beyond.


        Side A
        1. Whole
        2. Covet
        3. Spoiled
        4. Pine
        5. Bad Apple
        Side B
        1. Breathe
        2. Control
        3. Black
        4. Comfort
        5. Wish
        Side C
        1. Covet (alt Version)
        2. Pine (alt Version)
        3. Bad Apple (alt Version)
        4. Breathe (alt Version)

        Basement Revolver

        Heavy Eyes

          Heavy Eyes is the debut album from Canadian indie-rock trio Basement Revolver. There’s an air of weariness pervading the album, with the sleepy title Heavy Eyes summing up a general exhaustion right down to the bone, as well as hinting at a heavier direction as they deftly merge 90s infused indie rock with fuzzy dreamy pop and poignant, yearning lyrics. Unable to disguise the emotion in her voice, songwriter Chrisy Hurn shares intimate stories and personal wounds from her past, revealing a deeply affecting and rewarding set of songs.

          Bringing together the talents of Chrisy Hurn (vocals, guitar), Nimal Agalawatte (bass, synth) and Brandon Munro (drums), the band hail from Hamilton, Ontario and were named Basement Revolver due to Chrisy’s basement apartment, rather than any trigger happy leanings. Their ascent to the spotlight has been a steady trajectory, capitalising on the success of their debut single “Johnny” in 2016. The track garnered endorsements from DIY Magazine and Exclaim! as well as respected tastemakers Gold Flake Paint, who hailed it a “‘favourite song of the year” contender. They had stumbled across a sound that is capable of stripping listeners of inhibition, yet heavy hitting enough to leave a lasting impression.

          On the back of “Johnny”, they were signed by Memphis Industries’ UK sub-label fear of missing out records, who released their debut self-titled EP in 2016 with “Johnny” and their second single “Words” reaching the higher echelon of the Hype Machine chart and the EP flagged up in several end of year lists. They followed this up with the Agatha EP in 2017 where the single “Bread & Wine” reached the B-list on Radio BBC 6 Music and also garnered support from John Kennedy at Radio X. The band have racked up over one million plays on Spotify across the two EPs.

          In a relatively short time, Basement Revolver have successfully encapsulated the yearning and hopefulness of their generation, whilst harnessing a unique, yet familiar soundscape.


          1. Baby
          2. Johnny
          3. Dancing
          4. Friends
          5. Knocking
          6. Johnny Pt. 2
          7. Words
          8. Wait
          9. Tree Trunks
          10. You’re Okay
          11. Heavy Eyes
          12. Diamonds

          The Mauskovic Dance Band

          Down In The Basement EP

            Soundway Records presents “Down In The Basement”, the debut EP from The Mauskovic Dance Band - a heady, tropical blend of cumbia, Afro- Caribbean rhythms and space disco, resulting in a vibrant hypnotic groove destined for bustling dancefloors. The Mauskovic Dance Band is the brainchild of the Amsterdam-based producer and musician, Nicola Mauskovic. A seasoned drummer, he finds himself constantly in demand - as part of Turkish psychedelic outfit Altin Gun, a recent tour with the revival of Zambian legends W.I.T.C.H., and a worldwide tour with psych-pop artist Jacco Gardner, with whom he then went on to form the dance-oriented duo Bruxas (released on Dekmantel).

            Throughout this hectic schedule Nic still found time to begin studio experiments that would eventually lead to several 7” singles, released on Swiss label Bongo Joe Records in 2017 under the name “The Mauskovic Dance Band”. Following this, he tapped long-time collaborators Donnie Mauskovic (vocals, keys, effects), Em Nix Mauskovic (guitar, synth, percussion), and Mano Mauskovic (bass) to make the jump from record to stage. Soon they caught the ear of fabled underground Cumbia producer Juan Hundred, who left his home on a Caribbean island to join the band on drums.

            With each band member of varying heritage, the group draws inspiration from diverse genres: primarily Afro-Colombian styles such as champeta, palenque, cumbia and the pic soundsystem culture, as well as the Afro-Disco and No-Wave scenes in their current base of Amsterdam. The city’s hotbed of underground producers has also brought an electronic edge to the band, with vintage drum machines and synthesizers effortlessly melding with Afro-Latin rhythms and slick guitar riffs to create a contemporary sound rich with cultural influence.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Millie says: The Mauskovic Dance Band providing all the tropical disco grooves, bright and zesty this is the exact sort of twelve inch to get the Summer vibes in full swing. Take a listen and float to a faraway island of your choice, ahhhhh.

            Basement 5

            1965-1980 / In Dub

              The long forgotten yet seminal work of Basement 5 on CD for the first time in years. The CD includes both ‘1965 - 1980’ and ‘In Dub’, with rare and unseen images and quotes. The albums were produced by sonic alchemist Martin Hannett. ‘In Dub’ is the companion piece to the classic ‘1965 - 1980’.

              Partly formed out of the Art Department of London's Island Records HQ in 1978, Basement 5 were an innovative and highly original black post punk group who created a kind of politically charged, futurist dub. Their lyrics were an attempt to reflect the situation of young people in Britain in the era of Thatcherism, high unemployment, strikes, racism and working class poverty. The seething resentment, dub noise and sheet metal riffage was welded into a mighty sound by Hannett that stands the test of time.

              In an unparalleled age of crate digging and reissue programs, Basement 5 is one of the few remaining great untold stories of its time. CD out of print for 20 years.

              “You have to play it very loud to enjoy it fully. It was the most difficult production, I must say, the heaviest. It was eighteen degrees in the shade, the end of August. As I recall it has been the most physical album that I’ve ever done. Made me feel like I’d been carrying bricks around. Heavy work. Putting the bass lines in the right place. But it was good.” - Martin Hannett, 1981

              CD also includes 12 page booklet featuring rare and unseen images.

              Lush Rimbaud

              Action From The Basement

                Great new album from this Italian four piece who dash out a noise rock akin to Brainiac, Fugazi, the Pixies and possibly worship at the altar of Touch And Go Records circa 93-95, but that's no bad thing, in fact it's a fresh take on the noise rock staple, more dimension added to the power, there's a disjointed pop that filters through the well orchestrated mush of melody, jangle and hi speed rock and roll.

                The Penetrators

                Basement Anthology 1976-84

                  The Penetrators' "Basement Anthology" chronicles this criminally overlooked bands recordings from 1976-1982. Their sound was firmly rooted in the tradition of the rebellious rock'n'roll of the 60s and branded with generous amounts of the attitude and style that marked the first wave of American punk bands. "Basement Anthology" is a time machine back into an age that chronologically is not that long ago but culturally is beyond reach. In a time when eyeliner and synthesizers were listed as ground breaking musical influences the Penetrators upstate isolation bred a band worthy to hold the torch of garage blasting during what was then considered dark times. Two unreleased videos from 1982 of "Shopping Bag" and "Teenage Lifestyle" complete this retrospective. None of the material on "Basement Anthology" has ever been released on CD before.

                  Basement Jaxx

                  The Singles

                    Six years, three top five albums, numerous stellar collaborations, countless globetrotting technicolour punk carnival live appearances – now, on CD, XL bring us Basement Jaxx: "The Singles". Spanning everything from the proto punk garage of early hit "Flylife" to the Motown monster that is "Good Luck", taking in worldwide smashes like "Red Alert", "Where's Your Head At", "Rendez Vu" and "Romeo". Where most greatest hits albums fall down at least once there can be no argument that this collection delivers the bangers and nothing but.

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