Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Take Them On, On Your Own

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The second album by BRMC sees them retain the moodiness and menace from their debut and crank it up another notch, the end result being (to wheel out the old cliche) 'none more black'. As with countless other bands, this lot eschew the sunny West Coast vibes of their native California in favour of a dark, rumbling, anglophile sound much indebted to the likes of My Bloody Valentine and the shoegazing movement of the early 1990s. Full of coruscating effected guitars, drone-like bass playing and vocals that fight to be heard on top, these 13 tracks consolidated their position as one of the best, most passionate, not to mention loudest, bands in the world, back when it was originally released in 2003.


Mine says: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have played a big part in my life in the past 10+ years and although I must admit that they seem to have lost their edge a little bit I still call them my favourite band. Their first album 'B.R.M.C.' is probably just as good, if not better, than 'TTO,OYO', but the latter is my personal favourite and far too underrated. It is also the only record that has earned itself a place on my wall.


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