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Rough Trade Shops: Indiepop 09

    Rough Trade Shops bring us this compilation of some of their favourite bands of the current indiepop scene.


    Betty And The Werewolves - David Cassidy 
    Cause Co-Motion - You Lose 
    Celestial ''? Somedays, We Are 
    Dum Dum Girls - Longhair 
    Faintest Ideas - Nosebleeders On The Track 
    Girls - Morning Light 
    Liechtenstein - Security By Design 
    Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! 
    Love Is All - Wishing Well 
    Minisnap - Leave It To You 
    Moscow Olympics - No Winter, No Autumn 
    Play People - Goes Out 
    Pocketbooks - Fleeting Moments 
    Sad Day For Puppets - Marble Gods 
    Shrag - Hopelessly Wasted 
    The Bobby Mcgees - L.O.V.E/: A Masonic Youth 
    The Boy Least Likely To ''? The Summer Of A Dormouse (exclusive) 
    The Girls At Dawn - Never Enough 
    The Legends - Seconds Away 
    The Manhattan Love Suicides - Clusterfuck 
    The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - 103 
    The School - And Suddenly 
    Tullycraft - The Punks Are Writing Love Songs 
    Veronica Falls - Beachy Head 
    Vivian Girls - Moped Girls (exclusive On CD)

    "Sunrise", is being released exclusively as a 7" single ahead of their new album "Broken". It's a west coast-drenched, lone-plains-drifter lament sung by Will Oldham, with Lanegan supplying lyrics and music. Returning the favour, Lanegan takes on Oldham's "You Will Miss Me When I Burn" over on the flip.



      Over the past 2 years Adriana Alba, Ferry Gouw and Chris Steele-Nicholson have taken the time to construct an album that focuses on moving forward and breaking new grounds. Using their record company advance to purchase their own studio equipment has meant the Semifinalists recording set up is completely mobile. Hence, the recording locations have varied from a remote cabin by a frozen lake in Wisconsin, to the streets of San Francisco and the suburbs of Chicago. Over the 12 tracks the ambition of the album is clear. By mixing sounds of 80's new wave pop, funk, and disco, as well as dreamy electronic shoegaze, Semifinalists have truly evolved their sound. The songs hit harder, the structures, even though still as genre-bending as ever, are more linear. Thematically the lyrics are more introspective, more personal, and darker. Hidden under the sheen of pop are tales of heartbreak and disappointment, as well as a cautious optimism.


      Vantage Point

        Having secured their status as art-rock legends during the 90s… lionised by the likes of Radiohead and REM… Deus stake out bold new frontiers for themselves. On "Vantage Point" there are the same art rock tendencies we know and love them for, but this time infiltrated with some solid grooves, at times even bordering of punk funk. They've also recruited guest vocalists on a couple of tracks: Guy Garvey from Elbow provides vocals on "The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider" and Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife sings on the superb brooding "Slow".

        Ray Davies

        Working Man's Cafe

          Eighteen months after releasing his first ever solo album, Ray Davies is back with what promises to be one of the best albums of his incredible career. While last year's "Other People's Lives" was a lifetime in the making, this new album happened relatively quickly. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, "Working Mans Café" features 12 stellar songs written by Ray Davies and co-produced with Ray Kennedy. They assembled a crackerjack band of top musicians who breathe life into a wonderful collection of songs. The 12 new songs are vintage Ray Davies and bear all the hallmark classic musical and lyrical insights we have come to expect from him. The album is infused with a transatlantic sound befitting Ray's close ties to the American south coupled with his well respected Englishness. From the first upbeat notes of the lead track "Vietnam Cowboys", it is clear Ray has never sung better. "Working Mans Café" is a wistful, humorous and poignant look at today, just what we have come to expect from one of Britain's greatest songwriters. Highlights are many and include the Preservation Jazz Hall sway of "Morphine Song", the painful longing of "Imaginary Man" and the haunting emotion of "One More Time".

          The Black Keys

          Magic Potion

            In early 2006, The Black Keys returned to their basement to record "Magic Potion", their fourth full-length album. Despite its title, "Magic Potion" is ironically the sound of The Black Keys getting their signature sound down to a science — it's the band at their heaviest, grittiest and most powerfully stripped down. From the nasty, sweaty strut of "Your Touch" to the sublimely narcotic devotional ballad "You're The One" on down to the stomping, house-rocking call to arms "Modern Times" The Black Keys have made another fantastic album.

            Little Man Tate

            About What You Know

              In just eighteen hugely eventful months since forming, and less than a year after signing a record deal, this four piece have chalked up three exhilarating top 40 singles, completed a string of riotous sold out tours, including show-stealing performances at the Reading and Leeds Festivals and their biggest headline show to date at Sheffield's 1600 capacity Octagon. As the title suggests, this hotly anticipated debut album is lead singer Jon Windle's masterclass in autobiographical storytelling. Oozing heart and soul, the album is full of true stories and a cast of colourful characters, combining a touch of Steel City realism with a healthy does of suburban hedonism.

              Various Artists

              Le Nouveau Rock'n'Roll Francais

                A new compilation put together by Sean Mclusky & Ludovic Merle compliling the best new bands coming out of France. 22 pieces of proof that the new New Cross is more likely to be Pigalle than Peckham. It actually came about by accident, with co-compilers Sean and Ludovic taking such UK bands as 80s Matchbox, The Beatings etc over to Paris to play, and finding that they were constantly being given great music by struggling wastrels of this invisible movement. They spent a year scanning the French rock'n'roll scene and their findings are on this disc. So, if France doesn't know what it's got then - as with the White Stripes or the Strokes in America – we Brits are going to have to lay it on the line for them.

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