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The Staves

All Now

    It was in December 2022 that The Staves celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut album Dead & Born & Grown – a strange and beautiful period in the lives of sisters and band members Jessica, Camilla and Emily Staveley-Taylor, making their fourth album All Now with the same organic vulnerability as that first record: except now everything was different, and they kind of were too.

    All Now emerges, bold and bright, from a period of quiet, which followed a period of chaos, for the band. When Good Woman was released in 2021, to positive reviews, it felt like “an echoing silence” to share such a cathartic album with a world shut down. So The Staves had to retreat, again, and actually wrestle with everything they had been through.

    The result? An album as rich and honest as all the most profound music by The Staves scattered across albums for the last decade, calcified here into something special.

    But the most thrilling part of this album, is that the hardest pills to swallow, here, almost have a sweeter taste. Once you’ve survived the climb to the top, learned from the journey, you may as well enjoy the view. “When you sing about hesitation and fear, there’s a lot of power in not making it sound fearful and being quite steadfast instead,” says Camilla. “It feels like an act of taking control.” With All Now, there’s no letting go. 


    Barry says: Though it's the vocal interplay between Jessica and Camilla Stavely-Taylor and the relative instrumental minimalism that first comes to mind when you think of The Staves, their formula works just as well when transplanted onto a hefty backdrop of soaring synths and throbbing basses, and 'All Now' is the perfect display of a more hi-nrg version of their trademark sound.


    Side A
    All Now
    I Don’t Say It, But I Feel It
    Fundamental Memory
    Make A Decision
    The Echo
    Side B
    I’ll Never Leave You Alone
    After School
    Great Wave
    So Gracefully
    The Important One
    You Held It All

    Bombay Bicycle Club & The Staves / Karine Polwart & Kris Drever

    The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs Of Nick Drake

      The Endless Coloured Ways is a collection of songs by legendary singer / songwriter, Nick Drake, performed and recorded by over 30 incredible artists from a range of different backgrounds, genres, age groups and audiences. From Fontaines D.C to Guy Garvey, and Aurora to Feist, each artist has offered their own incredible take on a timeless classic.


      1. Road - Bombay Bicycle Club And The Staves
      2. Northern Sky - Karine Polwart And Kris Drever

      The Staves

      Dead & Born & Grown - National Album Day 2022 Edition

        Revered indie trio The Staves' debut album 'Dead & Born & Grown' is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on the 12th November 2022. To celebrate 10 years of their debut album the band will be re-pressing Dead & Born & Grown on recycled colour vinyl.

        The album was produced with Glyn and Ethan Johns, who have worked with a plethora of huge artists from past and present between them, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, as well as the likes of The Vaccines, Kings of Leon and Kaiser Chiefs. The Staves are three sisters from Watford who share vocal duties in addition to some contributions on guitar and ukelele.

        This special-edition recycled vinyl is made from 100% PVC recycled material, using waste material and clippings from previous pressings and are re-used. The result is that each vinyl is unique with its own colour combination therefore the colour you receive will be randomized.


        Wisely & Slow
        Gone Tomorrow
        The Motherlode
        Pay Us No Mind
        Facing West
        In The Long Run
        Dead & Born & Grown
        Winter Trees
        Tongue Behind My Teeth
        Eagle Song

        The Staves

        Good Woman

          It’s a decade since The Staves self-released their first EP and a lot has happened since then. Their third album Good Woman was written and recorded amid major upheaval, heartbreak and bereavement. The new-found boldness, loudness and lyrical directness on this record are indicative of lives forced to become a serious concern.

          In early 2020 the band resumed touring, unveiling their expansive and exhilaratingly powerful new sound, and previewing these emotionally affecting songs in intimate venues across the country; with tickets selling out in seconds. They ended the tour with a triumphant homecoming appearance at the 6 Music Festival.

          The Staves’ first album in five years is an accumulation of everything that life has thrown at them in that time.

          Emily: “You find strength in the vulnerability and you find beauty in the sadness and magic in the despair. We lost so much, but we found so much. And while the album is not all about mum, something shifted in us when she died that made us make the record in the way that we made it. We became more fearless.”
          Camilla: “It feels more about trying to take ownership of these events and not letting sadness or trauma rule you.”
          Jessica: “It’s a record about sisterhood, motherhood and daughterhood; love, loss, change and trying to be a good person, a good woman.”


          Side A
          1. Good Woman
          2. Best Friend
          3. Careful, Kid
          4. Next Year, Next Time
          5. Nothing’s Gonna Happen
          6. Sparks

          Side B
          7. Paralysed
          8. Devotion
          9. Failure
          10. Satisfied
          11. Trying
          12. Waiting On Me To Change

          The Staves

          If I Was

            Produced by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon at April Base - his Eau Claire, Wisconsin studios, 'If I Was' is a record that takes the initial blueprint of 2012's 'Dead & Born & Grown' debut LP, and gives it a real sense of muscle, darkness and depth to those already untouchable harmonies. Having toured the globe extensively with Bon Iver, the bands became firm friends, and an initial visit to Eau Claire soon became the basis for the new album sessions. What they've produced is a genuinely beautiful, soaring and powerful album that firmly positions The Staves as one of Britain's most treasured young bands.

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