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The Church

The Hypnogogue

    "Let it first be said that the title track of The Hypnogogue, the first new album from The Church in six years, is one of the most breath-taking singles they’ve released in years, a darkly psychedelic six minutes that slowly spirals into a menacing descent. That alone is reason to keep this one on your radar; the Australian neo-psych band have been going for over 40 years, with around a half dozen classic albums and zero bad ones, yet their ability to keep evolving and uncovering new aspects to their sound and approach only serves as a reminder of how vital they remain after four decades." After an epic return to homeland stages, Australian psych-rock legends The Church announce their forthcoming studio album The Hypnogogue. Following on from 2017’s widely acclaimed Man Woman Life Death Infinity, the Sydney band’s 27th album was recorded just before the world was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Emerging from the darkness is the band’s first new studio album in six years and the first to feature the newest line-up led by founder, bassist and vocalist Steve Kilbey. “The Hypnogogue” is the most prog rock thing we have ever done, we’ve never created a concept album before,” says Kilbey. “It is the most teamwork record we have ever had. Everyone in the band is so justifiably proud of this record and everyone helped to make sure it was as good as it could be. Personally, I think it’s in our top three records.”

    Picking up substantial international airplay, raising anticipation for the album’s release, the digital singles ‘The Hypnogogue’ and ‘C’est La Vie’ set the stage for the album’s striking science fiction narrative. Kilbey unpacks the themes that tie the album together: “The Hypnogogue is set in 2054, a dystopian and broken-down future. Invented by Sun Kim Jong, a North Korean scientist and occult dabbler, it is a machine and a process that pulls music straight off dreams.” This new five-piece line-up is made up of Kilbey along with long-time collaborator, drummer and producer Tim Powles, who’s remained a staple across 17 albums since 1994. Joining them is guitarist Ian Haug, formerly of Australian rock icons Powderfinger, who has been with the band since 2013. Touring multi-instrumentalist talent Jeffrey Cain is now a full-time member since the departure of Peter Koppes in early 2020. Completing the line-up, newcomer Ashley Naylor is one of Australia’s finest guitarists and a long-time member of Paul Kelly’s touring band.Formed in 1980, The Church found early chart success in their homeland, before establishing themselves as an international touring entity, earning a worldwide hit with the single ‘Under The Milky Way’ from their hit 1988 album Starfish, while their stellar live shows have been deemed ‘spectacular’ by MAGNET magazine and continue to win the hearts of industry and fans across the world.Often seen as the Godfathers of an Australian psych/prog scene generating such internationally successful names as Tame Impala and King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, The Church have gone on to maintain a loyal and far-reaching following as their fanbase has expanded with their evolving sound. Entering their fourth decade as a band, The Church continue to remain a treasured creative force.


    Side 1:
    1. Ascendence
    2. C ’Est La Vie
    3. I Think I Knew
    Side 2:
    1. Flickering Lights
    2. The Hypnogogue
    3. Albert Ross
    Side 3:
    1. Thorn
    2. Aerodrome
    3. These Coming Days
    4. No Other You
    Side 4:
    1. Succulent
    2. Antarctica
    3. Second Bridge 

    Chris Imler

    Operation Schönheit

      Chris Imler likes to play drums standing up. He‘s the dandy with the killer offbeat, or, as one major German newspaper once put it, the "Grand Seigneur of the Berlin Underground". He has been making his mark on countless Berlin musical affairs since long before the fall of the Wall, with The Golden Showers, Peaches, Oum Shatt, Driver &Driver, Die Türen, Jens Friebe, to name but a few. He has also been perfoming across Europe as a solo artist for the past decade.

      In "Operation Schönheit" (German for "Operation Beauty"), he has recorded his most, well, beautiful album to date. But Benedikt Frey's warm production subverts its own beauty with a multitude of clanking and ingling synth sounds, making the work very much about the cosmetic surgery it performs on itself. It's all in the tradition of the more experimental and electronic side of post-punk in which Imler and his unique groove are rooted. It doesn't take insider knowledge of Berlin's post-punk underground to realise that that Imler groove consists of rhythm that sings, vocals that dance and a look that fits, as illustrated by "Disappoint Me".

      Elsewhere - such as in "Movies" - the rhythm sings, less electronically reduced, into the acoustics of an old, high-ceilinged Berlin apartment; metal clatters, a zither trembles and Imler plays with the metronome. Sometimes he moves ahead of time, sometimes trails behind it. He always manages to be in his very own groove, which carries everything along. And this is precisely the essence of the Imler rhythm, which lends itself to being applied to the very rhythm of life: Stretch and compress your time and loop it according to your own groove! Optimise nothing but feel everything! And dance to it! Even when contemplating everyday information overload, as Imler's high-speed mumbling suggests in the hectic yet smooth opening track "Temperature".

      But being the ultimate night owl he is, Imler manages to make even the odd bout of paranoia seem like a good thing: like some kind of krauty, groovy B-horror-soundtrackinflected high-pressure environment, "Whip Me" is a cross between Conrad Schnitzler and Bauhaus. In the title track, whose lyrics were written together with Jens Friebe, he intones: "You want to be something greater / You break your leg / When it heals again / You break it again" and sounds like the most gleeful fatalist you can imagine. Because in his city, one can still lose oneself better than anywhere else - a night easily becomes a whole universe that can be traversed, marvelled at and played with, and one might find one's old self again only when hearing "church bells" and "small birds singing". At least that's how Imler illustrates it in "Emptiness full of stars", and it seems likely that those "stars" are the human companions of the Berlin night in question.

      And so once again Imler becomes Berlin's most important cultural ambassador: that scene of the eternally, and somehow successfully, failing creatures of the night, once the envy of the international postmodern bohème, has, despite many claims to the contrary, not been completely "optimised away", and its attitude to life is perfectly summed up in Imler's groove. And, of course, his look. "Schau Hin" (German for "Look!"), he sings in the track of the same name, masterfully dubbed out with the help of Melbourne's Leo James.


      A1 Temperature
      A2 Disappoint Me
      A3 Movies
      A4 Schau Hin
      A5 Emptiness Full Of Stars
      B1 Operation Schönheit
      B2 Shining
      B3 Whip Me
      B4 Spooky Action At A Distance
      B5 Chimären Embryo

      Carl Schilde


        Initially sparked by a disappointing experience in Los Angeles, Europop is Carl Schilde’s first solo album. Feeling out of place and out of time in the music world, he started to embrace his own limitations, subverting themes like “making it” and preinternet nostalgia with a Jim O’Rourke inspired wink in his eye. While holed up in his Toronto basement, a lifelong obsession with outdated pop trickery and yesteryear’s preset sounds launched him into an alternate sonic universe—one where The Beach Boys’ late70s albums were big hits, and long-forgotten Italian soft rock is the style du jour. The resulting ten songs were given their final sheen by mastering impresario Dave Cooley (Tame Impala, Blood Orange, J Dilla).

        Born and raised in West Berlin sometime in the 80s, Carl has already had several musical incarnations. From a Berlin Art Prize nomination for his single-note vinyl record (“The whole concept makes me upset” — VICE), to glimpsing the album charts by cowriting an aging crooner’s magnum opus (“Glamorous” — NY Times), he has always been more interested in exploring different angles than building a career. Since a transcontinental move to Canada, his focus has shifted from the conceptual to the immediate music-making process, with all its imperfections. 


        1. Top 40
        2. John Stamos
        3. Roadworn
        4. Soft Dads
        5. Landline Pt. I
        6. Landline Pr. II
        7. Phase
        8. The Master Tape
        9. Blue Rinse
        10. Credits

        The Aints!

        The Church Of Simultaneous Existence

          “Rock music in the seventies was changed by three bands —the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and The Saints.” - (Bob Geldof)


          Forty years after the release of one of the great Australian debut albums of all time Ed Kuepper returns with a brand-new band and a brand new contender for the title.

          When the heavily lauded, heavily influential first incarnation of The Saints split in 1978, Ed Kuepper, the sonic architect and primary songwriter of the original band and their three albums: the proto-punk classic (I’m) Stranded (1977), the r’n'b infused Eternally Yours (1978) and the brass-laden genre-defying Prehistoric Sounds (1978) left behind a plethora of unreleased material, however, rather than attempt to salvage what could have been Kuepper chose to move on forming the legendary Laughing Clowns performing and recording in Australia and the U.K. from 1979 through 1984 before embarking on an ARIA award winning solo career that has kept him touring and recording steadily since 1985.

          Come 2017 though, and the 40th anniversary of The Saints seminal debut Kuepper was persuaded it was time to revisit and celebrate the music of his youth. Recruiting like-minded souls in Sunnyboys bassist Peter Oxley, drummer Paul Larsen Loughhead (The Celibate Rifles / The New Christs), jazz pianist Alister Spence and trumpeter and brass arranger Eamon Dilworth the band performed as The Aints! Play The Saints (’73 - ’78) covering Kuepper’s tenure with the band and all the classics including This Perfect Day, Know Your Product, Swing For The Crime and (I’m) Stranded to large crowds and a hugely appreciative response. But rather than purely recycle those formative songs Kuepper began to introduce the new-old material to an audience eager to hear what else Kuepper had been sitting on since 1978. A further positive response from the music department of the ABC saw these two iconic Australians join forces and bring to light what is in essence, the long lost fourth album by The (original) Saints. 


          1. Red Aces
          2. The Church Of Simultaneous Existence
          3. You'll Always Walk Alone
          4. You Got The Answer
          5. Country Song In G
          6. Elevator (A Song For Barking Lord Jeff)
          7. This Is Our Summer
          8. Winter's Way
          9. S-O-S '75
          10. Demo Girl Part 2
          11. Good Night Ladies (I Hear A Sound Without)
          12. The Rise And Falls Of James Hoopnoch Eefil 

          Melt Yourself Down

          Live At The New Empowering Church


            Finally! The horn-wailing, mic-swinging, percussion-overloaded, call-and-response explosiveness of the Melt Yourself Down experience is captured on plastic in all its sweat-drenched fury
            This Record Store Day exclusive LP was recorded at MYD’s sold out show at The New Empowering Church in east London late last year: “the house band from hell” in the house of GodA raw and ragged document of sweet sonic violence in a small room, it’s a strobelit snapshot, warts and all, captured for you

            MYD twist jazz, punk, funk and afro-beat into strange and brilliant new shapes
            They’ve kept raising their game since the release of their self-titled debut album in June 2013 (appearing on Later… and hitting the album of the year charts in Rough Trade, Time Out and more), and will appear on festival stages throughout the land this summer. The campaign begins with shows at SXSW and in New York in March, and club nights with MYDJs will follow ahead of the festivals - all confirmed dates below. Strictly limited edition Record Store Day vinyl LP (900 copies for the world) also includes a download of the live album. The LP is packaged in a new, dayglo variant on the already iconic album artwork. MYD have already started work on their second album. Don’t take your eyes off them

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