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Kermesse hail from Buenos Aires and are a the trio consisting of Pedro, Muno and Defi. Following previous solo work they now collaborate, conjuring up skillfully crafted productions that combine South American folk, downbeat and hypnotic synth work into their own distinctive, highly listenable sound, which apparently shines even more so through their inspired live shows.

The vinyl EP consists of 3 essential album tracks, plus a wonderful remix by Dandara. "Sunday Glide" has 'radio hit' written all over it - I could easily imagine this being a featured track on 6Music - it's up-to-date electronic production, unfathomably catchy vocals and slightly exotic nature lending it to a whole manner of music fans and genre camps. "Le Fleur" injects their palette with a touch of swing, dare-I-say-it ever so slightly Balkan-esque but just about getting away with it due to some incredibly detailed synth patches and effect mastering; plus a lush snake-charmer flute line that really takes the track to a faraway place.

Flip and opener "Sunday Glide" gets remixed by said star, Dandara; amplifying the the breakdowns and drops and making it glide out on a plain of serenity - perfect for soundtracking a million sunrises across the holiday house destination of the world. "Bleepio" concludes, and addresses the dancefloor with another meticulously constructed tropical-house jam that bounces and swings in all the right places. I challenge anyone not to shake their shit juusst a little bit to the sounds of Kermesse! Wonderful! 

Debut release from this young French producer who seems intent on painting the slower and more esoteric themed areas of the sonic canvas. "Vergessen" & "Khalo Ballando" are heady, sub-110bpm drug chuggers. The latter being slightly more Balearic in tone than the former while "Neon Kingdom" deploys wubbing basslines to an epic array of gurgling, chiming and pulsating synthlines for a powerful and elevating listen. "Origami" concludes, adding eastern melodic twangs, an exotic spoken word and more rubbery, drug-chug™ beats.


12" Info: Four track EP with bonus download card containing a full album!

The Magic Movement is back with more slow psychedelic swirlers for your next magic carpet ride, this time brewed by shamanic master Noema. 
The EP kicks off with the spiced up cosmic classic "Jourouadou", where a driving middle eastern rhythm, Arabic lyrics and a rolling bass lay the foundation for an ecstatic dance party, increasing the intensity until a hypnotic synth leads you the way up to the Tunisian night sky. Flip the record and it's "Zeluf" that hits you with a baggy psych groove on B1, unfolding arabesque chanting, Oud lines and a Marimba like synth during the journey. On B2 you will find the 'Underwater Fireplace Dub' of Gaye Su Akyol's "Dunya Kaleska", reclaimed from the depths of the Bosphorus for modern dance floor demolition. This Remix of the Turkish Singer-Songwriter is a masterfully crafted journey with unforeseen twists and turns, mingling her band with sounds of trains and bonfire.


12" Info: Inc. 2 side A4 paper insert (What is Cozmico? - an open letter by Noema)

For release number two, the Magic Movement conjures up another outstanding debut EP, this time from the exotically named Oceanvs Orientalis. The one man orchestra from Istanbul takes you on a mystical journey down the Silkroad to a place where slow timeless jams meet hypnotic club killers. Over a percussive foundation, Oceanvs Orientalis mixes traditional eastern instruments and chants with house and techno, never leaving the dancefloor out of sight. Title track "Khronos" sees the producer work a languid bassline into a lively polyrhythm before unleashing a symphonic piano melody and creating a moment of complete dancefloor immersion. "Leonardo" sees the producer delivering tripped out slo mo techno with all the strung out melody of a middle eastern souk. The exotic vocals are looped, echoed and screwed as Oceanvs Orientalis produces the perfect counterpoint to Jose Manuel's recent release on Joe's Bakery. On the flip, things get deep and psychedelic as "Ozunde Lyi Insanlariz" heads into the same fireside ritual as Rub N' Tug's superb remix of Wild Rumpus' "Musical Blaze Up". Proper trippy woodland vibes. Last but not least, "Night In Samarqand" gives it to us slow and sticky like the thickest Turkish coffee. Syrup basslines and organic percussion percolate while the producer replays traditional eastern melodies on synth, taking us somewhere far, far away. Great stuff from the debutant, and an instant entry to my record box. By melting oriental history into modern beats, Oceanvs Orientalis has created a whole new sonic universe: Contemporary Eurasian Dance Music.

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