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Under The Influence Vol. 4 - Compiled By Nick The Record

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Z Records

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Z Records tap Nick The Record for their fourth volume of the 'Under The Influence' series. Packed to the brim with disco, boogie, electro-funk and tropical gems, it's another essential offering from Z.

"My whole life has revolved around records. I was buying hip hop and house in the 80s as it was released and I got heavily into tracing the steps back through breaks and sample sources that were used in hip hop records. I also joined the dots between disco and modern club and house music and spread my music explorations from rare groove to rare disco. There were very few people interested in this vein of music history at the time and even fewer as obsessed as me so when the reemergence of disco exploded I was well ahead of the curve, not only in collecting but historical knowledge. The best thing about record collecting is it never ends and after 35 years of buying, after 25 years of selling and playing records there is still old stuff to discover and new releases to endeavour to keep up with. So as something of an expert in all things disco I get quite a few offers to release compilations but as a record obsessive my natural hoarding mentality makes me cautious to give up the goods. I feel this 'Under The Influence' series offers the chance to put together a more personal comp, which reflects the many different flavours of my taste and my collection and gives you a feel of my DJ style at the same time." - Nick The Record


01. Boogsie - Can't You See Me
02. The Family Tree - 150th Psalm
03. Proton Plus - Pay Up (Remixed Rhythm Track)
04. Jean Adebambo - Say That You Love Me (DJ Nick The Record Re-edit)
05. Bill Campbell - Boogie All Night
06. Katunga - Palo Bonito (DJ Nick The Record Re-edit)
07. Wild Fire - Try Making Love
08. MC And His Great Googa-Moogas - Keep Your Shoes On! (Stuck In The Groove) (DJ Nick The Record Concise Edit)
09. MC Roscoe - Feel The Beat (Instrumental) (DJ Nick The Record Minor Tweek Edit)
10. Leston Paul - What A Surprise

CD 2
01. Sugar & Spice - The Beast (Instrumental)
02. Santth - Do You Want Me Baby, Like I Want You Re-united Re-Edit)
03. KL Hamilton - I'm Trying
04. Skye - Ain't No Need (DJ Nick The Record Part 1 & 2)
05. Betty & Beverly Prudhomme - Tut Tut Twins (DJ Nick The Record Re-edit)
06. Shelbra Deane - You Move Me
07. Ronnie Jones - Video Games
08. Charlie Mike Sierra - On The Moon
09. Victor Vick – Rescue
10. State Of Grace - Touching The Times (Instrumental)
11. Blackway & Helene - Music For Us (Instrumental)

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