Theo Parrish


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Sound Signature

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Brand new Theo Parrish and it's a glorious return to the clickity, dusty, MPC jams we love from early Sound Signature!! Three tracks that find the Akai-sensei in moody Motor City mode; constructing those peppered drum sequences and drunkard pads to compliment a shadowy vocal track on "Weirdo" which comes in two mixes - one sans pads and with even more percussive goodness jammed in!

"Imaginary Thugfunk" sees our lovable Detroiter lay down on of his Sun Ra indebted, interstellar funk jams - with gently simmering MPC rhythms slowly thrusted into the heavens through a whole manner of jazzy meanderings and spiritual house atmospheres. A sound Theo singlehandedly invented himself, think "Sound Sculptures"-era and you'll be getting a twitchy for this frisky biscuit!

Limited copies, bound to fly out - you know what to do!


Matt says: Detroit's finest back on his own imprint and with a decidedly retroist outlook. This sounds like some of the earliest Sound Signature gems; deep, moody, beatdown soul synonymous with the D.


A1. Weirdo (Full Mix)
B1. Original Weirdo
B2. Imaginary Thugfunk

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