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The Libertines

All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade

    The Libertines are excited to announce the release of their fourth studio album entitled, All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade out 8th March 2024. The release marks the band’s first new album in nine years and opens with the infectious new single, Run Run Run.

    On All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade, the quartet of unlikely lads have gathered from their new-found homes in France, Denmark, Margate and London to solder a strongest-ever internal bond, and scale new creative heights resulting in the best music of their extraordinary career so far.


    Barry says: Gotta love a bit of The Libertines, and this their first album in nine years continues the legacy of swooning, melodically rich pieces centred around the perfect chemistry of Doherty & Barat. Guitar lines and vocals weaving together effortlessly like they always did, a more mature, slightly less chaotic maelstrom but ram-packed with classic Libertines sounds.


    Run Run Run
    I Have A Friend
    Man With The Melody
    Oh Shit
    Merry Old England
    Night Of The Hunter
    Baron’s Claw
    Be Young
    Songs They Never Play On The Radio

    The Libertines

    Up The Bracket - 20th Anniversary Edition

      Up The Bracket arrived like a raging bull in a tired post-Britpop china shop and introduced the world to The Libertines, a new gang of London bohemians, whose ragged tunes, red military tunics, opiated poetry and ‘live now pay never’ lifestyle came to define the millennial angst of the early noughties. At the heart of the band is the blood bond bromance between the ramshackle Music Hall Jagger/Richards, Peter Doherty and Carl Barat, ably assisted by the rock solid rhythm twins John Hassall and Gary Powell. Any bookie worth his salt would have given you short odds on this quartet surviving more than a month or two, given the teetering on the brink lifestyle they chose to lead, but here we are two decades later and our Byronic heroes, though older and wiser, are still fighting the good fight and making music every bit as vital as their debut. The belief, talent and fervour that Doherty spoke of in their earliest manifesto has stood them in good stead.

      Up The Bracket, justly considered one of the greatest albums of the noughties, was originally released on October 21st 2002 by Rough Trade Records. The album, a heady stew of indie rock, skiffle, blues, dub and English bucolic pop, was a huge shot in the arm to a largely redundant music scene and helped to inspire the rebirth of guitar music, going on to influence countless artists who followed in its wake.

      Up The Bracket, which was produced by Mick Jones of The Clash, takes you on a wondrously poetic journey into the band’s mythical world and their fevered dreams of Albion, a land of squalid glamour, liberty, equality, fraternity, gin palaces and chip shops. Quite simply Pete, Carl, Gary and John created a hugely compelling timeless British rock'n'roll classic debut as relevant now as it was upon its release.


      2LP & 2CD Tracklisting

      LP1/CD1 – Up The Bracket (Remastered)
      Death On The Stairs
      Horror Show
      Time For Heroes
      Boys In The Band
      Radio America
      Up The Bracket
      Tell The King
      The Boy Looked At Johnny
      The Good Old Days
      I Get Along

      LP2/CD2 - Live At The 100 Club
      The Delaney
      What A Waster
      Time For Heroes
      Death On The Stairs
      Boys In The Band
      I Get Along

      BOXSET Tracklisting
      LP1 – Up The Bracket (Remastered) (black Vinyl)

      Side One 
      1. Vertigo
      2. Death On The Stairs
      3. Horror Show
      4. Time For Heroes
      5. Boys In The Band
      6. Radio America
      Side Two
      1. Up The Bracket
      2. Tell The King
      3. The Boy Looked At Johnny
      4. Begging
      5. The Good Old Days
      6. I Get Along

      LP2- Live At The 100 Club (White Vinyl)
      Side One 
      1. Horrorshow
      2. Vertigo
      3. The Delaney
      4. What A Waster
      5. Begging
      Side Two
      6. Time For Heroes
      7. Death On The Stairs
      8. Boys In The Band
      9. I Get Along

      7” - Up The Bracket – Blue Vinyl
      Side A – Up The Bracket – Original Audio Not Remastered
      Side AA – Boys In The Band – Original Audio Not Remastered

      7” – Time For Heroes – Red Vinyl
      Side A – Time For Heroes – Original Audio Not Remastered
      Side B – The 7 Deadly Sins (Demo) – Original Audio Not Remastered

      CD1 – Album Studio Outtakes
      1. Up The Bracket – Take 4
      2. Vertigo – Take 2
      3. Ha Ha Wall – Take 1
      4. Horror Show – Take 3
      5. Bangkok – Take 1
      6. Time For Heroes – Take 3
      7. Begging – Take 1
      8. What A Waster – Take 1
      9. Breck Road Lover – Take 1
      10. Never Never – Take 2
      11. Tell The King – Take 1
      12. The Domestic – Take 1
      13. Don’t Talk To Me -Take 1
      14. The Wolfman – Take 2
      15. Radio America – Take 2
      16. The Good Old Days – Take 1
      17. 7 Deadly Sins – Take 3
      18. Sweets – Take 4
      19. Mocking Bird – Take 6
      20. Boys In The Band – Take 1
      21. Skag & Bone Man – Take 2

      CD2 – Demos/Radio Sessions/B-Sides/Live Etc
      1. Vertigo – Demo
      2. The Boy Looked At Johnny - Demo
      3. Death On The Stairs - Demo
      4. Horror Show - Demo
      5. All At Sea (Misty) - Demo
      6. Wolfman - Demo
      7. Plan A – Demo
      8. Up The Bracket – Evening Session
      9. Boys In The Band – Evening Session
      10. Time For Heroes – Evening Session
      11. I Get Along/mayday – Evening Session
      12. Jo Whiley – Christmas Live Lounge
      13. Skag & Bone Man – Up The Bracket B-Side
      14. The Delaney - Up The Bracket B-Side
      15. Plan A - Up The Bracket B-Side
      16. General Smuts (Demo) – Time For Heroes B-Side
      17. Bangkok (Demo) – Time For Heroes – B-Side
      18. Mr. Finnegan (Demo) – Time For Heroes B-Side
      19. Sally Brown (Demo) – Time For Heroes B-Side
      20. 7 Deadly Sins (Demo) – Time For Heroes B-Side
      21. Up The Bracket – Live At The ICA – 3/6/02
      22. Mayday – Live At Nottingham Rock City – 30/10/02
      23. Begging - Live At Divan Du Monde, Paris – 7/11/02
      24. The Boy Looked At Johnny – Live At Divan Du Monde, Paris – 7/11/02
      25. Death On The Stairs – Alt Guitar Version

      HD Videos Of –
      Up The Bracket
      Time For Heroes
      I Get Along
      Up The Bracket & Boys In The Band – Jools Holland Dec 2002
      Time For Heroes – Top Of The Pops March 2003
      Exclusive Extras – Still Tbc

      Cassette – Early Demos
      1. I Get Along – 12/01 – Nomis Demo
      2. Time For Heroes – 12/01 – Nomis Demo
      3. Never Never – 12/01 – Nomis Demo
      4. Horror Show – 12/01 – Nomis Demo
      5. Boys In The Band – 12/01 – Nomis Demo
      6. Up The Bracket – 01/02 – Nomis Demo
      7. Begging - 01/02 – Nomis Demo
      8. What A Waster - 01/02 – Nomis Demo
      9. Skint & Minted - 01/02 – Nomis Demo
      10. General Smuts - 01/02 – Nomis Demo
      11. Bangkok - 01/02 – Nomis Demo
      12. Mayday - 01/02 – Nomis Demo
      13. Mr Finnegan - 01/02 – Nomis Demo
      14. Tell The King – 25/1/02 - Demo
      15. Death On The Stairs – 25/1/02 – Demo
      16. Time For Heroes – 1/3/02 - Demo
      17. I Get Along – 1/3/02 - Demo
      18. Horror Show – 1/3/02 – Demo
      19. Boys In The Band – 1/3/02 - Demo
      20. General Smuts – 1/3/02 – Demo

      The Libertines

      What A Waster - 2022 Reissue

        To celebrate its 20th birthday, The Libertines’ debut single ‘What A Waster’ is repressed on seven inch single (backed by original B-side ‘I Get Along’).

        Part calling card from the stars, part postcard from the gutter, when The Libertines made their first introductions there was no time for a gentle warm-up or an orienteering session to point out all the fire exits. Hell, there was no way out anyway because with their first single Pete and Carl and Gary and John dropped you straight in the middle of the energy and chaos that surged through their lives and fuelled their band. A storm of Bond-theme like riffs and ‘Carry On’ entendres, that charged forward with brakes-off drums, bass and the singers’ intertwined vocals, ‘What A Waster’ wasn’t a song to help you get your bearing with a new band, it was a track that made you realise this group would become your whole world. 

        With its Hogarth set to music visions of society’s underbelly, and a Gerald Scarfe-like sharpness to its wit, though The Libertines debut single - backed by equally energetic B-side ‘I Get Along’ - might have come out of the blocks at full speed, but there was a preciseness and a thought behind ‘What A Waster’’s ramshackle charms. Twenty years on from its release, The Libertines' opening salvo retains a freshness that is as much down to its wisdom beyond its years as it is the youthful exuberance it inspired in band and fans alike.


        1. What A Waster
        2. I Get Along

        The Libertines

        Anthems For Doomed Youth

        The Libertines release their highly anticipated new album Anthems For Doomed Youth through Virgin EMI Records.

        Anthems For Doomed Youth was produced by Jake Gosling and recorded at Karma Sound Studios, Thailand, over 6 weeks during April and May 2015. It is The Libertines’ third album and their first in eleven years.


        1. Barbarians
        2. Gunga Din
        3. Fame And Fortune
        4. Anthem For Doomed Youth
        5. You're My Waterloo
        6. Belly Of The Beast
        7. Iceman
        8. Heart Of The Matter
        9. Fury Of Chonburi
        10. The Milkman's Horse
        11. Glasgow Coma Scale Blues
        12. Dead For Love
        *13. Love On The Dole
        *14. Bucket Shop
        *15. Lust Of The Libertines
        *16. 7 Deadly Sins

        * Bonus Tracks Available On Deluxe CD Only.

        The Libertines

        Time For Heroes

          Bringing together the tracks that defined a generation, from their epochal debut "Up The Bracket" and feted, self-titled follow-up, "Time For Heroes" is a timely reminder of the unique talent of Albion's favourite sons Pete Doherty, Carl Barât, John Hasall and Gary Powell.
          The album also includes ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ and ‘What A Waster’, which have never previously been available on either of the band’s albums.

          The collection includes the classic singles ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’, ‘Time For Heroes’, fan picks ‘What A Waster’, ‘Boys In The Band’ and live favourites / B-sides ‘The Delaney’ and ‘May Day’.


          Up The Bracket
          Time For Heroes
          Don't Look Back Into The Sun
          Tell The King
          What Katie Did
          Can't Stand Me Now
          What A Waster
          The Delaney
          Boys In The Band
          Death On The Stairs (Re-Recorded)
          I Get Along
          What Became Of The Likely Lads

          The Libertines

          The Libertines

            I'd normally say 'ignore the hype, just listen to the music' but with this band you simply can't. Their story is everywhere. And it informs nearly every lyric, every slash of guitar, on this, their excellent second album. God knows who plays bass and drums on Libertines' records because this is the Pete And Carl Show, through and through. Love, betrayal, spirit, dreams and passion are set to their usual musical blend of The Jam and The Clash. Mick Jones produces again but this time the songs are better, the sound much bigger than on their debut. And that's all you need to know; that's where we came in; accept the hype, enjoy the music. It's great.

            The Libertines

            Up The Bracket

              Chancers? They'd take it as a compliment. But you don't get the Clash's Mick Jones to produce you if that's all you are. There's a real heart beating here. A rough energetic garage band fronted by two proper characters. A bit like the Strokes but mostly like the Jam. They've got the spirit of the new wave (that's 1979 mate!) and in "Time For Heroes" and "Up The Bracket" the tunes to match.

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