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Vinyl reissue of The Orb's 2nd album. "U.F.Orb" is the second studio album by the English electronica pioneers. It was released in July 1992 and reached number one on the UK Album Chart. It featured an edited version of The Orb's single "Blue Room" which reached no. 8 in the singles chart.. Noted graphic design group The Designers Republic designed the cover art. The title hints at the space-orientated theme which quickly became synonymous with the band, often with live imagery and projections to boot - making them a formidable force in live arena and at the many festivals that they would headline during this golden time.

The Orb return with a new album marking a long-awaited reunion between eternal mainstay Dr Alex Paterson and lifelong friend and original inter-galactic conspirator Youth. "The Dream" sees a return to the original spirit which spawned the first two classic albums, "Adventures In The Ultraworld" and "UFOrb". The basic Orb nucleus is joined by guest singers and players, including System 7's Steve Hillage, Battersea toaster-singer Eric Walker aka The Corpral and vocalists Aki Omori, singer Andy Caine from the WAU! days, and renowned soulstress Juliet Roberts.

The Orb

Orbsessions Volume Two

Following the success and critical acclaim of the previous excursion into the spherical archives, Malicious Damage is proud to unleash this glorious second volume of unreleased Orb treasures. Few artists have created such visionary and influential electronic music as Alex Paterson and his various incarnations of The Orb. The Orb's blissed-out music helped define the emerging ambient-techno/house genres blending natural sounds, spoken-word, heavy dub bass lines and constantly shifting beats with a wry sense of humour, rolling rhythms and exhilarating samples to revolutionise UK dance clubs, 90s rave culture and influence a whole generation of artists now plying their trade in the 21st century. This second collection features collaborations with legendary German composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Thomas Fehlmann, Andy Hughes, Vincent 'vin100' Crane and Alex's long-standing friend and musical accomplice Youth.

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