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Originally released on Firstcask Records 2006, played by Aphex Twin at Field Day 2023. Ceephax essential oils, reintroduced into the water table.

Braindance, fifth gear electro, Cornish acid and distorted box jams, all humming with high voltage electricity and tons of anarchistic spirit. Squarepusher's little brother certainly knew how to make a rachet! 

RIYL: RX-101, Roy Of The Ravers, Paranoid London, AFX, Luke Vibert etc etc.


01 Acid Highway
02 Red Dx Acid Extra Bd Shorter
03 Acid Whorl
04 Acid Causeway 1
05 Tough Grugoy Acid
06 Acid Surf Dream
07 Woodlice Acid

The Future Sound Of London

By Any Other Name

    A collection of unreleased tracks from the early 90's "Jumpin' & Pumpin'" era, when FSOL hid behind various guises. Generally revolving around bleep, hardcore and ambient house; three, then-recently-established genres that FSOL would explore and develop on throughout the extensive discography. A lot of these tracks have been out of print and quite sought after for many years, making this anthology quite a special releases for fans of Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans' boundary-pushing project. 


    01. Sightings
    02. 1st Calling
    03. Across The Rivers
    04. Great Danger
    05. Corridor Lm3
    06. Shes So Automatic
    07. Keep Walking
    08. In A Cage
    09. Under The Rock
    10. Visual Attack
    11. You Might
    12. Garden Bridge
    13. We Bring It
    14. Kremlin Taped
    15 .travellers
    16 .just Look
    17. 831am

    Amazing new LP from RTR on WeMe.

    Braindance, high speed electro, Cornish / AFX-acid, Luke Vibert-y breaks n bass, Ed DMX styled boogie, RX-101-esque soundscapes - high grade bOx jAMz for the freaks! 

    Limited copies. Move quick! 


    01 728
    02 Unamed
    03 Xtra3333
    04 Sigle
    06 Ned
    07 Rt2
    08 Breakth
    09 Retork
    10 Funkrock
    11 Flying Saucer
    12 Divag

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