Plastic Dreams

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Another legendary R&S classic repressed in very limited numbers only on a one-sided 12" vinyl. The original 1992 release from Dutch producer Jaydee was a 10 minute long Hammond organ workout and still destroys dancefloors today - infact, it was a huge hit at the early Wet Play parties here in Manchester (amongst many, many other dancefloors!). Let's see if this reissue sees it garner a whole new lease of life with the young nightclub fraternity. FACTOID! - that drum beat is the same one used by MAW on "To Be In Love". Anyway - anyone who hasn't heard of even danced to this track is either A) under 25 years old (possibly) or B) dead (probably). It was that massive! Super tasty, limited edition repress here, authentic as they come. If you don't know get to know!


Matt says: Huuuge tune for me at the early Wet Play parties (@ Kraak). Brings back a warm tingle hearing this ultra clean repress here. You need this.


A. Plastic Dreams

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