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Choir Of Echoes

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Peggy Sue are far from your average post-folk band; they carefully craft together beautiful harmonies that glide over a sea of delicate guitars and piercing drums to create a coming together of sounds whose power is unlike any other. The songs possess an immense intricacy in their layers and details ensuring the listeners respond to their cinematic quality.

In their own words, “‘Choir Of Echoes’ is an album about singing. About losing your voice and finding it again. Voices keeping each other company and voices competing for space. The call and response of the kindest and the cruelest words. Choruses. Duets. Whispers and shouts.”

This, the band’s third album for Wichita Recordings, was recorded by Jimmy Robertson (the man who made the ‘Peggy Sue Play The Songs Of Scorpio Rising’ collection), and mixed by John Askew (who also worked with the band on their debut full length, ‘Fossils And Other Phantoms’).


(Come Back Around)
Figure Of Eight
Always Going
Just The Night
How Heavy The Quiet That Grew Between Your Mouth And Mine
Electric Light
Longest Day Of The Year Blues
And Always Is
Two Shots
The Errors Of Your Ways

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