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Lauran Hibberd

Garageband Superstar

    Isle Of Wight’s resident slacker pop queen. Lauran Hibberd’s rise towards the forefront of the emerging indie elite shows no signs of slowing, with her charismatic, tongue-in-cheek songwriting already attracting widespread press attention (The Guardian, NME, The Line Of Best Fit, Dork, DIY, Billboard, NYLON, Clash, Gigwise, Upset), and significant praise across BBC Radio 1 airwaves (Clara Amfo, Jack Saunders, Jordan North). With her eagerly anticipated debut album on the way later this year, and tour dates galore lined up, the indie sensation is primed for a thrilling twelve months.


    1. Rollercoaster
    2. Still Running (5K)
    3. Step Mum
    4. Average Joe
    5. Hot Boys
    6. That Was A Joke
    7. Get Some
    8. Garageband Superstar
    9. Hole In The Head
    10. I'm Insecure
    11. Slimming Down
    12. Last Song Ever

    Co-produced by Alan Moulder (The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Smashing Pumpkins), ‘Different Creatures’ is the grittier, ‘night time’ counterpart to the breezy summer vibes of its Top 10 predecessor ‘Young Chasers’, exuding a newfound swagger. Shaped by Kieran’s perceptive songwriting ability to reflect his disenchantment with the changes he sees in the world, ‘Different Creatures’ showcases a louder and more vital band, nudging their sonic palette into a territory shared with rock heavyweights such as Arctic Monkeys and Queens Of The Stone Age.


    Barry says: As anthemic as soaring skate-punk but formed with a deft appreciation for the importance of variety and excitement, 'Different Creatures' segues skillfully between the fist-pumping highs of a good chorus and the nuanced construction required to bring disparate elements together into an engrossing but accessible whole.

    2016 is Blossoms’ year. Catapulted into the musical subconscious in January, listed fourth in the BBC Soundpoll as well as almost every other ‘ones to watch’ list - Blossoms have been carefully carving out their position in the canon of Great British Rock’n’Roll ever since.

    The band have earned rave critical comparisons to everyone from Arctic Monkeys to Depeche Mode to The Doors, shapeshifting between psychedelia, synth-pop and powerhouse indie, a mercurial sound at once familiar and unique. 


    1. Charlemagne
    2. At Most A Kiss
    3. Getaway
    4. Honey Sweet
    5. Onto Her Bed
    6. Texia
    7. Blown Rose
    8. Smashed Pianos
    9. Cut Me And I'll Bleed
    10. My Favourite Room
    11. Blow
    12. Deep Grass

    Elton John

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 40th Anniversary Edition

      Originally released at the end of 1973, the double album ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ was the crowning moment of an upward trajectory that had marked the unstoppable rise of Elton John - from the first hit ‘Your Song’ through a sequence of increasingly confident artistic and commercial successes. Following the chart-topping album ‘Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player’ from earlier in 1973, the stage was well and truly set for a new album and it would be one that simply exploded globally and would go on to sell in excess of 31 million copies worldwide.

      - 2014 remaster by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering from the original analogue tapes.
      - Mastered for vinyl by Doug Sax & Robert Hadley at the Mastering Lab, Inc, Ouja, CA
      - 180g audiophile quality double vinyl pressing
      - Triptych fold-out sleeve

      'Nearly a year since their rapturous home demo 'Trust Me… I'm A Genius' started pricking the ears of tastemakers and industry alike, The Family Rain are pleased to announce details of their debut album, Under The Volcano, recorded over four weeks at Berlin's famed Hansa Studios with Jim Abbiss (Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys). It's ten tracks of primal rock ‘n roll. From barnstorming singles such as the track 'Feel Better (Frank)', the crunching 'Reason To Die', and high octane belter 'Pushing It' - which led the band's first EP earlier this year - the noise and intensity of this record could only be produced by three brothers who know each other inside out. Nagging melodies combine with heavy, metallic riffs to produce a searing rock record of intelligence and wit. The Family Rain have spent the past 12 months relentlessly touring the UK and Europe, winning over legions of new fans wherever they play. An firm favourite at Reading and Leeds Festival this year, the band recently wrapped up an extensive UK tour with Miles Kane and went on tour with Jake Bugg. "Three bearded brothers playing blues-infused rock, it's no wonder the comparisons with the Kings Of Leon are coming thick and fast." BBC Introducing.


      1. Carnival
      2. Trust Me... I'm A Genius
      3. Feel Better (FRANK)
      4. Don't Waste Your Time On Me
      5. Reason To Die
      6. Binocular
      7. On My Back
      8. Pushing It
      9. Together
      10. All The Best

      Massive Attack

      Mezzanine - 180g Vinyl Edition

      Massive Attack finally returned in 1998 with 'Mezzanine', a record immediately announcing not only that the group was back, but that they'd recorded a set of songs just as singular and revelatory as on their debut, almost a decade back. It all begins with a stunning one-two-three-four punch: "Angel," "Risingson," "Teardrop," and "Inertia Creeps." Augmenting their samples and keyboards with a studio band, Massive Attack open with "Angel," a stark production featuring pointed beats and a distorted bassline that frames the vocal (by group regular Horace Andy) and a two-minute flame-out with raging guitars. "Risingson" is a dense, dark feature for Massive Attack themselves (on production as well as vocals), with a kitchen sink's worth of dubby effects and reverb. "Teardrop" introduces another genius collaboration - with Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins - from a production unit with a knack for recruiting gifted performers. The blend of earthy with ethereal shouldn't work at all, but Massive Attack pull it off in fine fashion. "Inertia Creeps" could well be the highlight, another feature for just the core threesome. With eerie atmospherics, fuzz-tone guitars, and a wealth of effects, the song could well be the best production from the best team of producers the electronic world had ever seen.


      1. Angel 6:20
      2. Rising Son 4:59
      3. Teardrop 5:28
      4. Inertia Creeps 5:57
      5. Exchange 4:11
      6. Dissolved Girl 6:07
      7. Man Next Door 5:56
      8. Black Milk 6:22
      9. Mezzanine 5:57
      10. Group Four 8:12
      11. (Exchange) 4:10

      The Chemical Brothers


        Continuing with celebrating 40 years of disruption of the Virgin Records label, we’re pressing a very limited number of the some of the labels land mark albums as single and double vinyl LPs.

        Released in 1999 'Surrender' proved that the Chemical Brothers were always bigger and better than the one dimensional big beat genre they'd been lumped with earlier in the decade. Showcasing Tom and Ed's expansive musical tastes the album takes in motorik krautrock rhythms, 80s electro-disco ('Out Of Control' featuring Bernard Sumner), Beatlesesque psychedelic block rockers ('Let Forever Be' with Noel Gallagher), fierce technoid bangers, sun-dappled dreaminess ('Asleep From Day' featuring Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval) and mega festival smashes ('Hey Boy Hey Girl'). all given the widescreen Chemicals production feel.

        Public Image Limited

        This Is Not A Love Song

          One of  a series of classic 7"s release on limited edition picture disc, to celebrate 40 years of Virgin Records.

          Simple Minds

          Don't You (Forget About Me)

            One of a series of limited edition picture discs released to celebrate Virgin Records' 40th anniversary.

            Laura Marling

            I Speak Because I Can

              Laura Marling’s 2008 debut album "Alas, I Cannot Swim" proved to be one of the most endearing critical successes of recent years and earned the young singer-songwriter a Mercury Music Prize nomination, and more importantly being one of our top five albums of the year. Now Marling is back with her second album, "I Speak Because I Can". Crafted with producer Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams, Paolo Nutini, Rufus Wainwright), "I Speak Because I Can" sets quintessentially English lyrical themes and stories to a backdrop of music that recalls prime Americana and the Laurel Canyon scene. Backed by sublime performances by musicians including Mumford & Sons, the album represents a coming-of-age for Laura; her unique identity - thoroughly English, unapologetically female, and a fully-fledged musician – now freshly defined.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Devil's Spoke
              2. Made By Maid
              3. Rambling Man
              4. Blackberry Stone
              5. Alpha Shallows
              6. Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)
              7. Hope In The Air
              8. What He Wrote
              9. Darkness Descends
              10. I Speak Because I Can

              Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

              Take Them On, On Your Own

                The second album by BRMC sees them retain the moodiness and menace from their debut and crank it up another notch, the end result being (to wheel out the old cliche) 'none more black'. As with countless other bands, this lot eschew the sunny West Coast vibes of their native California in favour of a dark, rumbling, anglophile sound much indebted to the likes of My Bloody Valentine and the shoegazing movement of the early 1990s. Full of coruscating effected guitars, drone-like bass playing and vocals that fight to be heard on top, these 13 tracks consolidated their position as one of the best, most passionate, not to mention loudest, bands in the world, back when it was originally released in 2003.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Mine says: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have played a big part in my life in the past 10+ years and although I must admit that they seem to have lost their edge a little bit I still call them my favourite band. Their first album 'B.R.M.C.' is probably just as good, if not better, than 'TTO,OYO', but the latter is my personal favourite and far too underrated. It is also the only record that has earned itself a place on my wall.

                Jamie T

                Panic Prevention

                  The debut album from Wimbledon's finest rascal. Jamie T is a tall, skinny suburban lad obsessed with The Clash, The Specials, Tom Waits and Rancid as much as he's influenced by the UK garage and drum and bass raves he grew up attending. Armed with an acoustic bass guitar, the 19 year old Jamie trawled the back rooms of pubs in Soho, Hounslow and Twickenham playing his unique tales of young suburbia (think The Streets meets The Arctic Monkeys) and the result is this: a clever, dead playful, madly articulate, indie-punky-poppy album. He's got the guts to be doing his own thing. He's a proper character and this is a great debut album, teeming with life.

                  Van Der Graaf Generator

                  Still Life

                    Originally released in 1976, "Still Life" saw Peter Hammill attempting to incorporate a more introspective mood into their sound.

                    Van Der Graaf Generator


                      1975s "Godbluff" saw a change of direction for Van Der Graaf Generator as they expanded on the darker introspective sound that Hammill had been developing in his solo work.


                      Heavenly / Heavenly (Ilya Remix)

                        Another fantastic track from Ilya! Imagine a fusion of David Axelrod and Norman Connors epic production sounds mixed with a lush downbeat feel and a torch song / 60s style easy listening vocal. Mmmm! Their own remix on the flip is more cinematic and mostly instrumental, with a more leftfield feel.

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