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Sunburned Hand Of The Man


    If the setting is right, magic will happen - And so, this record came into being - Sunburned Hand of the Man, three decades into their one of a kind run, still possess the ability to amaze, stupefy and astound - even themselves - Recorded over a week at Big Blue, Adam Langellotti's (Kurt Vile & The Violators) studio/house, "Nimbus" sees the band's amorphous lineup produce results such as high-test workouts, cryptic readings & a choice cover (Sun City Girls)

    A record that this band could only produce in 2024 and the required next step for the devoted fan base and or those interested in doing some self- work in an unconventional setting.


    1. Nimbus
    2. The Lollygagger 
    3. Ishkabibble Magoo
    4. Brainticket
    5. Lily Thin
    6. Consider The Wound
    7. Walker Talker
    8. Hilltop Garden Lament


    Glass Band

      We have here three musicians with such a rich shared history that they might as well share the same blood - Each an accomplished solo artist in their own right, there's a vibrant track record of collaborative work as well, with others and among themselves

      The Gunn-Truscinski Duo has been a formal going concern for nearly a decade and a half, producing a fabulous string of albums for this label. Truscinski and Nace, along with Jake Meginksy, make up xo4, a group dating back to the early days of this century. All three, with the addition of Kim Gordon, appeared on a record documenting their live scoring of Andy Warhol's film "Kiss".

      And so on "Glass Band", the record at hand, they just fall in together. It's a seamless grouping, so much so that, despite the distinct instrumentation, it's somehow hard at times to tell who's doing what. This is true all the way down to the LP sleeve, which features Nace's artwork adorned with Gunn's familiar handwriting. There is no leader, there are no accompanists; we encounter highly developed musical intellects melding in such a refined way as to dispose entirely with expectations in order to get right down to the crucial business of creation.

      What a pleasure to be able to shake one's head and chuckle at the futility of trying to saddle this art with a genre. What a joy to acknowledge that it's impossible to say what kind of music this is. It reminds me not of other records on my sagging shelves, but of moods and places, of memories from long ago and memories not yet made. Even for those intimately familiar with the output of these three, "Glass Band" delivers the delight of surprise.

      Something new.....imagine that.


      On Lamp
      Corner Dogs

      Bonus 7"


      Sonic Youth


        Album formatted collection of underheard Sonic rarities - from the legendary band's 2000-2010 era - most for the first time on any physical format.


        1. Basement Contender
        2. In & Out
        3. Machine
        4. Social Static
        5. Out & In

        Hiss Golden Messenger & Michael Chapman

        Paralellelogram A La Carte

          In late 2015 Three Lobed Recordings was proud to release the Parallelogram, a collection of five carefully assembled split albums celebrating complementary musical pairings.

          These lavishly presented paired LPs included numerous luminaries of the underground and alternative scenes. Previously only sold as a full five LP collection, Three Lobed is releasing very limited quantities of these five LP at this time in a standalone fashion.


          I Wish I Had Not Said That
          Still Life Blues
          Smoke Rings
          Another Story
          The Mallard
          Vanity And Pride
          Stockport Monday(homage Tom Rush)

          Jack Rose

          Dr. Ragtime & His Pals

            John Coltrane died at age 40, and in retrospect it seems as if the intensity of activity in his last years, the sheer torrent of notes, was an attempt at purging the music from his soul before it was too late. The guitarist Jack Rose died at 38, in 2009, and listening back to his catalogue one has a similar notion.

            Like Coltrane, Jack Rose's last years were marked by a shimmering intensity, an outpouring of his spirit, onto audiences and records. With his virtuoso finger-style technique and restless guitar explorations - modal epics, bottleneck laments, uptempo rags - it's easy to hear a connection to tradition and at the same time a pulsing modernism: "Ancient to the Future" in the words of Chicago's Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Jack Rose's work exists along the established continuum of American vernacular music: gospel, early jazz, folk, country blues and up through the post-1960s "American primitive" family tree from John Fahey and Robbie Basho and outward to other idiosyncratic American musicians like Albert Ayler, the NoNeck Blues Band, Captain Beefheart, and Cecil Taylor.

            TRACK LISTING

            Miss May's Place
            Knoxville Blues
            Soft Steel Piston
            Linden Avenue Stomp
            Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord
            Walkin' Blues
            Buckdancer's Choice

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