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Following recent excursions channeling the big room sound, Project Pablo returns with a sleeker, more refined EP for Technicolour. Opening with the sun scorched hardware buzz of "Napoletana" - 'a rough and ready duet between a MFB 522 drum machine and Juno 106'; we move through to the dreamy, nostalgic piano loops of "Last Day" - recorded in an hour just before he packed up his gear at the studio of fellow Montreal residents Braids and moved it all home. Hazy breakbeat business is featured on "Less and Less", which pairs glowing chimes with a snappy, syncopated riddim and gliding sub line. "Remind Me Tomorrow" sees a delicate, dubbed out deep house mood explored with aplomb while "I Heard You Breathing" concludes the set with a tracky number complete with sonar bleeps and tuned perc hits, creating a fleeting moment of cerebral pleasure that's tailored towards emotive, end-of-nite climaxes and sunrises over plasma lakes. Interesting, unique stuff here from the Canadian mega bod.   

Project Pablo drops “Hope You’re Well” via Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint. The Canadian producer has built an impressive discography in recent years with a consistent stream of quality releases via labels such as Clone’s Royal Oak imprint, Spring Theory, and Lone’s Magicwire.

Channeling the big room sound along with the disparate influences of his upbringing, “Hope You’re Well” was written and recorded off-the-road at a studio in Montreal. 'I focused on long form structures,' he explains. 'Digital synthesis and clean, hi-fi production was the palette - I strayed from hooks and leaned towards intuitive melodies.'

It certainly finds Pablo in reassured and relaxed style, effortlessly conjuring up four tracks that loosely skirt the house cannon with a playful sensibility. Limited copies - move quick! 

Ok so anyone with their ear to the ground may be aware of this. Last year Chicago's alt demi-god Hieroglyphic Being joined forces with percussionist / producer Sarathy Korwar (who fused traditional folk music of the Sidi community in India with jazz and electronics on his debut album “Day To Day”) and Shabaka Hutchings (the highly respected British saxophonist and co-founder of Sons Of Kemet, Mercury-nominated The Comet Is Coming and Shabaka & The Ancestors). They recorded a 100% live improvised session at the iconic Lightship95 studio moored at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London. They recorded over 2.5 hours of music across 2 sessions, with 90 minutes streamed live via NTS. Here we get some choice selections from the session, handily split across four tracks (vexaciously I struggle with naming improv sessions, posthumously, after the session has 'died', but hey that's just me - ed). "The Doctrines Of Swedenborg" gallops in on gentle percussion while sine tones beam down from the outer galaxies amid a gust of solar winds and squalls of space dust. Hutchings' sax weaves a delicate but evocative passage through the melee, elevating the track even further out of our Earthly reach. Very heavenly, and thus achieving its allegiance with the cosmos. "Call The Loas" continues the theme, with Jovian elements mixed with the typical, jarred rhythms we associate with Hieroglyphic Being and further embellished with that epic freestyle sax work. "Dimensions Of Frequency & Vibrations" sees the trio plummet into cavernous, pitch-black realms, rotating percussion patterns grinding and whirring against abrasive, caustic elements until a winding, mystic lead line comes darting in straight from Hieroglyphic's Maths+++ catalogue. "Ashrams" concludes in suitably spiritual form, a tribal mantra that calls to the gods. Featuring tough tabla fighting hard drum machine usage while an aggressive, staccato sax line fires up a storm. Excellent stuff here from three unchampioned kings of the leftfield - voodoo tech-jazz for the freaks, gremlins and cyborgs. Ace. 

Umfang makes her debut on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint with the album "Symbolic Use Of Light". Highly rated for her analogue-based rhythmic excursions previously released via videogamemusic, 1080p, Phinery and Allergy Season; the New Yorker is a co-founder of Brooklyn’s colossal Discwoman crew and resident at Bossa Nova Civic Club’s Technofeminism monthly. Here we get a collection of reduced analogue hypnopompic  excursions - drifting between the lucid and hallucinatory.

Dauwd, the US-born, Wales-raised artist has been releasing music for nearly 6 years on such noted labels as Ghostly International and Kompakt. Now on Ninja Tune, "Theory Of Coloures" sees the producer delve more into his exotic and beguiling sound pool. Pulling inspiration from electronic music legends like Terry Riley, Raymond Scott and the seminal Radiophonic Workshop period in the late 50’s and 60’s, Dauwd’s new LP draws a unique line between influences as disparate as hazy Detroit house and early German krautrock. A skilled musical engineer, Dauwd’s ability to balance between such sprawling genres is, paradoxically, an exercise in restriction, finding creative freedom in limiting his own gear. It’s clear he’s no stranger to focus; sonically, "Theory of Colours" runs tightly wound, its loops intentional and layers meticulously built. Spanning a succinct forty minutes across seven tracks, Dauwd’s fondness for delays and love for vintage synthesizers characterize much of the album, which was recorded over the course of a year primarily in a Utrecht studio that houses one of the largest collections of vintage synths and other modular equipment in all of Europe. The result is an intricate, scintillating journey that hovers between familiar and strange. For many artists, that enigmatic gap is one that’s anxiously avoided-- the fear of misidentity as a musician more important than the music itself. Throughout "Theory of Colours", it’s a space Dauwd comfortably renders as his own.

Jay Daniel (Wild Oats / Sound Signature / Watusi High) is one of the leading artists in the latest generation of Detroit electronic music-makers. This debut album on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint, "Broken Knowz", signals a departure from his previous output. Disillusioned with the constraints of drum programming and the associated deficiencies translating human feeling or emotion, he retreated to his mother’s basement, picked up his drumsticks and started recording into a multitrack mixer for the first time. The results are refreshingly exposed and overtly reliant on the sheer weight of the grooves. It’s a mighty debut from a young man seemingly oblivious to the weight of expectation associated with the pantheon of music makers hailing from his hometown. Jay recently played the Planet E showcase at Output NYC, followed by a Japanese tour with Kyle Hall (Wild Oats). Forthcoming Boiler Room album launch party in Detroit. For fans of Kyle Hall, Funkineven, Four Tet, Theo Parrish.


Matt says: Next gen. Detroit wonderkid Jay Daniel drops his much anticipated debut LP, following a slew of critically acclaimed 12"s. Taking on the long player format with ease, Daniel lays down live abstract grooves which'd make the Rhythm Section crew blush; before embellishing with scrumptious keyboard work and beautifully programmed synth patches. Exquisite!

Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being releases his definitive solo album of 2016 'The Disco’s Of Imhotep' via the Technicolour imprint.

He has built a sterling reputation both as a producer and live performer of deep, mesmeric experimental electronics and free jazz rooted in his native Chicago and his relationship with the city’s fertile underground club scene. Inspired by the likes of Ron Trent, DJ Rush (residents at The Reactor where he danced week in week out) and Ron Hardy, Moss was mentored by visionary producers Steve Pointdexter and Adonis, who showed him the drum machines that were the backbone of the Movement and whom encouraged his early forays into music production.

Releasing prolifically on his own Mathematics Recordings imprint and a clutch of other imprints including RVNG Intl. and Soul Jazz / SOTU; collaborating with Marshall Allen of Sun Ra’s Arkestra and Noleian Reusse (as Africans With Mainframes) – Moss has cemented his stature as a unique creative force. He balances his ancient heritage and musical DNA with a passion to experiment, create and channel music as a healing force, which has resulted in his art being tagged “Afrofuturist”. Moss, however, prefers to describe his output as Synth Expressionism / Rhythmic Cubism and would rather be viewed simply as a promoter of Nubian Rights.

Describing The Disco’s Of Imhotep he says:

“'The Disco's Of Imhotep' is about creating Frequencies and Vibrations for the Listener that are conducive for him or her to Heal The Mind and Body and Enrich the Soul by creating Hemi-Synced Harmonies and music that contains embedded Binaural Beats.

We have been made to believe that electronic sounds are just for Movement, Enlightenment, Primal Afflictions and Entertainment purposes, but it's much more… It's Sound Healing, but the ancestors would call it Frequency Medicine. Medicine is Healing and this project is dedicated to one of Earth's first Healers: High Priest Imhotep.

The One who comes in Peace, is with Peace."


Philippa says: Easing off on the distortion and amping up the spiritual techno vibes Jamal Moss comes up with his most accessible Hieroglyphic Being album yet. Jazzy, driving, intense and uplifting.


LP includes MP3 Download Code.

Darren Cunningham (better known as Actress) arrives at Ninja Tune's singles offshoot Technicolour with the first new material under his Levantis moniker since 2013's "Believe EP" on Trilogy Tapes. Not only is this the first long player released under this alias, but it's also the first album in the Technicolour catalogue. Reportedly "about Nigredo and possession of the shadow", "Romantic Psychology 1" finds Cunningham in typically experimental form, dragging serrated metallic synths over distorted drums and hazy field recordings. Gloomy, dark and sludgey, the eleven compostitions on the LP see the prodcer drop deeper into the mordant melancholy of his "Hazyville" LP, reminding us why he's one of the most groundbreaking artists around. 

The black 180g vinyl LP is housed in an Inspira deep black sleeve with spot varnish type and includes an artwork insert by Eve Ackroyd printed on uncoated 300gsm art card. MP3 download code also enclosed.

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