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The Magic Movement

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The Magic Movement is more than happy to present the debut album of BRUO.
the Brazilian duo presents seven tracks with their very own blueprint of Ambient/Electronica music, generated from radically processed cut-up guitars and sophisticated glitch beats. BRUO, which means "noise" in Esperanto, is born from the deconstruction and re-editing of long improvisation sessions, arranged in succinct tracks and narratives which are stylistically located right in the middle between the minimalism of Alva Noto and the maximalism of Amon Tobin.

Their unique and immersive combination of sounds creates a cineastic world and invites you to drift with BRUO through the nocturnal streets of São Paulo, one of the most pulsating cities in the world and birthplace of this project.


A1 - Insekto
A2 - Forkurinta
A3 - Kriketo
B1 - Hejmo
B2 - Fajfas
B3 - Krateroj
B4 - Gravito

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