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Over the past 2 years Adriana Alba, Ferry Gouw and Chris Steele-Nicholson have taken the time to construct an album that focuses on moving forward and breaking new grounds. Using their record company advance to purchase their own studio equipment has meant the Semifinalists recording set up is completely mobile. Hence, the recording locations have varied from a remote cabin by a frozen lake in Wisconsin, to the streets of San Francisco and the suburbs of Chicago. Over the 12 tracks the ambition of the album is clear. By mixing sounds of 80's new wave pop, funk, and disco, as well as dreamy electronic shoegaze, Semifinalists have truly evolved their sound. The songs hit harder, the structures, even though still as genre-bending as ever, are more linear. Thematically the lyrics are more introspective, more personal, and darker. Hidden under the sheen of pop are tales of heartbreak and disappointment, as well as a cautious optimism.

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