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The Hologram People

Sacred Ritual To Unlock The Mountain Portal

    The Hologram People are duo Jonathan Parkes (AKA Dreamlord, guitar/ bass/ synth/ organ/ drums/ percussion) and Dom Keen (AKA Kosmische, guitar/ bass/ synth/ keys/ organ) who have combined to create an album that seems designed to take you on a cosmic journey in a smooth and somewhat dreamlike manner. By that I mean that there are no real sharp edges to this album, which is essentially an ergonomically designed sonic vessel which allows you to sit back and just let go… listen to this album and you can forget whatever shit is going on around you and just escape through your preferred wormhole into your own inner or outer space. Comprising many psychedelic elements The Hologram People know exactly what they are doing here by weaving these together in a way that you don’t see the joint between the space rock, bucolic English psych/ folk, kraut/ kosmische, ambient (and more) aspects to their work meaning that you can take the album on either a surfacial or deep level dependent on you mood or circumstance… and in this sense it is both immediate and more revealing as you explore it further.



    1. Sacred Ritual To Unlock The Mountain Portal 03:19
    2. Pray To The Maypole Witch 02:59
    3. Lord Shiva's Mother Ship 11:00
    4. A Seventies Void 02:30
    5. Etoile Voyageuse 03:29
    6. Sun Breaks On Saturn's Return 03:36
    7. Planet Sahara 03:21
    8. Deep Into The Cosmic Ocean 02:28

    Requiem & Simon McCorry

    Joy; Division

      Requiem & Simon McCorry bring the sort of celestial ambiance and seismic, shifting drone that wouldn't be out of place on a Tim Hecker or Loscil LP, but lightened with a deftly administered stream of modern-classical melody. 

      'Ruling ; Class' starts things off perfectly, growing from a wistful cinematic swell, rich with synthy glimmer before slowly twisting into a mournful echoic juxtaposition of hopeful string swells and solemn beleaguered pads.

      'Public ; Domain'  gets a little more intense, with the higher frequency content coming to the fore, both intimidatingly full-sounding and all-encompassing. there are few points in it's 9+ minutes of let-up but it's as beautiful and effecting as it is monolithic. 

      After the growing intensity of the first couple pieces, it's the perfectly matched duo of NIN-indebted ambience of 'Pain ; Management;' and the lysergic mystery of 'Pink ; Noise' that really set this album apart, providing a perfect avant-classical context to the seismic shifts that come before, finishing on the elegiac beauty of 'Subtractive ; Synthasis', beautifully bookending the experience with a deftly accomplished, oddly comforting closer. 

      Joy ; Division is an enduringly wonderful listen, and a stunningly accomplished work of neo-classical drone. 


      1. Ruling; Class 11:05
      2. Public; Domain 09:19 Video
      3. Pain; Management 07:37
      4. Pink; Noise 07:06
      5. Subtractive; Synthasis 11:03

      Quiet Clapping

      The Abbey Of The Black Hag

        Irish witches and haunted places have always fascinated me. I wanted to create a project that evoked a strong sense of history, sadness and something that also had a sense of danger within the confines of somewhat static music. Using turntables, dubplates, guitars, organs and a cello, I wanted to make something that sounded both clear and hazy, warm and cold, new and old.

        It started with recording each sample individually, and then stitching them together, overdubbing parts and making the composition flow. There is a dichotomy within the sounds but the overarching purpose of these compositions is evoke some sort of feeling or connection to our eldritch history...and perhaps to ward off the Bean Sí.


        1. Cailleach 18:50
        2. An Gaorthadh 19:46
        3. The Ballad Of Bridget Cleary 20:20 Video



          New CD edition of January's quickly sold-out cassette 'Vignettes'. Includes bonus track not on original release. 

          “Hazy summer montages, worn film and distant fuzzy rock radio. Festivals staring at shifting clouds, green grass tickling your neck…” So says Barry “Apta” Smethurst of the feel he was aiming to capture on this superlative collection of instrumentals. Based in Manchester, he cites Sigur Ros and Boards of Canada as influences, but the album has more in common with the sense of pastoral stillness evoked so perfectly by Brian Eno on the blissful second side of Before And After Science.

          It shimmers. It soothes. It is an idle sunny afternoon of a record, steeped in restless daydreams of hovering dragonflies and slow-moving water. ‘12v’ is the most Eno-esque, a delicate dance of puckish guitar and electric piano slowly subsumed by the ebb of modular synths. ‘Spark’ is five minutes of impudent pizzacato that launches into the softest of beats, and closer ‘The Inward Eye’ is a gentle awakening with a smile a mile wide. Beautiful. - Bob Fischer, Electronic sound 


          Matt says: Beginning with the pure celestial tones of "Breeze", you could be mistaken to think Apta had taken a turn towards Iasos' deep sound spirituality. For his ever growing fanbase - those Tamagotchi utopias are still shining ever present in crystalline hi-def. But there IS a sense of something greater here; a practice and methodology akin to meditation; everything is thought out, programmed, and done for reason. By getting deeper inside his circuits Apta seems to be eking out a new cosmic consciousness, almost preparing us for the metaverse before we inhabit it. Incredible.


          1. Breeze 01:41
          2. The First Sight 03:22
          3. 12v 05:14
          4. Try, Try 03:29
          5. Segue 02:16
          6. Equinox 04:41
          7. Spark 05:22
          8. Name3674982 04:39
          9. We Watch The Horizon Fade 06:48
          10. The Inward Eye 03:55
          11. Drive (bonus - Download/CD Only) 04:49 

          Various Artists

          Undulating Waters 7

            When I left Woodford Halse twenty years ago, I did so without rancour, but also entirely without regret. It wasn’t the sort of place anyone lived in. It lacked scope, space, possibility. It was to the world what a model village is to a real city: small, staged, sterile - a facsimile of life. I hadn’t meant the break to be so definitive. Caught up in my own life and self-importance, I hadn’t been back more than three times in twenty years, never in the last decade. I kept in touch with my parents, of course, calling them once a week and occasionally meeting them at some equi-distant pub / restaurant for a mixed grill or Sunday Roast. It was a sad state of affairs. They deserved more. Perhaps this could be a turning point?

            At last, I came to my family home, the place I was raised, nurtured. I would be safe here. I put my hand on the familiar yellow gate.

            I didn’t even hear the retort of the rifle until the bullet hit me, slamming into my right shoulder like an angry bee. Dad was clearly home.

            Paul Bareham

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: A superb collection of ghostly ambient, simmering electronica and soaring synth bliss on the ever reliable Woodford Halse, including stunning tracks from a veritable who's who of the scene. Superb.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Listening Center - The Slip At Low Tide 06:03 Video
            2. Keith Seatman - The Odd Admin Sub Committee 02:41
            3. Letters From Mouse - Kauila 04:21 Video
            4. Jacken Elswyth - Sing Herring, Sing Tail, Sing Ship, Sing Sail 04:51
            5. Giants Of Discovery - The Gradual Instant 04:27
            6. Polyhymns - What You Believe 04:26
            7. Lo Five - Depths You Will Never Fathom 06:37
            8. Rupert Lally - The Undertow 04:11
            9. David Colohan - Reedbeds Of The Reserve 03:27
            10. Arboria - Memory Bells 03:34
            11. Ffion - Various Skies 04:47
            12. The Home Current - Heaven Above Private 03:59
            13. Pigeon Postal Service - The Pier Is Closed 03:57
            14. Prana Crafter And Windkraft - Twitch And Drone 03:16
            15. Floodlights - Domestic Constellation 05:14

            Various Artists

            Undulating Waters 6

              Suddenly aware, I became afraid. My surroundings became oppressive, dangerous. Streetlights glared down at me; crossings dared me to try my luck; a telephone box shook unendingly with the clanging bell of a call I dared not answer. I felt that I could not place my feet down too heavily or too permanently, somehow anxious that a snaking tendril might encircle my ankle, or the very concrete of the pathway open and snap around my boot like an animal trap. As I skipped nervously across the various graduated surfaces of what was once my domain, I must have looked like a demented Astronaut, or a Water Boatman in the last few frenetic days of its busy year of life.

              Hector, my companion and leading light, perhaps embarrassed by my uncoordinated perambulations, had disappeared. So much for canine loyalty.

              Without a guide, and increasingly apprehensive, I decided to head for the one place in Woodford Halse that might ostensibly provide me with some comfort, some quietus, perhaps, even, a cup of tea: my parents house, my house - Home.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says: Another superb collection from Woodford Halse. this time unfortunately sullied with my own track, Meniscus. Both these collections are stunning examples of the breadth of styles embraced by the musicians in this arena, and this one is probably my favourite of the two DESPITE my inclusion. Superb collection.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Korb - Lifeforce 05:57 Video
              2. Salvatore Mercatante - Pulpo 04:10
              3. Nilson - A Foggy Night Onboard 04:22
              4. Personal Bandana - Silicon Island 04:18
              5. Apta - Meniscus 05:23
              6. Ryan James Mawbey With Jonathan Hill - Complete Surrender 1 04:00
              7. Sairie - Sylvie 03:49
              8. Aural Design - Concentric Waves 03:38
              9. Camp Of Wolves - Percy Waves From The Dock 04:48 Video
              10. Luzon Valley Fearless - Columbia 05:57
              11. Xylitol - Insignificance 04:50
              12. Bernard Grancher - Je Ne Saurais Pas Quoi Faire D'un Tel Regard 04:53
              13. Holy Ghost People Featuring Adam Stone - Chemical Works 06:16
              14. Angeline Morrison - Abode Of Spirits 04:12
              15.  Quiet Clapping - The Depths 06:02

              Ryan James Mawbey

              Slow Wave Of Long Comfort

                Slow Wave of Long Comfort was co-produced by Matthew Redfern at Sunny Side Sound Studio in Burton Upon Trent, in between stretches of isolation in 2020.

                Mastered by Chesney.

                Matthew Redfern appears on all pieces, contributing various synthesisers and tape delay manipulations. Jonny Hill appears on all pieces adding guitar, clarinet and voice.

                Overwhelming love to Ami and Lucas.

                Thank you to Matthew for his patience and generosity, to Jonny for his continuous support and to Woodford Halse for their confidence.

                Dedicated to our dear friend Miles Cooper Seaton. I still think of you being out there.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: Part tribal folk, driven ambient and soaring, ritualistic drone, 'Slow Wave..' is a wonderfully effective statement and a wildly evocative, moving listen. Absolutely packed with twists and turns and every bit the exciting prospect from a great artist on an enduringly wonderful label.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Still 13:15
                2. Other Light 06:44
                3. Inner Light 06:12
                4. Golden Spear 08:22
                5. Meet Me Here 05:04

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