Sunburned Hand Of The Man


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If the setting is right, magic will happen - And so, this record came into being - Sunburned Hand of the Man, three decades into their one of a kind run, still possess the ability to amaze, stupefy and astound - even themselves - Recorded over a week at Big Blue, Adam Langellotti's (Kurt Vile & The Violators) studio/house, "Nimbus" sees the band's amorphous lineup produce results such as high-test workouts, cryptic readings & a choice cover (Sun City Girls)

A record that this band could only produce in 2024 and the required next step for the devoted fan base and or those interested in doing some self- work in an unconventional setting.


1. Nimbus
2. The Lollygagger 
3. Ishkabibble Magoo
4. Brainticket
5. Lily Thin
6. Consider The Wound
7. Walker Talker
8. Hilltop Garden Lament

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