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The Tibbs

Ain't It Funny / Give Me A Reason

Record Kicks presents a new Soul 45 from Dutch combo The Tibbs that features two northern soul belters taken from the new album "Keep It For Yourself". The 45 will hit the streets on January 12. On the A side the soul stomper "Ain't It Funny" which is also the first single taken from the upcoming album, while on the B side "Give Me a Reason" an uptempo R&B soul stomper. Copies are limited to 500 worldwide, which makes it an instant collector's item and an essential buy for soul fans and djs.

Produced by Paul Willemsen (Lefties Soul Connection, Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions) both tracks are taken from the new album Keep It to Yourself, the third Long Play from The Tibbs that is set for release on January 26th on LP, CD and digital format. Based around Amsterdam, The Tibbs took off in 2012 working right from the start with producer Paul Willemsen (Beans & Fatback, Lefties Soul Connection, Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions). In 2016, their first LP Takin' Over marked their debut with Milan-based imprint Record Kicks. The release of Takin' Over delivered the band rich rewards, like playing sold-out shows and wonderful festivals across Europe. In late 2018, singer Elsa decided to focus on a solo career and The Tibbs duly began their search for a truly worthy successor, bringing astonishing vocalist Roxanne Hartog and the band together for the first time with their sophomore album Another Shot Fired, released in November 2020. Now, with new recordings in the bag and an astounding third album ready to be released, The Tibbs are once more ready for lift off.


1. Ain't It Funny
2. Give Me A Reason

The Chemical Brothers

No Reason

Tom n Ed, possibly one of the UK's most influential and successful electronic music outfits, return with a brand new single: "No Reason". Featuring a bleak lyrical hook (provided by a vocal sample from Second Layer's "Courts Or War") - 'we have no reason to live / no reason at all / when will they kill us all' - the track's poignantly gloomy outlook is juxtaposed by one of their typically galvanized grooves - pairing up a punchy B-line with nuevo-disco drums, the odd vocal whoop and darting synth stabs. Add a lashing 303 and military snare rolls which allude to its shadowy war-mongering. It's stadium friendly, with soaring breakdowns and full fat processing; and has been going down a storm at their live shows for the past year or so.

As much as dance music is about hedonism and escapism, there's always been a political and social commentary underlining the best bits. The Chems perfectly balance energy release with wry contemplation on a track that is destined to become a global hit.

On the flip, they pop the cork off the dance tent, firing off sharp acid lines, precision beats and head-splitting reversals - layering up the incessant percussion lines for a fiery and frothy techno steam train that'll have everyone sweating and gasping for breath. Festival season better be ready! 


Matt says: Nihilistic in vocal content, with clever sampling of Second Layer (me neither) - The Chemical Brothers deliver a stadium slaying hit which still has summery connotations whilst biting hard at the jugular. Always the same, always different!


A. No Reason
B. All Of A Sudden

LA Salami

The Cause Of Doubt & A Reason To Have Faith

    L.A. Salami is back after releasing two EPs in 2019/20 with his third album ‘The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to Have Faith’. This isn’t the music of a virtuoso: it’s explorative, daring, meditative and sometimes wild. For the first time, Lookman has embraced the world of multi-tracking, though the record still retains a raw energy and an integrity. Lookman has translated a whole album of raw emotion and philosophical musings for your delectation. As a testament to a unique and thrilling talent, this record is a beacon of hope in troubled times and L.A. Salami’s most complete vision so far. In short: We need this record right now. L.A. Salami will be embarking on a 6 date German tour in August. Previously championed by QC rising star, Sunday Times Culture, Brooklyn Vegan etc.


    1. The Cause Of Doubt & A Reason To Have Faith
    2. When You Play God (The 2018 Copyright Blues)
    3. Thinking Of Emiley
    4. Dear Jessica Rabbit
    5. Things Ain't Changed
    6. The Cage
    7. The Talis-Man On The Age Of Glass (Redux)

    The Reason

    Up All Night EP

      Two track demo from Manchester band The Reason. Offering radio friendly, guitar-driven music, they've amassed a huge following, and as well as national coverage, local press has been wholly positive too, with the band being championed by local music icons such as Clint Boon and Warren 'Dermo' Dermody.

      The Paybacks

      Love. Not Reason

        The Paybacks came swaggering out of Detroit at the turn of the century, when like-minded artists like the White Stripes and the Go were creeping into the rock mainstream with a similar sound. Their first major recorded effort was a track on Sympathy for the Record Industry's "Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit", but the full-length "Knock Loud" appeared on Get Hip Records in 2002. "Love Not Reason" is their 3rd full length album. There are those who would scoff at the notion that "Cat Scratch Fever" is poetry. Detroit's The Paybacks aren't among them. On "Love, Not Reason", the band strips back the covers to reveal some naked truths about love and its many rapturous, painful, exhilarating and perplexing manifestations - the highest highs, lowest lows and all the throbbing, confusing parts in the middle. Still staying true to their blistering dirty metallic garage rock sound but these days more soulful.

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