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David Christian

For Those We Met On The Way

    After 29 years with British indie/garage/beat/punk/psych-pop collective Comet Gain, singer/ mastermind and main fireraiser David Christian thought, "Why not do a solo album?" After all, some of his favourite records are also solo records by people from bands; John Cale, Gene Clark, Julian Cope, Stephen Duffy, Mike Nesmith, Curtis Mayfield, Neil Young... under the sun of his new home in the South of France, exchanged for Brexit London, a timeless folkrock album was created with the kind help of numerous friends on numerous instruments. The verve and snottiness of the Comet Gain sound can also be found here, but "For Those We Met On The Way" sounds more dandy, somehow more southern French. If you like listening to "Robespierre's Velvet Basement" by the Jacobites AND the electric songs of Bob Dylan's "Bringing it All Back Home" AND Comet Gain... then "For Those We Met On The Way" is perfect for you!

    Fleeing screaming from the group gulag after 29 years of maintaining sweet failure at all costs with his group Comet Gain (a mix of post punk, garage punk, northern soul, freakbeat/psych, early creation records, indie pop, folk rock and other such messes all churned together with films, books, left wing politics-all THAT stuff falling out of a bin onto a pile of records) songwriter and singer and oldest bastard in the gang David Christian (sometimes known as Feck) escaped to the french woods by the ocean when Boris and his rabid disgusting crew weren't looking. After a while of picking up pinecones he decided he simply had to EXPRESS HIS INNER SOUL. “Fuck it, i might as well make a solo record". Some of his favourite records were solo lps from people in bands – John Cale, Gene Clark, Julian Cope, Stephen Duffy, Mike Nesmith, Neil Young, Mark Eitzel, Sandy Denny, Curtis Mayfield, etc – and there were all those great solo solo ones from Jimmy Camel, Bill Fay etc and it seemed like everybody was looking back or inward due to that plague thing, a connection to what you loved or who you missed in order to make sense of the nonsensical world of Brexit and plague and all that shit. The LP was made in the middle of the french countryside in a barn/farm owned by Mike and Allison Targett of Heist fame where along with old comrade and wonderful drummer Cosmic Neman (Zombie/Zombie, Herman Dune) they cut the record while cows grazed with Mike producing and both Targetts adding vocals,pianos etc. Then later, the group of friends known as The Pinecone Orchestra; James Horsey and Alasdair MacLean (The Clientele), Ben Phillipson (18th Day Of May/Trimdon Grange Explosion/Comet Gain), Gerry Love (Teenage Fan Club/Lightships), Anne-Laure Guillain (Comet Gain/Cinema Red And Blue) and Joe-Harvey Whyte (Hanging Stars) coloured everything in with guitars, vocals, bass, pedal steel etc.

    So David’s rules for the LP were off to a good start. Get some good dudes to play with you, also... it's a solo record so be honest bad or good, don’t listen to any records before and rip anything off (very difficult after years of "ooh-i'll have that riff!"). Part of the weird process of looking back or trying to diary a life full of holes is that it's best managed through friends, places, records. But mainly the people you knew – good or bad – those fleeting best friends forevers whose faces you now struggle to recall, the crushes that crushed you until you wonder 'well i wonder how their life turned out'. Moving country makes you go through boxes and find memorials – letters, photos, all kinds of mementos and some tug at you preciously so the title of the record was in tribute to these half remembered and faded folks - 'the ones that burst into your heart and are then lost forever' but you can navigate your way to who you were or where or what by their psychic presence-maps to a gone you. The plan was to inhabit the songs with these moments, people, places, etc and then banish them sweetly – or as sung in "Goodbye Teenage Blue": "you've got to break the taboo by singing goodbye teenage blue" to exorcise your ghost suitcase weight – so there are songs about the future ("On The Last Day (We Spend Together)"), the present ("In My Hermit Hours", "Dream A Better Me" and the past (most of the others) and "Mum's and Dad's and Other Ghosts" which holds to the past while giving a message to a future.

    When a record has just YOUR name on it you try to make it good. No shadows to hide in, even your mum might hear it. Solo records are (technically) written by songwriters, so might as well try and write some songs. So that's what David tried and he thinks he did ok. There are broken ballads, long winding songs, short pop songs, and things in between. Acoustic guitars, pianos, pedal steels, harmonies, wonderful drumming… There are alcoholic skinheads, forest hermits, californian dudes, holloway sweethearts, bruised mods in the upstairs room, strange boys being hit by a car, painters who can’t paint no more, friends and ghosts and lovers and losers.


    1. In My Hermit Hours
    2. Goodbye Teenage Blue
    3. Holloway Sweethearts
    4. When I Called Their Names They'd Faded Away
    5. Dream A Better Me
    6. On The Last Day (We Spend Together)
    7. Lockets, Drop-outs And Dragnets
    8. Pay Me. Later, Coco + Dee
    9. See You In Almost Sunshine
    10. I Used To Make Drawings
    11. The Ballad For The Button-downs
    12. Mum's And Dad's And Other Ghosts

    Stereo Total

    Chanson Hysterique 1995-2005

      The box set "Chanson Hystérique" presents the first ten years of the bands history and, due to the death of Françoise Cactus on 17th February 2021, also unfortunately represents the last Stereo Total release.

      Since their first release in 1995 Stereo Total have spoiled us with their entertaining over-the-top-songs, always way beyond mass taste. The anti-diva Françoise Cactus and the multi-non-instrumentalist Brezel Göring have released a total of 16 albums - including soundtracks and theatre works.

      The box set "Chanson Hystérique" presents the first ten years of the bands history and, due to the death of Françoise Cactus on 17th February 2021, also unfortunately represents the last Stereo Total release in which this extraordinary artist participated.

      "Instead of buying a record, we just made one of our own …

      This box set contains the recordings from the first ten years of Stereo Total - the original albums, with original covers!,as well as various rarities. There's also a book, though not about Stereo Total. Instead it is a catalogue of Françoise Cactus's art work. These sketches and paintings embody the very latest trends in art, sex, and psychological disorders - borderline kitsch at its best! Françoise wasn't actually seeking a career as a painter with these works - she just wanted to decorate the empty walls of our apartment. We had a similar impulse with our music. With Stereo Total we recorded the music we wanted to hear; fun, with no regard for mainstream taste, naïve, perverse, and always a bit off-kilter. Before concerts Françoise often warned me not to play too precisely otherwise people might think we were just playing a recording. This was not difficult for me, as I can make an expensive instrument sound like a 50 euro piece of junk, and nearly everything we play relies on screw-ups.

      The box set was the final project Françoise worked on. Because of her tragic death, this release now represents the end of Stereo Total and a farewell to the amazing and unique Françoise Cactus: she is difficult to describe and absolutely impossible to explain. But listen for yourself …" Brezel Göring - Stereo Total.


      LP1 Oh Ah
      A1) Dactylo Rock
      A2) C'est La Mort
      A3) Miau Miau
      A4) Comme Un Garçon
      A5) Belami
      A6) Johnny
      A7) Morose
      A8) Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais
      B1) Push It
      B2) Souvenir Souvenir
      B3) Auf Dem Blauen Meer
      B4) Moviestar
      B5) A L'amour Comme à La Guerre
      B6) Get Down Tonight
      B7) Dans Le Parc
      B8) Epitaph
      B9) Moi Je Joue

      LP2 Monokini
      A1) Ach Ach Liebling
      A2) Lunatique
      A3) Supergirl
      A4) Furore
      A5) Schön Von Hinten
      A6) Dilindam
      A7) Cosmonaute
      B1) Aua
      B2) Und Wer Wird Sich Um Mich Kümmern
      B3) Tu M'As Voulue
      B5) La, Ca, USA
      B6) L'Appareil A Sous
      B7) Grand Prix Eurovision
      B8)Ushilo Sugata Ga Kilei

      LP3 Juke-Box Alarm
      A1) Holiday Inn
      A2) Comicstripteasegirl
      A3) Sweet Charlotte
      A4) Touche-moi
      A5) Crazy Horse
      A6) Supercool
      A7) Les Minets
      B1) Oh Yeah
      B2) Film D’horreur
      B3) Vertigo
      B4) Heaven's In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac
      B5) Der Schlüssel
      B6) Nouvelle Vague
      B7) Party Anticonformiste
      B8) Holiday Out

      LP4 My Melody
      A1) Beautycase
      A2) I Love You, Ono
      A3) Plötzlich Ist Alles Anders
      A4) Larmes Toxiques
      A5) Discjockey
      A6) Ich Liebe Dich, Alexander
      A7) Tout Le Monde Se Fout Des Fleurs
      B1) Vilaines Filles, Mauvais Garçons
      B2) Sous La Douche
      B3) Du Und Dein Automobil
      B4) Partir Ou Mourir
      B5) Ringo, I Love You
      B6) Tokyo Mon Amour
      B7) Milky Boy Bourgeois
      B8) Die Krise
      B9) Joe Le Taxi

      LP5 Musique Automatique
      A1) Musique Automatique
      A2) Liebe Zu Dritt
      A3) Ma Radio
      A4) Wir Tanzen Im 4-Eck
      A5) Les Chansons D’A
      A6) Kleptomane
      A7) Adieu Adieu
      B1) Für Immer 16
      B2) Je Suis Une Poupée
      B3) Ich Weiss Nicht Mehr Genau
      B4) Le Diable
      B5) Nationale 7
      B6) Exakt Neutral
      B7) Ypsilon
      B8) Hep Onaltí’da

      LP6 Do The Bambi
      A1) Babystrich
      A2) Do The Bambi
      A3) Ich Bin Nackt
      A4) Cinémania
      A5) Vive Le Week-end
      A6) Das Erste Mal
      A7) La Douce Humanité
      A8) Les Lapins
      A9) Hunger!
      B1) Ne M'appelle Pas Ta Biche
      B2) Orange Mécanique
      B3) Tas De Tôle
      B4) Europa Neurotisch
      B5) Partymädchen Gefoltert
      B6) Cannibale
      B7) Helft Mir
      B8) Mars Rendezvous
      B9) Troglodyten
      B10) Chelsea Girls

      LP7 Carte Postale And Other Rarities
      A1) Carte Postale
      A2) In/Out
      A3) Ex Fan Des Sixties
      A4) Prends-moi
      A5) C'est Fini
      A6) Wollita Außer Kontrolle
      A7) The Monster
      A8) Tetsuwan Atomu
      A9) Tu Peux Conduire Ma Bagnole
      A10) I Think Somebody Should Call The Love Doctor
      B1) Bad News From The Stars
      B2) Un Rayo Del Sol
      B3) Schön Von Unten
      B4) Je Rêve Encore De Toi
      B5) Avec Ma Valise
      B6) À La Sortie Du Lycée
      B7) Hey Protest
      B8) Les Enfants Font Des Enfants
      B9 Megaflittchen



        Berlin and Dresden trio JAGUWAR played their way into the hearts of noise romantics with the sprawling sonic landscapes which characterized the trio's 2018 debut album. Their sophomore album GOLD, is set for release in October 2021.

        GOLD is a supercharged blast of future pop, transcending borders and defying pigeonholes, an album arising from the band's predisposition to experiment. GOLD is not only danceable, poppy and endearingly intricate, it also flys in the face of the status quo, ask questions of the current state of affairs and the oppressive mechanisms in our society. GOLD is no blunt denunciation, however, but a soundtrack to accompany the realization that there is strength in individuality, thereby unlocking a new level of productiveness.

        Last Days Of April

        Even The Good Days Are Bad

          Since the mid-1990s, Stockholm's Last Days of April have created a succession of luminous, hook-laden LPs, earning the band's lead vocalist, guitarist, and all-around auteur, Karl Larsson, a reputation as a bonafide songwriter's songwriter. With EVEN THE GOOD DAYS ARE BAD, Larsson and Co. return with their 10th long player (following 2015's Sea of Clouds), a shimmering collection of eight new Larsson-penned songs that show him at the apex of his craft and LDOA achieving new levels of strength, honesty, and brilliance. The result is totally cathartic, just what the doctor ordered for 2021.

          The Telescopes

          Songs Of Love And Revolution

            The Telescopes have been described by the British music press as 'more a revolution of the psyche than a revolution of the sidewalk'; a thread consistent throughout a body of work spanning over 30 years. The Telescopes have constantly pushed at their own boundaries to unravel new pathways of existence, colouring outside the lines of all expectation to reach beyond the realm of natural vision.

            With a legacy full of eureka moments, intravenously fed through a crack in the cosmic egg, The Telescopes invoke the kind of altered perceptions that time has shown not only withstand repeated listening, but reveal something new whenever one ventures into the depths of their highly influential artistry.

            At the core of their being, The Telescopes are an all embracing concern, in every sense, a constant revolution of the psyche exploding endless spores of sound, carriers of warm transmissions seeped in aural innovation that spiral around ones inner receptors to induce a series of auditory illusions that completely immerse the listener in the grip of their own imagination.

            The most revolutionary act we can all perform is to stand by our calling, to keep doing what we do, for the reasons we are conceived to do so, no matter what. Some call it 'The New Weird' but call it what you will, it is born of love. The Telescopes are one of the very few artists that are living proof that this revolutionary act is possible to evolve and sustain free from artistic corruption.

            Songs Of Love And Revolution is a solar burst of trance inducing rhythms gripped at the helm by a wall of throbbing bass held in place by a swarm of encircling guitars. Lashed to the mast of this whirling dervish, incantations abound to dispel what is bound. This is the 12th album by The Telescopes, music for a four-piece ensemble that will never sound the same twice in any given environment or to any set of ears.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Hypnotic stoned groove and psychedelic echo abound on this stunning new LP from English space-drone stalwarts, The Telescopes. Melodies slowly weave their way around the bass-heavy churn and jangling 70's guitars.

            TRACK LISTING

            1) This Is Not A Dream
            2) Strange Waves
            3) Mesmerised
            4) Come Bring Your Love
            5) This Train
            6) Songs Of Love And Revolution
            7) You're Never Alone With Despair
            8) We See Magic And We Are Neutral, Unnecessary

            Dinked Edition Bonus 12":
            (Come Bring Your Love) Come Drown In Love (Anton Newcombe Remix)
            Strange Waves (Lloyd Cole Remix)
            This Train (Love-Songs Remix)
            Come Bring Your Love (Camera Remix)
            (Come Bring Your Love) Come Bring Your Magic Waves (Third Eye Foundation Version)

            Comet Gain

            Fireraisers, Forever!

              Here comes the beat of the broken street…

              'Fireraisers' as in those with flames in veins – had enough of the never ending spiral of stupidity and hate and greed and religious/political hypocrisy– the inexorable rise of the moron mind and those sleepwalking in their lazy hives letting THEM do this to US... a modern rite to burn away all this to the ground and see what nice flowers rise up from the ground… we imagine an army of disenchanted, beaten down kids becoming modern anarchist magicians drawing dumb sgylls of dada retribution ... 'if we all spit together we can drown the bastards'.

              The last LP was a gentler, inner, melancholic hug at 2 am and perhaps we would’ve continued to go down a sweeter road but the state of the world has meant we were compelled to turn the fuzz up and make something more brutal and instant. In defiance to our last LP – now it’s late night sadness turns to the angry morning. First take beats ethics. Two weeks of late afternoon 45s listening parties with The Rationals/Nerves/Messthetics/Back From The Grave garage/Fading Yellow comps/The Jam/Dead Moon – whatever had the urge. Trying to figure out how Rufus Thomas would sound if he joined the Swell Maps … condensing it all mixing and absorbing then forgetting it all and propelling the psychic mix tape into an albums worth of angry pop drops and slow howls.

              Recorded in a living room in North London with James Hoare (The Proper Ornaments/Ultimate Painting) with the help of Joseph Harvey-Whyte (Hanging Stars) pedal steeliest. Then turned into the record it is by drummer/producer M.J. Taylor who also produced our LP 'Realistes' – the closest cousin to this one ... songs about the evil greedy mirage of world religion, Victor Jara and those poets and teachers killed for believing in love and words, about the forgotten who are blamed for everything and can't rise up from their knees to fight back, about the high street Kali-Yuga, occult terrorists with low IQ but high ESP, about the Godfrey Brothers, about Lou Reed’s mourning dog on a road trip trying to bury his masters mullet somewhere in the desert, about those stuck in the glory days of their past myopic of the present and all the other usual losers and romantics we always bang on about – with added melody and stomp … giving no real answers but pointing fingers and prodding you in the back ... in defiance of just staying silent and letting the morons win.

              So Comet Gain is still alive longer than we should – still trying to be a collective and an idea emerging every now and then with the same grumpy erratic sounds – this one’s louder than the last one but sometimes maybe quieter. It’s made from an amazement that the hate mind is winning and we're not doing anything about it – we're still voting for these bozos and not burning the whole ugly facade to the ground. And it’s filled with love and rage. And its about 40 minutes long which is always a good thing.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says: Clashing, snarling punky guitars and peaking percussion meets sleazy alt-rock before pulling things back for gorgeous swooning slide guitar and brittle acoustic ballads. Comet Gain are pushing things rapidly forwards while still retaining their post-punk roots and superb melodic sensibilities. Brilliant stuff.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1 We're All Fucking Morons
              A2 The Girl With The Melted Mind And Her Fear Of The Open Door
              A3 Bad Nite At The Mustache
              A4 Society Of Inner Nothing
              A5 Victor Jara, Finally Found!
              A6 The Godfrey Brothers

              B1 Your Life On Your Knees
              B2 Mid 8Ts
              B3 The Institute Debased
              B4 Her 33rd Perfect Goodbye
              B5 Werewolf Jacket
              B6 I Can't Live Here Anymore

              C1 Chain Smokin'
              D1 Even This Could Be Beautiful

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