Minus One (Re Issue)

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A Recordings

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The KVB is the audio/visual project of London youngsters Nicholas Wood & Kat Day, who combine reverb heavy wall of sound guitars, minimal haunting strings and grinding bass synths, messed up motorik drum machine beats and delay drenched vocals with a backdrop of imagery to accompany the symphony, that’s nothing short of life affirming. the KVB's music evokes the ominous chill of abandoned factories; burning wreckage on the post-industrial wasteground just outside of the city; a conflation of romantic betrayal and socioeconomic collapse; end times, and bad things waiting on the periphery, but the kind of bad things that many of us are unerringly drawn to.


1. Again & Again 
2. Something Inside
3. Passing By 
4. Live Or Die
5. Endless
6. Dominance / Submission 
7. Kill The Lights 
8. Radiant Hour

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