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Piano Magic

Artists' Rifles - 2023 Reissue

    Baroque post-rock classic’s first time on vinyl since its original release in 2000 Originally released on Rocket Girl in 2000, Piano Magic’s third album proper heralded a seismic and surprising shift away from its more electronic predecessors, ‘Popular Mechanics’ and ‘Low Birth Weight.’ ‘Artists’ Rifles’ is Piano Magic’s first band-band album and marks their debut, actual recording studio appearance. Improvised on the spot and produced/recorded over just five days by John A. Rivers (Dead Can Dance, Felt), at his Woodbine St Studios in Leamington Spa, stylistically, the record could feasibly be described as the first (only?) baroque post-rock record, udlising as it does, consciously or otherwise, influences as broad as Bach and Codeine.

    For ‘Ardsts’ Rifles’ the core of Glen Johnson (vocals/guitars/keyboards), John Cheves (guitars), Paul Tornbohm (bass) and Miguel Marin (drums/percussion) were augmented by guests Caroline Potter (vocals) and Adrienne Quartly (cello).

    The success of ‘Artists’ Rifles,’ pardcularly in Spain, kickstarted a wealth of touring possibilides and over the next 16 years, the band toured all over Europe. It also caught the attention of 4AD Records, for whom they signed to the following year.

    This 2023 vinyl re-pressing honours the original (Matt Dornan) sleeve design and beaudful photography of Royal Ardllery Memorial (Hyde Park, London), by John Cheves of the band.


    No Closure
    A Return To The Sea
    You & John Are Birds
    The Index
    Century Schoolbook
    Artist’s Rifles

    The Rifles

    Great Escape - Reissue

      Originally released in 2009, The Rifles second studio album 'Great Escape' is being re-issued on limited edition double heavyweight coloured vinyl and 2 disc CD. It features eight bonus tracks, some of which have never been released before on vinyl.

      The album is being released alongside close to sold out 'The Great Escape' tour in October & November 2019, celebrating 10 years of the album. The original release from 26 January 2009 now has over 38 thousand copies sold in the UK, and was produced by Dave McCracken and Stan "Jan" Kybert. The Rifles used Dave Davies' (The Kinks) Konk Studios in Crouch End, Dan Hawkins' (The Darkness) studio Leeders Farm, and "The Pool" in Miloco Studios to record the album.


      Disc: 1
      1. Science In Violence
      2. The Great Escape
      3. Fall To Sorrow
      4. Sometimes
      5. Toe Rag
      6. History
      7. Winter Calls
      8. Out In The Past
      9. Romeo & Julie
      10. The General
      11. For The Meantime

      Disc: 2
      1. Talking
      2. A Love To Die For
      3. I Could Never Lie
      4. Darling Girl
      5. Lazy Bones
      6. She’s The Only One (Live) W/ Paul Weller
      7. Eton Rifles (Live) W/ Paul Weller
      8. Winter Calls (Demo)


      Freedom Run

        Freedom Run is the third studio album by The Rifles originally released 19 September 2011,produced by Charles Rees and Chris Potter. Reissued by Cooking vinyl on Dusk blue coloured vinyl


        DISC 1
        1. Dreamer
        2. Long Walk Back
        3. Sweetest Thing
        DISC 2
        1. Tangled Up In Love
        2. Eveline
        3. Love Is A Key
        4. Falling
        DISC 3
        1. (Interlude)
        2. Emily
        3. Nothing Matters
        4. Coming Home
        DISC 4
        1. I Get Low
        2. Little Boy Blue (Human Needs)
        3. Cry Baby

        The Rifles

        Heebie Jeebies

          2nd single from their forthcoming studio album ‘None the Wiser’ due January 20th 2014.

          ‘None The Wiser’ finds the four-piece on fine form, and marks another raising of the bar. Their trademark Mod and indie pop sound are present and correct, but the band have broadened their musical palette, drawing influence from, “Bob Dylan, Talking Heads, some Clash and as always - the Beatles.”


          1. Heebie Jeebies
          2. All I Need Acoustic Version

          Kev Russell's Junker

          Buttermilk And Rifles

            The Munich Records label is always good value when it comes to unearthing new Americana talent and the growly, grouchy dark americana mutterings of Kev Russell can now be added to the list. Straight from Austin Texas he has a snakebite charm and a heavy guitar throb to richocet in your brainbox.

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