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Painting Of My Time

    Melbourne band, Floodlights release their second album Painting Of My Time physically in the UK on July 28th after an initial digital release on April 21.

    Painting of My Time encapsulates the sonic and personal progression of the group, masterfully showcasing the signature, evocative lyricism that the band is known for. It’s a journey of observations, reshaping views and identity, elaborating on themes of personal turbulence, self-exploration, and the Australian landscape as a form of escapism.

    In the spring of 2021, Floodlights brought to life their second full-length release, Painting of My Time. A project recorded live on a 24 track tape machine over three days by Nao Anzai at Soundpark Studios in Melbourne. The resulting ten tracks were sent to London to be mixed by the acclaimed sound engineer, Andrew Savours (Black Country New Road, Arctic Monkeys, My Bloody Valentine), before returning home to Melbourne to be mastered by Joe Carra (Amyl & The Sniffers, King Gizzard).

    Painting of My Time marks a natural departure and arrival. An evolution as a group, and as individuals, fuelled by life’s singular and shared experience. A response to questions asked over time, written down, and yelled with the conviction of honesty. 


    1. Moment Of Distraction
    2. Lessons Learnt
    3. Human
    4. On The Television
    5. Something Blue
    6. Painting Of My Time
    7. Things You Do
    8. Colours
    9. Ramblings Of A Passenger
    10. Wide Open Land

    Gaz Coombes

    Turn The Tracks Around (RSD23 EDITION)


      Exclusive acoustic re-recording of 4-tracks from the album ‘Turn The Car Around’ for RSD 2023 – Orange coloured vinyl, 45RPM. Exclusive artwork.


      A1. Overnight Trains (Wurlitzer Version)
      A2. Don’t Say It’s Over (Studio Outtake)
      B1. Long Live The Strange (Acoustic Version)
      B2. Turn The Car Around (Studio Outtake)

      Gaz Coombes

      Turn The Car Around

        ‘Turn The Car Around’ is a record that I’ve been building up to for the last seven years,” says Coombes. It’s a record of feeling, an album that captures the ups and downs of modern life and all the small print in between. Written and recorded by Coombes in his gloriously ramshackle Oxfordshire outhouse Studio, he has emerged with the best work of his illustrious career. It’s an album that both taps into the sonic palettes and lyrical themes of its predecessors and marks the third and final part of a trilogy of records alongside 2015’s Mercury and Ivor Novello nominated sophomore album Matador and 2018’s World’s Strongest Man. At the same time it carves a bold new way forward for one of the UK’s most gifted and cherished singer-songwriters. “There’s a lot of subject matter in there that I’ve played with and maybe not managed to see through in the past. I’ve evolved and I feel like I’ve got better at what I do”.

        ‘Turn The Car Around’ features additional instrumentation from members of Gaz’s live band, Garo Nahoulakian, Nick Fowler and Piney Gir. The album also sees Coombes reuniting with his live band’s vocal trio ‘The Roxys’ (a nickname given to them by Nile Rodgers when they shared the bill at a Later with Jools show) to create a rich and nuanced sonic tapestry. Cameo performances appear courtesy of Willie J Healey and Ride’s Loz Colbert, and Coombes shares co-production duties with long-term collaborator Ian Davenport.

        As he celebrates 10 years of his lauded solo career since the release of his debut ‘Here Come the Bombs’, and riding a crest of the Supergrass reunion, the announcement of ‘Turn The Car Around’ solidifies Coombes status as one of the UK’s most interesting, enduring and effortlessly classy artists.


        Laura says: I'm really loving this album at the moment. It feels like his previous solo albums have been building up to this and he's absolutely nailed it. An album about coming to terms with modern life with all it's ups and downs, it feels deeply personal but at the same time tapping into a lot of peoples hopes and fears. Stylistically it covers a lot of ground, from the soulful "Don't Say It's Over", the glammy stomp of "Long Live The Strange", the gentle guitar strum of "Not The Only Things" and the Bowie-esque "Dance On".


        1. Overnight Trains
        2. Don’t Say It’s Over
        3. Feel Loop (Lizard Dream)
        4. Long Live The Strange
        5. Not The Only Things
        6. Turn The Car Around
        7. This Love
        8. Sonny The Strong
        9. Dance On

        Gaz Coombes

        World's Strongest Man - 2023 Reissue

          World’s Strongest Man is the magnificent third solo album by Gaz Coombes. Inspired variously by Grayson Perry’s the Descent of Man, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, Californian weed, British woodlands, unchecked masculinity, Neu! and hip hop (and a whole lot more besides), it’s a truly remarkable collection of eleven deeply personal songs each set to expansive, addictive melody. From the deep soul purge of the title track’ to the coruscating Fripp-goes-motorik sprint of Deep Pockets via the gorgeous cyclonic ballad Slow Motion Life and Vanishing Act’s raw-as-hell stream of consciousness panic attack, World’s Strongest Man is a bold, ambitious, free-thinking, future-facing rock‘n’roll record.

          World’s Strongest Man is the follow up to 2015’s Matador – a record pretty much conceived, recorded and mixed in the studio equivalent of solitary confinement. Following its release, Gaz evolved from ‘the former Supergrass frontman’ to hugely respected Mercury nominated solo artist in the space of just ten months. That album spawned five singles and was described by Q as “his masterpiece”. Like Matador, World’s Strongest Man was written, recorded and produced by Gaz Coombes at his home studio and at Oxford’s Courtyard Studios (with co-production from long time studio partner Ian Davenport in a working process Gaz compares to what it must be like “editing a novel”).


          Side 1
          1. World’s Strongest Man
          2. Deep Pockets
          3. Walk The Walk
          4. Shit (I’ve Done It Again)
          5. Slow Motion Life
          6. Wounded Egos
          Side 2
          1. Oxygen Mask
          2. In Waves
          3. The Oaks
          4. Vanishing Act
          5. Weird Dreams

          Gaz Coombes

          Matador - 2023 Reissue

            A sense of space permeates every second of Matador’s thirty-nine minutes. From the astral gorgeousness of ‘The Girl Who Fell To Earth’ to the dream-like cadences of ‘Oscillate’, it’s the sound of a songwriter melting musical boundaries like snow; merging elements of Neu!, Disney musicals, Swedish psychedelicists Goat, Gyorgy Ligeti and Eno in a glacial soundscape as ambitious as it is beautiful. The result is an album in the classic sense. Matador is the sound of one of Britain’s greatest songwriters facing the future with a flourish.

            Gaz Coombes’ second solo album – Matador - is due for release on January 26th 2015. The self-produced follow up to 2012’s Here Come The Bombs was recorded in Gaz’s home studio and Courtyard Studios in Oxfordshire. Everything on the record was played by Gaz (except drums on four tracks by Loz Colbert, synths on ‘Buffalo’ by Charly Coombes; backing vocals across the record come from Beverlei Brown and Faith Simpson). The album features the 2013 single ‘Buffalo’.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Buffalo
            2. 20/20
            3. The English Ruse
            4. The Girl Who Fell To Earth
            5. Detroit
            6. Needle’s Eye
            7. Seven Walls
            8. Oscillate
            9. To The Wire
            10. Is It On?
            11. Matador


            This Is What We Do

            The first album in 7 years from seminal electronic music pioneers and twice Mercury Prize nominated, Leftfield. Currently reaching a new audience through Idris Elba’s Gucci ad, this will be their 4th album in their 28 year history. The new single will be featured in the soon to launched eFootball by Konami (previously PES).

            Originally comprised of Neil Barnes and Paul Daley, Leftfield have been at the cutting edge of dance music since the 1990s, releasing albums that have become some of the most influential electronic records of all time around the world with their debut LP 'Leftism' being widely regarded as one of the most boundary-pushing electronic LPs ever released.

            In 2010, Neil Barnes reignited the Leftfield name, and went on to release an acclaimed new album ('Alternative Light Source') touring the world with a full live band. Neil has also been cementing his reputation as a top-tier DJ and record collector unleashing modern dancefloor weapons, selling out venues, headlining festivals and creating some amazing nights with his sets.

            "This Is What We Do" is a quintessential Leftfield experience which finds Barnes executing his alchemy at an even purer distillation. Like previous outings, and mimicking what The Chemical Brothers also do really well; it features guest collaborations with acclaimed talents outside of the immediate club arena. Namely Fontaines DC lead man Grian Chatten on "Full Way Round", poet Lemn Sissay on "Making A Difference" and a return of old friend Earl Sixteen (from 'Leftism's' "Release The Pressure"!!!) on "Rapture 16". Confidently striding the very soundscapes Neil and Paul plotted throughout the 90s and 00s, it references nobody but themselves, an assured long player of vast proportions and a high watermark from this treasured UK act. Recommended!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Legendary electronic stalwart(s) Leftfield return, trimming down the full-time members to Neil Barnes only, but maximising the sound into a wonderfully widescreen distillation of everything that drew us to them in the first place. Grizzly percussion and soaring harmonic highs, shimmering synths and hypnotic grooves. Ace.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. This Is What We Do
            2. Full Way Round
            3. Making A Difference
            4. City Of Synths
            5. Pulse
            6. Machines Like Me
            7. Rapture 16
            8. Heart And Soul
            9. Accumulator
            10. Let’s Have It
            11. The Power Of Listening

            Mr Jukes & Barney Artist

            Eternal EP

              Mr Jukes is the solo moniker of Bombay Bicycle Club frontman Jack Steadman, who released his first solo album, God First, in 2017. The album featured contributions from legends such as Charles Bradley, De La Soul and Horace Andy, alongside a collaboration with Barney Artist, who Jack had quite simply stumbled upon on a Spotify playlist and never forgotten. The track was a standout and planted the seed for The Locket, a full length Jukes & Barney collaborative project released in 2021.

              Barney’s music takes the vibrance of jazz infused hip-hop but with a London feel. Growing up in Forest Gate, East London, Barney balances conscious themes with old school grooves to create something instantly likeable, like the artist. He’s a larger than life presence, fun to be around and a searing, peerless talent too. A collaborator by nature, Barney grew up around Tiana Major9 and Jay Prince and has made music with Tom Misch, Loyle Carner, Alfa Mist and Jordan Rakei. 

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A:
              1. Eternal
              2. Air To Your Hidden Long
              Side B:
              3. 93
              4. Run Away
              5. Sacred Symphony 

              Max Pope

              Counting Sheep

                "The album charts my journey from teenage to adulthood in a world where I have lost my way as often as I have found it. Many of the songs explore cracks in the veneer of people I’ve met. I ask what lies behind the mask and have I got the courage to lift my own."

                Max’s first album, Counting Sheep, due for release this spring has been produced by JD. Reid, “In a way, working with Jordan has been quite an unusual pairing - a beautiful combination of different musical worlds. We share a passion for similar chords and musical sounds. I think our ears work in similar ways, it’s a truly magical thing”.

                “There are various themes that run through the record. For example, the subject of change; my desire for it and the process of acceptance. Overall, this album is a reflection on my life experiences so far. Each song captures a moment that has given me some clarity. The act of putting these things across in song form allows me to move forwards. Music brings me freedom”

                Born in Crystal Palace in 1995, Max moved to Brighton aged five and following his parents’ separation much of his youth was spent travelling between his parent’s homes on the coast and his nan in South East London.

                A constant in his world of uncertainty was music. In part, this was thanks to his music obsessive father, who would expose him to an abundance of genres whenever he visited. Max soon developed an insatiable musical appetite of his own. The urgent poetry of Gil Scott-Heron resonated, as did Nick Drake’s intricate folk and the Beatles’ pristine pop. Bill Withers, Graham Coxon, Donny Hathaway and Jimi Hendrix also hit home. Max’s musical church has always been startlingly broad, counting funk, bossa nova, blues, jazz and rock and roll amongst its number and explains why many of these styles surface in his own material.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. No Love (Mr Shady)
                2. Counting Sheep
                3. Will You Ever Be As Good As You Think You Are?
                4. The Wind Calls My Name
                5. Muddy Waters
                6. Not Doing What I Was Told
                7. Butterfly
                8. Better Late Than Never
                9. The Water


                Kauai (RSD22 EDITION)


                  Making R&B neo-soul and sitting amongst Britainís world beating alternative black music scene Chrissi is a bright new talent in pop, combining the witty and emotive lyricism of Winehouse, with the avant-garde production style of Solange and the cultural potency of Jorja Smith. With a voice designed to reveal meaningful tales, Chrissiís debut EP "Back In The Day" is a kaleidoscopic exploration of the pleasures and pains of modern love which Chrissi wishes to share with the world. Where some might wallow in their emotional scars, Chrissi is content to take power in self-examination and the regenerative bliss following heartbreak, inhabiting a narrative where womenís voices are dominant. 1x 10" black vinyl.


                  Live And Rare

                    On January 27th, 1990, Helmet entered the stage of New York’s equally famous and infamous CBGB’s. What followed was an explosive live show, set during the earliest days of the band’s career. Getting ready to release their debut album “Strap It On” in March that year, Helmet propelled themselves through a staccato-heavy set of tracks that would soon earn them worldwide acclaim in the Punk scene.

                    The first side of this brand-new live album features the CBGB’s set for the first time ever on vinyl and CD, while the second half contains an equally energetic performance, recorded in 1993 at the Big Day Out Festival in Melbourne, Australia. With tracks such as ‘Ironhead’, ‘Better’ and ‘In the Meantime’, the setlist strikes a perfect balance between the band’s hits and hidden gems from their early years. “Live and Rare” is available on 1LP 180g Vinyl as well as a CD Digipak Edition for the first time ever via earMUSIC.

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