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Noema’s new album is a surreal cosmic journey. The music on it is part of a comprehensive art piece that includes remixes, interactive choreography and stage design, theatre, and costumes; all under the umbrella: "ONE".

In "ONE", Noema tells the story of his interdimensional space explorations, in which he manifests as four different entities. Because of the energetic state of humanity, these entities became trapped in our dimension and now put on performances to re-power their portal, so that we can all be interdimensional again! During the performance five actors invite up to 120 people from the audience to join the action.

Sun Ra meets Steve Reich meets Larry Levan - imagine it as a 'happening' from the 70s.

The music from "ONE" is loosely based on the minimal music classic “In C" by Terry Riley. It consists of 56 melodic patterns, which are repeated and consecutively played from the first to the last. Every player can move on to the next pattern at their own pace. Playing from start to finish, there's no individual tracks just a constant stream of musical conciousness that exists in its own unique world. Highly impressive with a sophisticated yet playful level of musicality that should captivate even the most casual listener. It reveals more and more with repeated plays - inviting intrepid listeners to really delve into this fabulous body of work. Most recommended! 

The Magic Movement is more than happy to present the debut album of BRUO.
the Brazilian duo presents seven tracks with their very own blueprint of Ambient/Electronica music, generated from radically processed cut-up guitars and sophisticated glitch beats. BRUO, which means "noise" in Esperanto, is born from the deconstruction and re-editing of long improvisation sessions, arranged in succinct tracks and narratives which are stylistically located right in the middle between the minimalism of Alva Noto and the maximalism of Amon Tobin.

Their unique and immersive combination of sounds creates a cineastic world and invites you to drift with BRUO through the nocturnal streets of São Paulo, one of the most pulsating cities in the world and birthplace of this project.


A1 - Insekto
A2 - Forkurinta
A3 - Kriketo
B1 - Hejmo
B2 - Fajfas
B3 - Krateroj
B4 - Gravito

The new EP by Bosquemar and Fuyen is a celebration of the spirits of Altacura, the high stone of Concepcion (Chile), where the Musique Concrete approach and electronic productions by Bosquemar join the Latin American vocals and instruments by Fuyen aka Rayen Garcia and Eduardo Aedo.
Using mostly sounds recorded at Altacura itself, the EP transforms the energies of its spirits into three psychedelic downbeat tableaus featuring rich sound design, driving percussions, conjuring vocals, and hypnotic grooves.

"Allkun", which means 'hear' in Mapudungun language, is a tribute to the voices of the birds that inhabit this area. In "Tierra Santa" guest vocalist Natalia Clavier joins the trio for a psychedelic dance around the rock.

On the flipside, Argentinian producer Uji increases the tempo of "Allkun", and turns the original into a dry and percussive club version. "Cirros" is the perfect tune for a beach club sunset, taking us up to the most recondite skies where we dance the day away with the Altacura spirits.

RIYL: A Mountain Of One, Soft Rocks, Psychemagik, Talking Drums etc. 


Matt says: There's nothing quite like music that instantly transports you to a time or a place. I've never been to Altacura, but Bosquemar & Fuyen have given my mind's eye a pretty good idea of the place with this deep cosmic and psychedelic EP which seems to detail the flora and fauna of this mysterious place in a unique sonic language.


A1. Allkun
A2. Bosquemar, Fuyen, Natalia Clavier - Tierra Santa (feat. Natalia Clavier)
B1. Allkun (Uji Remix)
B2. Cirros

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