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The Membranes

What Nature Gives... Nature Takes Away

    The new album from the influential UK post punk band Membranes fronted by John Robb – and their first to feature a choir, adding a dark and thrilling epic edge to their songs. Follows the success of 2015’s critically acclaimed “Dark Matter/Dark Energy” (made following their return after 20 years), which was a 6music favourite and received positive reviews across the world. The album’s environmental theme was inspired by a conversation with fellow nature and post punk fan Chris Packham (who guests on the album), about the beauty and violence of nature and the transient nature of life and love. Sixteen epic, powerful and darkly romantic songs of powerful, epic post punk with several tracks using the BIMM. Boasts adventures into krautrock, dark dub, off kilter rhythms, death disco, tribal , dark opera, neo-classical and apocalyptic bass driven noise. Featuring guests such as 84-year old folk singer legend Shirley Collins, the original punk icon Jordan and Kirk Brandon from Theatre Of Hate. 


    1. Deep In The Forest Where The Memories Linger
    2. A Strange Perfume
    3. What Nature Gives … Nature Takes Away
    4. Black Is The Colour
    5. A Murmuration Of Starlings On Blackpool Pier
    6. A Murder Of Crows
    7. The City Is An Animal (Nature Is Its Slave)
    8. The 21st Century Is Killing Me
    9. TheGhosts Of Winter Stalk This Land
    10. Mother Ocean/Father Time
    11. Winter (The Beauty And Violence Of Nature)
    12. The Magical And Mystical Properties Of Flowers
    13. Snow Monkey
    14. Nocturnal
    15. Pandora’s Box
    16. Demon Seed/Demon Flower

    The Membranes

    Into The Eye!

      Fresh from The Membranes biggest gig yet, a hometown sell out at The Ritz in Manchester, accompanied by a 25 piece choir; this DVD release sees various interviews from back in the day right up the present interspersed with live footage spanning nearly 35 years. The Membranes like to talk and get the facts right.

      The Membranes

      Everyone's Going Triple Bad Acid, Yeah!: The Complete Recordings 1980-1993

        Seminal Blackpool post-punk band’s entire early discography in one box set. The Membranes came to embody a style of abrasive, off-kilter post-punk music which might best be described by the motto “Death To Trad Rock” (later the title of a book and compilation CD by head Membrane John Robb). They have influenced a vast range of bands across the world, attracting heavy fans such as Big Black (Steve Albini), Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore and Butthole Surfers. The Membranes are the first band that Steve Albini worked with outside Big Black. Includes their five albums recorded for various labels across the 1980s (on Criminal Damage, Creation, Constrictor, In Tape, etc.) as well as all their singles, B-sides, EPs and extra tracks. Boasts a mere 99 tracks, most of which appear on CD for the first time, from their contribution to the Blackpool Rox EP in 1980 right through to their final recordings for the band’s original incarnation in the early 1990s. 26 page booklet includes sleeve-notes written by John Robb (now an established author and journalist, behind the Louder Than War magazine), alongside a wealth of visual material. After an extended hiatus began in the early 90s, the band reformed in 2012 and released their first new album in 20 years, “Dark Matter/Dark Energy” on Cherry Red in 2015 (CDBRED661).A brand new Membranes album is due out on Cherry Red in autumn 2017

        The Membranes current album remixed by Clint Mansell, Manic Street Preachers, Godlflesh, Mark Lanegan, Keith Levene, Youth, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Neubauten and more..

        In 2015 the Membranes released their first album for 26 years - the critically acclaimed Dark Matter/Dark Energy double album.

        The album received great reviews all over the world and lots of radio play on 6music.

        An ambitious album it was sparked by a meeting between John Robb and the head of the CERN project which inspired the songs about the universe, life and death with the death of Robb’s father feeding into the songs.

        Many fellow musicians and authors also called it their album of the year from author Ian Rankin to Mark Lanegan to the Manic Stret preachers so the Membranes decided on another ambitious project - to remix the whole of the album with special guests…the result is Inner Space/Out Space - a reenvisioning of a whole album.


        1. The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light - Remix By Manic Street Preachers
        2. Do The Supernova - Remix By Phillip Boa
        3. Dark Energy - Remix By Mark Lanegan
        4. The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light - Remix By Clint Mansell
        5. 21st Century Man - Remix By Godflesh
        6. Money Is Dust - Remix By Tunnelmental Assembly
        7. Multiverse Suite - Remix By Black Yoga Collective
        8. Space Junk - Remix By Reverend And The Makers
        9. Dark Matter - Remix By Keith Levene
        10. If You Enter The Arena You Got Be Able To Deal With The Lions - In The Graveyard - Remix By Cosey Fanni Tutti..
        11. Space Junk - Remix By Youth From Killing Joke
        12. In The Graveyard Remix By Harry Stafford/Inca Babies
        13. In The Graveyard - Cosey Fanni Tutti
        14. Hail To The Lovers - Remix By Therapy
        15. Magic Eye (To See The Sky) - Remix By Bartak 16 5776 (The Breathing Song) - Remix By In The Nursery
        16. Hum Of The Universe - Remix By Einsturzende Neubauten 

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