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Credit Electric


    Credit Electric’s six is a collection of recordings written and produced by Ryan LoPilato—featuring contributions from Judith Horn, Evan Hiller, Paul Montes, Alex Miner, Cameron Iturri-Carpenter, Lanéya Billingsley (Billie 0cean), Brian Ellis, and Eva Goodman (Nighttime). The album was mixed by Ryan LoPilato, mastered by David Glasebrook (Oliver Ray & Patti Smith, Sam Burton, Sandy’s), and features artwork by Lanéya Billingsley & Ryan LoPilato. Highly anticipated new album from Credit Electric.

    “…weaves a tapestry of lush sounds and melancholic moods, all processed through a cosmic desert country style.” Various Small Flames.

    “…holographic sophisti-pop…” New Commute.

    “…mulls loss and loneliness, rolling them around in the brain…” Raven Sings the Blues.

    “ slowcore composed in solitude at the seashore.” White Crate.


    House Of Cancer
    Backseat Driver
    Ghost Pine Eyes
    Shadows Of Doves
    Moon Dripping Down
    Lightning And Gasoline
    The Truth Can Hurt You When You Look At It With Selfishness


    Magic Mind

      Magic Mind is Sandy’s magnum opus. On their new album, the San Francisco band led by Alexi Glickman crafts a collection of songs combining inventive studio productions with timeless songwriting influenced by the likes of Bach, Brian Wilson, and The Beatles. Giant sized harmonies pair with echoing guitar and colorful synthesizers conjuring the spirit of epic 70’s surf films. After releasing Chime in 2018, a much loved album recorded in a seaside cabin, Alexi imagined a collection of songs that would invite us to glimpse an alternate world. Looking beyond the lo-fi recording techniques of their back catalog, the band collaborated with studio whiz David Glasebrook (Royal Oakie Records) to achieve a unique fidelity that retains the rough edges of Sandy’s signature sound and places them in a 3D cinematic soundscape.

      The album loosely follows an archetypal couple as they move through a mystical realm, encountering both benevolent teachers and violent apparitions attempting to tear them apart. Through it all, they are bound by love and shared dreams. Title track “Magic Mind” celebrates both the brilliance and strife that accompanies the complex minds in the Sandy’s creative family. Rather than romanticizing their suffering, the song delivers moments of sublime catharsis and transcendence. Meanwhile, lead single “Sami & Sandy” is a lost 80’s cassette pop paen of new love and hope in the face of tragedy, recorded by Jeremy Harris. “Ghost Lake” is a sun faded ballad featuring the shredding of guitar legend Brett Garsed. “Sunken Cathedral”, a sound painting inspired by Debussy, conjures the landscape of Northern California’s Mt. Tamalpais and the surrounding valleys and coastlines the band calls home.

      During mixing, Alexi’s father Eddie died suddenly, and new layers of grief and celebration were woven into the fabric of the album to honor his artistic legacy. “Ghost Lake” borrows its title from a 1978 dance choreographed by Eddie for his Santa Monica-based company Rodeo ex Machina, featuring a family of Samurai soaring above a cracked desert basin. Like the best work of Elliott Smith and Judee Sill, Magic Mind is deeply soulful and possesses an authentic intensity that is undeniable. Ultimately the archetypal couple emerges triumphant from realms of darkness, uncertainty, and adversity—a vibrant metaphor for the human experience; a celebration of what it means to be human and possess a Magic Mind. Highly anticipated third full length from Sandy’s.


      1. Dimension IV
      2. Sami & Sandy
      3. Standing On The Water
      4. Sunken Cathedral
      5. Ghost Lake
      6. Moss Landing
      7. Collapsing Star
      8. Calabi Yau
      9. Magic Mind

      Scott Ballew

      Leisure Rodeo

        Leisure Rodeo is the new album from Scott Ballew, following up 2021’s surprise debut Talking to Mountains. Born in Austin in the early 80’s Ballew eventually drifted out west to California, where he made a name for himself as a film director. At the age of 30 he ended up back in Austin, got sober, picked up the guitar and started writing songs. Most of those songs ended up on Ballew’s debut, but he kept writing and refining his craft, eventually ending up with ten tracks for a follow up album. Picking up where he left off, Leisure Rodeo features world-weary vignettes in the vein of Townes Van Zandt and Jerry Jeff Walker set to rustic country-folk arrangements. Frequent collaborators Jesse Woods, Shane Renfro (RF Shannon), Jesse Siebenberg, and Todd Hannigan are back, joined by special guest appearances from Ryan Bingham on “Border Kid” and Erika Wennerstrom (The Heartless Bastards) on “Convenience Store World”. Highly anticipated new album from Scott Ballew, featuring contributions from Ryan Bingham, Erika Wennerstrom (The Heartless Bastards), Jesse Woods, and Shane Renfro (RF Shannon). 

        Half Stack

        Sitting Pretty

          Building on the dusty country and garage inflected indie-rock of their past releases, Half Stack’s “Sitting Pretty” thrums with an expansive energy, adding optimistic songwriting and power-pop melodies to the mix. The band tracked the album with Mac Demarco collaborator Joe Santarpia, pairing locomotive rhythms and jauntily affable lyrics with their trademark whiskey-soaked spin on DIY rock, recalling artists like Tiger Trap, The Silver Jews, and “American Beauty” era Grateful Dead. Whereas singer/guitarist Peter Kegler took the lead as songwriter on previous Half Stack records, this time around he passed the mic to singer/guitarist Marley Lix-Jones for a number of tracks; The impact of her songwriting shines through across the varied tracklist, and is especially gripping on the swaggering “New Light” and psychedelic rocker “TOTM3”. Meanwhile, album opener “I Might Try” starts off strong with its vocal harmonies and soaring lead guitar; “Burnt” pairs honky-tonk rhythms with power-pop melodies; and “Diamond Dancer'' riffs on psych-rock with duelling harmonized guitars. The scope and variety of sound represented on “Sitting Pretty” cements its place as Half Stack’s most wonderfully unpredictable and ambitious outing to date. Highly anticipated new album from Half Stack. 


          1. I Might Try
          2. Burnt
          3. Cruisin USA
          4. (I Swear) I’ll Get It Right
          5. New Light
          6. Diamond Dancer
          7. Flat Out
          8. No Reason
          9. TOTM3
          10. Strangin
          11. Listen To Your Dog
          12. Lil Mixer

          Jeff Moller

          Sigh Baby

            “Sigh Baby” is the debut album by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Moller. The album finds him exploring his background in indie-rock, garage, psych, and country through ten slacker anthems that sound like a fog-pop Tom Petty. Building on his experience as a journeyman musician, the album features contributions from a handful of friends as well as current and former bandmates, including members of Sugar Candy Mountain, Papercuts, Young Moon, Michael James Tapscott, Indianna Hale, and more. Highly anticipated debut album from Jeff Moller. 

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Sad To See The Sun Go Down
            2. Still Intact
            3. Broken Hearts (Won’t Stop Beating)
            4. Raphi And Me
            5. Sigh Baby
            6. Mindlessly Strumming Away
            7. Sand, Salt Crystals
            8. Counting Waves
            9. Garden
            10. Another Name

            Asha Wells

            Water Words

              Asha Well is a San Francisco Bay Area based non-binary singer, songwriter, and visual artist. “Water Words” is their debut album, featuring atmospheric textures and haunting melodies set to thought provoking imagery. Working with co-producer Jason Kick (Mild High Club, Sonny and the Sunsets) at his Tunnel Vision studio in Oakland, CA the pair recorded 1-2 songs a week at the height of the pandemic. Kick brought his knack for arrangement, synthesis, and drum programming, helping to create a supportive environment for Wells’ atmospheric guitars and haunting melodies. The resulting album pairs textured sounds with tender harmonies, calling to mind the work of contemporary art forward singer-songwriters like Aldous Harding, Hand Habits, and Cate Le Bon as much as torchbearers like Patti Smith, Cat Power, and Jeff Buckley. Highly anticipated debut album from Asha Wells, co-produced by Jason Kick (Mild High Club, Sonny and the Sunsets). Press coverage includes reviews and features in Various Small Flames, Psychedelic Baby Magazine, and more.

              TRACK LISTING

              Water Words
              At Night
              Mood Indigo
              Bonjour Tristesse
              Blue Angels
              Drugstore Perfume
              The Well
              Up In A Cloud
              The Weight

              Go By Ocean

              Can I Communicate With The Unknown?

                Can I Communicate With the Unknown? is the new album from Go By Ocean, moniker of Northern California based singer/songwriter/producer Ryan McCaffrey. Co-produced alongside Tim Bluhm (The Mother Hips) and David Glasebrook, the album features contributions from a wide cast of characters, ranging from the tight knit community of Phil Lesh’s Terrapin Crossroads to the wider West Coast indie-rock scene, including members of The Mother Hips, Sugar Candy Mountain, ALO, Tea Leaf Green, and more. Building upon McCaffrey’s catalog of songs, the new album finds inspiration in the down-to-earth music of 1970’s Marin County, when songwriters like Michael Hurley and Jesse Colin Young lived out in Olema and Point Reyes, the kind of places where songs blow in on the breeze from the Pacific Ocean. Lyrically, the album trace’s a hero’s journey as the narrator struggles with addiction, eventually finding peace and freedom in a tumultuous world, wrestling with metaphysical and spiritual ideas along the way. Highly anticipated new album from Go By Ocean, co-produced by Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips. 

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Say Man
                2. Goin’ To Die
                3. Should Have Known
                4. One True Golden Heart
                5. Ballad Of A Masquerade
                6. Roberta
                7. Ascending Ghosts
                8. Free
                9. Autumn Days In Olema
                10. Right Moon

                Michael James Tapscott

                The Beasts Of History

                  The Beasts of History is the new album from Michael James Tapscott, featuring contributions from members of Gospelbeach, Howlin' Rain, Sugar Candy Mountain, Papercuts, Elephant Micah, Tarnation, Odawas, Yea-Ming and the Rumours, and more. Nearly four years in the making, the album pulls from disparate strands of American ephemera to create a uniquely captivating collection of songs that play out like one act plays, full of doomed anti-heroes and beautiful losers; calling to mind the small town dramas of Bobbie Gentry, the golden age pop of The Beach Boys, the lonely jangle of The Beau Brummels, the echoing melodies of Lee Hazlewood, and the experimental ethos of ambient folk. Highly anticipated sophomore album from Michael James Tapscott. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Reno News (Intro)
                  2. Cheap Hotel
                  3. The Hills Of Montreal
                  4. Bobby’s Army Jacket
                  5. Roll, Little Sparrow
                  6. The Lonely Evergreen
                  7. Bobby’s Reprise
                  8. Los Peñasquitos Falls
                  9. When Lisa Got Pregnant
                  10. Her Mysterious Past
                  11. Leopard Print Coat

                  Strange Pilgrim

                  Strange Pilgrim

                    Strange Pilgrim is the self-titled debut album from singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Josh Barnhart. Drawing on themes of dislocation and featuring dreamlike imagery, Strange Pilgrim is an exploration of life in an increasingly unfamiliar world. Much of the lyrical content focuses on the social and political uncertainty of these times; on connecting with nature and yearning for some form of freedom from the often monotonous grind of modern life.

                    Equally inspired by the bucolic folk-rock of Fleetwood Mac’s Future Games, the hazy psychedelia of Dungen, and the soundscapes of Brian Eno, their harmony-drenched psych-pop sound is centered on the experience of venturing toward some unknown horizon, come what may. Highly anticipated debut album from Strange Pilgrim.

                    “Rich in West Coast psych-pop vibes and lush harmonies, while Strange Pilgrim may have its roots in existential angst, a product of unsettled times, ultimately, it seeks to fly on wings of hope.” - Folk Radio UK. 

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. More Than I Did
                    2. Staring At The Sky
                    3. Brighter Horizon
                    4. Salt And Seagulls
                    5. Embers
                    6. Blue Light
                    7. Survive The Summer
                    8. Dance With Me
                    9. The Mirror
                    10. No Relief


                    Champions (Deluxe Edition)

                      Originally released in 2016, Champions has become something of a fan favorite and developed an enduring legacy as one of the band’s finest works. Nearly 7 years later we’re back with a special deluxe edition version of the album, just in time to coincide with the original lineup that recorded the album performing together again and label Royal Oakie celebrating their 10th Anniversary. The Deluxe Edition features 3 unreleased songs from the original sessions that serve to round out the band’s vision for the album, making an already epic double album into a masterpiece of sprawling ambition and scope. Highly anticipated deluxe edition of Whiskerman’s epic double album. 

                      Lauren Helene Green

                      Outer Highway Realms

                        Outer Highway Realms is the debut solo instrumental album from Lauren Helene Green, a multi-instrumentalist musician, artist, and woodworker from Texas, now based in Northern New Mexico. Currently half of dream-pop duo Tan Cologne, Green is a shaper of music, wood, and various creative projects inspired by both Earthly and otherworldly landscapes. In the frosted Winter to early Spring cross-fade of 2022, Green recorded 8 songs over the course of a week in Ranchos de Taos, NM.

                        The album “Outer Highway Realms" is a collection of observations on New Mexico's slow desert, echoes of time and space, morning reflections, sunset drives, guitar meanderings through hot springs, canyon loop walks, and visions floating between woodworking and gardening. Nature sounds and ambient snippets were woven into songs, creating a blend of all seasons and overlapping time. Highly anticipated debut solo album from Lauren Helene Green.

                         “…a kind of 21st century, synthesized version of Bruce Langhorne’s The Hired Hand soundtrack, fragments, vignettes, contemplative moments of desert solitude captured in all their shimmering beauty…” Caught By the River.

                        “The record continues her exploration of desert living through a rich blend of folk, ambient and drone. A sound capable of evoking the nuanced and often contradictory moods of the environment, managing to be expansive and detailed all at once.” - Various Small Flames.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Canyon Loop
                        2. Cactus Bloom
                        3. Peak Morning Reflections
                        4. Horses At Fire Water Lodge
                        5. Slow Spring
                        6. Wind Full Of Spring
                        7. Walk At Dusk
                        8. Dim Sunset Drive



                          Shadowgraphs is the new self-titled album from the Portland, Oregon based band. Representing a turning point, the album was created in the spirit of true collaboration. Written and recorded in the shadow of the global pandemic and the social justice movements that sprung up in its wake, the album finds the band grappling with the changing world and their place in it.

                          Equally inspired by classic psychedelic pop and modern indie rock, the new album finds the band branching out and incorporating shoegaze, post-punk, and dream pop influences into their sound. Highly anticipated third album from Shadowgraphs. 

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Dark Wave Magic
                          2. Dog Dreams
                          3. Morning Flower
                          4. So Close
                          5. Jet Black
                          6. Stills
                          7. Outlier Between
                          8. Loss Prevention
                          9. Motionless
                          10. Prescribed Burn
                          11. Instant Phase
                          12. I Won’t Settle

                          Credit Electric

                          Out Of Love In The Face Of A Shadow

                            “Out of love in the face of a shadow” is the new album from Credit Electric. Exploring the human unconscious through impressionistic pop vignettes, the album represents a significant evolution of the band’s sound that originally stemmed from limitations put in place by the global pandemic, before blossoming into something altogether new and unexpected. What started to emerge was a body of work that drew upon lo-fi jazz, dub, post-rock, ambient music, 70’s studio experimentation, and 90’s indie rock as much as the rustic folk of their past releases.

                            The resulting album “out of love in face of a shadow” calls to mind influences as disparate as Hiroshi Yoshimura, American Football, Scientist, and Magnolia Electric Co, all the while inhabiting a world completely of their own design. Highly anticipated sophomore album from Credit Electric. Press coverage on recent releases includes reviews and features in New Commute (Albums of the Year), Various Small Flames, Raven Sings the Blues, Psychedelic Baby Magazine, and more. 

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Out Of Love In The Face Of A Shadow
                            2. Carrot
                            3. St. Francis’s Child
                            4. Immunity
                            5. Heights
                            6. Selfs
                            7. Silver Line
                            8. Summit Sipper
                            9. Winner
                            10. Mocking Bird

                            Oliver Ray

                            Out Passed Nowhere

                              Black LP w/insert. Out Passed Nowhere is the debut solo album from Oliver Ray. Unfurling like a long stretch of road leading out past the edge of town, the album takes the listener to uncharted destinations beyond the edges of the map. Centered around Ray’s songwriting, the album finds him backed by a kaleidoscopic array of guest performers from the Bay Area, Tucson, and the NYC music communities. Ray’s transcendent tunes are brought to life in stunning wide screen detail by members of Patti Smith, Howe Gelb, and members of Sugar Candy Mountain, Giant Sand, and The Myrrors. Working in collaboration with producer David Glasebrook, the two created a unique sonic landscape for each song; throwing genre conventions out the window, they focused on capturing distinctive, emotionally resonant sounds.

                              Each song has a distinctive flavor, but like the pieces to a puzzle they add up to more than the sum of their parts. The guitar explorations of Ol’ Coyote sit side by side with the dusty folk of Setting Sun, the psychedelic swirl of Best Game in Town, the darkly orchestral Tower and the Star, and the ambient tone poem Edge City. The resulting album is a songwriting tour de force set amidst a swirling sonic landscape that recalls Bob Dylan or Cass McCombs as much as Brian Eno and Mark Hollis.

                              Out Passed Nowhere is a captivating statement from an artist in his prime. Although it may be his solo debut, Ray has been playing music and writing songs for decades, and this album stands as a testament to all those miles of road traveled; all those hours spent with pen to paper; all those songs sung and yet to be sung. Highly anticipated solo debut from Oliver Ray. Press coverage on recent releases includes reviews and features in Paste, Brooklyn Vegan, Essentially Pop , Various Small Flames + more.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Ol’ Coyote
                              2. Ready
                              3. Best Game In Town
                              4. Setting Sun
                              5. Bye Beautiful
                              6. Tower And The Star
                              7. Queen Of Never
                              8. Wise Blood
                              9. Edge City

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