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The third release on The Magic Movement features the label's A&R Noema from Berlin. "Antipodes" starts off with a funky bassline, trippy bells and syncopated claps which set a psychedelic Afro vibe from the very beginning. Mystical noises increase this mood, until a hypnotising Moog hook calls for action. And at the latest when the sub bass finally drops in, the scenery transforms into an ecstatic ritual dance. On the flipside, Auntie Flo drops a dubby remix of the title track, which sees a spheric choral pad unfold over strong Afro percussion, while a rattle snake like shaker excitedly rises and falls. "Late at Night" feels like a nocturnal walk through streets in twilight. The groove, which sounds like odd clockwork, gets occasionally enhanced by more interesting percussion sounds. The melodies, played by a marimba-like instrument and filtered synth, are accompanied by a warm pad and a disco bassline, whilst a female voice moans in the back. It's another winner from the mystical Magic Movement imprint.


Antipodes (Auntie Flo Remix) 
Was Late 

The Magic Movement is more than happy to present the debut album of BRUO.
the Brazilian duo presents seven tracks with their very own blueprint of Ambient/Electronica music, generated from radically processed cut-up guitars and sophisticated glitch beats. BRUO, which means "noise" in Esperanto, is born from the deconstruction and re-editing of long improvisation sessions, arranged in succinct tracks and narratives which are stylistically located right in the middle between the minimalism of Alva Noto and the maximalism of Amon Tobin.

Their unique and immersive combination of sounds creates a cineastic world and invites you to drift with BRUO through the nocturnal streets of São Paulo, one of the most pulsating cities in the world and birthplace of this project.


A1 - Insekto
A2 - Forkurinta
A3 - Kriketo
B1 - Hejmo
B2 - Fajfas
B3 - Krateroj
B4 - Gravito

Kermesse have been a regular feature of The Magic Movement after dropping their debut album on the label in 2018.

The Limbo EP is the duo's sixth release on the imprint. They have also featured their spellbinding style of stripped-back organic house on other highly respected record labels such as Sol Selectas, Bar 25 Music, Stil Vor Talent and LNDKHN.

Based in Buenos Aires, Pedro and Gurtz aka Kermesse are outstanding musicians who fuse live instrumentation and Pedro's vocals with electronic beats to create coloUrful downtempo grooves. They are also famed for their captivating live shows where they perform their tunes with lots of improvisation and dazzle the dance floor with their enchanting style.

'Limbo' opens with a plodding bassline and crisp percussion sequenced into shuffling rhythms which form the foundation for the track's trippy vocals and intricate melody.
'On The Road' is just as groovy, with a rippling modulation bassline featuring acid undertones and a deep melody washed in reverence to give it a dreamscape atmosphere.
'Wawanko' is an upbeat and jovial track with lots of atmospheric textures and an uplifting melody that fills the track with feel-good vibes, while the percussion provides a dance floor focused groove.
'Melting' closes out the release with a bewitching feeling, psychedelic lyrics and a gleeful melody that fills the track with heart-warming energy.
Arguably saving the best until last, this is a standout track that will move mind, body and soul.


Matt says: The Magic Movement & Kermesse continue to cement the label's adventurous ethos with four bouncy cosmic tracks that contain this now trademark sound palette palette. If you've dug previous released by Noema, Bosquemar & Fuyen and Coss - you're gonna love this!


A1. On The Road
A2. Limbo
B1. Melting
B2. Wawanko

After the great success of their debut album in 2021 the Brazilian duo Xique-Xique asked some of their friends to remix their favourite tracks off the album.

The result is a superb collection of remixes by heavyweight artists of the scene: On the 12", you will find Zoe Reijue, Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Niko Schwind and Psilosamples.

Ranging from groovy downtempo to slow cosmic chug and starry-eyed Balearica, this considered bunch of tracks constitutes a fabulous remix album for those seeking healing and meditative music that caresses the soul.

Get your floaties ready to ride the vortex of 'Na Lagoa - Remixed'.


Matt says: A glorious, modern portrait of slow cosmic and Balearic house flavours with all five artists producing something quite special as they remix tracks from Xique-Xique's "Na Lagoa" LP.


A1. Preludio (Zoe Reijue Remix)
A2. Siriema (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder Remix)
B1. Espelho D'agua (Psilosamples Remix)
B2. Senhor Carangeju (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
B3. Na Lagoa (Niko Schwind Remix)

The new EP by Bosquemar and Fuyen is a celebration of the spirits of Altacura, the high stone of Concepcion (Chile), where the Musique Concrete approach and electronic productions by Bosquemar join the Latin American vocals and instruments by Fuyen aka Rayen Garcia and Eduardo Aedo.
Using mostly sounds recorded at Altacura itself, the EP transforms the energies of its spirits into three psychedelic downbeat tableaus featuring rich sound design, driving percussions, conjuring vocals, and hypnotic grooves.

"Allkun", which means 'hear' in Mapudungun language, is a tribute to the voices of the birds that inhabit this area. In "Tierra Santa" guest vocalist Natalia Clavier joins the trio for a psychedelic dance around the rock.

On the flipside, Argentinian producer Uji increases the tempo of "Allkun", and turns the original into a dry and percussive club version. "Cirros" is the perfect tune for a beach club sunset, taking us up to the most recondite skies where we dance the day away with the Altacura spirits.

RIYL: A Mountain Of One, Soft Rocks, Psychemagik, Talking Drums etc. 


Matt says: There's nothing quite like music that instantly transports you to a time or a place. I've never been to Altacura, but Bosquemar & Fuyen have given my mind's eye a pretty good idea of the place with this deep cosmic and psychedelic EP which seems to detail the flora and fauna of this mysterious place in a unique sonic language.


A1. Allkun
A2. Bosquemar, Fuyen, Natalia Clavier - Tierra Santa (feat. Natalia Clavier)
B1. Allkun (Uji Remix)
B2. Cirros

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