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    The much anticipated fourth dragSTER album will finally be released via John Robb's Louder Than War Records label. The Coventry (UK) based five piece have gained a worldwide unique cult-like following thanks to their enigmatic B-Movie inspired style of song-writing and adrenaline fuelled live performances led by the mesmerizing antics of their lead singer, Fi.

    Well known for lacing their lyrics with political potency dragSTER have announced details of their fourth studio album which looks set to follow a similar tone to their previous releases (‘Step Into The Death-Ray’ 2006 Noisemaker Records; now deleted; ‘Here Come The Meat Robots’ 2010 STP Records, ‘Dead Punk’ 2014 STP Records);
    The music is typically uncompromising, a full throttle assault on the senses that draws on both the bands punk roots and dirty born bad rock ‘n’ roll coupled with ominous predictions and opinions surrounding democracy, biased media, freedoms and the societal grip held by the shadowy elite powers that be.

    dragSTER, founder and guitarist, Diesel, said about the new record and it’s direction;

    “Anti-Everything came about from a real feeling of being manipulated by those with power who seem to see individual thought, art, and free speech as a threat”

    ‘Anti-Everything’ is the bands incendiary reaction; it’s the band essentially lashing out, almost screaming, at the sheer apathy of the mainstream. It’s their take on mass control, the use of the media as misinformation – fake news. War as creation, not a necessity, the drabness of working class life, technology as control, not freedom. The street littered with millions of surveillance cameras - not for the claimed safety, but for compliance.
    The distinct cover art (a collaboration of both dragSTER and designer Marie Sindell at Scarletism Design) perfectly reflects this – it is deliberately Orwellian because that how is life today.

    Diesel added “Musically we tried to capture the raw energy of our live shows, we’ve got something to say and we do it through born-bad spit rock n roll."

    The debut album from legendary Sheffield band Faerground Accidents sees a brilliant collection of late night songs, a missive from bohemia laced with perfect melodies and a bright and thrilling rush of neon melodies and great acidic lyrics from a band that Adam Ant calls the best new band in the UK and are also tipped for success by the likes of Richard Hawley and Jarvis Cocker.

    “With witty vignettes comparable with the bedsit psycho-sexual melodrama of the likes of old Moz himself, witty kiss offs (“I went to the supermarket after every one of those/And I spent my last pennies on a value meal for one”) capturing the futility, fumblings and fragility of affairs of the heart, it’s a rather smart tune indeed..” GODISINTHETV

    “An eclectic group that merges the fey eroticism of Pulp with the solid chops of a machismo rock band. Faerground Accidents have managed to forge a distinctive style that’s both enigmatic and direct. And, quite frankly, that I can’t get enough of!”
    Lee Adcock (Dandelion Radio).


    Empty :
    1. The Same Things
    2. Woeful Small Town
    3. My Former Baby
    4. She Makes Me Want To Die
    5. Please Stay

    6. Gaslighter
    7. Into The Wild
    8. Sleep In The Woods
    10. The Moralist
    11. Ether Girl

    The Membranes current album remixed by Clint Mansell, Manic Street Preachers, Godlflesh, Mark Lanegan, Keith Levene, Youth, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Neubauten and more..

    In 2015 the Membranes released their first album for 26 years - the critically acclaimed Dark Matter/Dark Energy double album.

    The album received great reviews all over the world and lots of radio play on 6music.

    An ambitious album it was sparked by a meeting between John Robb and the head of the CERN project which inspired the songs about the universe, life and death with the death of Robb’s father feeding into the songs.

    Many fellow musicians and authors also called it their album of the year from author Ian Rankin to Mark Lanegan to the Manic Stret preachers so the Membranes decided on another ambitious project - to remix the whole of the album with special guests…the result is Inner Space/Out Space - a reenvisioning of a whole album.


    1. The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light - Remix By Manic Street Preachers
    2. Do The Supernova - Remix By Phillip Boa
    3. Dark Energy - Remix By Mark Lanegan
    4. The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light - Remix By Clint Mansell
    5. 21st Century Man - Remix By Godflesh
    6. Money Is Dust - Remix By Tunnelmental Assembly
    7. Multiverse Suite - Remix By Black Yoga Collective
    8. Space Junk - Remix By Reverend And The Makers
    9. Dark Matter - Remix By Keith Levene
    10. If You Enter The Arena You Got Be Able To Deal With The Lions - In The Graveyard - Remix By Cosey Fanni Tutti..
    11. Space Junk - Remix By Youth From Killing Joke
    12. In The Graveyard Remix By Harry Stafford/Inca Babies
    13. In The Graveyard - Cosey Fanni Tutti
    14. Hail To The Lovers - Remix By Therapy
    15. Magic Eye (To See The Sky) - Remix By Bartak 16 5776 (The Breathing Song) - Remix By In The Nursery
    16. Hum Of The Universe - Remix By Einsturzende Neubauten 

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