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King Hannah

I'm Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me / Tell Me Your Mind And I'll Tell You Mine

    King Hannah has proven themselves one of the break out indie stalwarts of 2022. Their debut full length album, I’m Not Sorry, | Was Just Being Me - an inspired melding of American influences as diverse as Red House Painters, Mazzy Star and Smog with more British sources like PJ Harvey and Portishead - offers a stunning showcase of the Liverpool duo’s talent.

    To celebrate a banner year for the band, City Slang will release a limited double deluxe edition vinyl containing the band's debut album & EP including a bonus track of "State Trooper" (Bruce Springsteen Cover). This all comes in newly designed gatefold packaging with printed inner sleeves. An indie retail exclusive, this edition will only have a run of 1700 units world wide (hand-numbered). 


    LP 1 – I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me
    1. A Well-Made Woman
    2. So Much Water So Close To Drone
    3. All Being Fine
    4. Big Big Baby
    5. Ants Crawling On An Apple Stork
    6. The Moods That | Get In
    7. Foolius Caesar
    8. Death Of The House Phone
    9. Go-Kart Kid (Hell No!)
    10. I’m Not Sorry, | Was Just Being Me
    11. Berenson
    12. It’s Me And You, Kid

    LP 2 – Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell You Mine
    1. And Then Out Of Nowhere, It Rained.
    2. Meal Deal
    3. Bill Tench
    4. Créame Brilée
    5. The Sea Has Stretch Marks
    6. Reprise (Moving Day)
    7. State Trooper (Bonus Track)

    Esben And The Witch

    Wash The Sins Not Only The Face

    Dispelling any burden of ‘the difficult second album’, Esben And The Witch have comprehensively transcended any such slump or curse with ‘Wash The Sins Not Only The Face’, a majestic, haunting and triumphant work that is not ‘difficult’ in the slightest.

    Their second full-length brings to fruition concepts that glimmered on their first, 2011’s acclaimed ‘Violet Cries’, but there are no laurels being rested upon here. To make their second album, Esben And The Witch questioned, challenged and rewired their past to find the way to their future and have produced their first masterpiece.

    To quote Daniel Copeman, “We had a clearer idea of what we wanted to achieve on this album, and how we could achieve it. We’re more focused, more confident.”

    Their first album took them on the road, and the road took them all over the globe. It was on these journeys, during van-held conversations, that their second album began to take shape, the band happening upon an ancient Greek palindrome ‘Nipson anomēmata mē monan opsin’ which, when translated, gave ‘Wash The Sins Not Only The Face’ its title.

    They wanted the album to unfurl like a journey, like a day, where opening songs are possessed of a brightness, an optimism that ebbs away over the record’s course. The radiant glide of opener ‘Iceland Spar’, gives way to the bleak lonesomeness of ‘Yellow Wood’, the moment where the sun sets, with closing track ‘Smashed To Pieces In The Still Of The Night’ ending proceedings at a peak of drama and intensity.

    Previously, lyrics were written more collaboratively between the trio; this time Rachel assumed the sole responsibility herself, honing her words and stories. The lyrics are inspired by TS Eliot and Sylvia Plath, by the works of Vladimir Nabokov and Philip Pullman, Salvador Dali and the surrealist movement; that, and van conversations questioning what it would be like to meet your doppelganger thousands of miles from home.

    The result is an album that finds new shades within the Esben palette, and when placed alongside ‘Violet Cries’, feels like a fuzzy image that’s pulled successfully into focus.

    All of this makes you wonder where this road will take them next. More to the point, it makes you want to savour where Esben And The Witch are at now, because ‘Wash The Sins Not Only The Face’ is a sublime experience, an album whose mysteries and riddles will entrance.


    Iceland Spar
    Slow Wave
    When That Head Splits
    Yellow Wood
    Putting Down The Prey
    The Fall Of Glorieta Mountain
    Smashed To Pieces In The Still Of The Night

    Sissy And The Blisters

    Killing Time

      Sissy & The Blisters release their new double Aside single, ‘Killing Time’ on new label Not So Pretty.

      “The Vaccines, The Strokes and Interpol are contemporary references, but the roots of Sissy & The Blisters feel a lot deeper - taking in everything from Thee Headcoatees to The Standells. Fans of garage rock take note” - Independent

      “The sound of scurrilously reinvented garage pop falling time in a massive egg timer” - Steve Lamacq, 6Music

      “A riot of doom-laden garage rock” - Sunday Times Culture

      Popular Workshop

      We're Alive And We're Not Alone

      The band came together through a love of abrasive guitars and collapsing drums when pseudo-brothers Jake and Luke found Gypsy and forced him to 'sing whilst playing the guitar'. On record they create their own world of art-disco and discordant chaos inspired by and compared to a spazzed-out danced up Sonic Youth, Bloc Party, Shellac and Elastica. 'Three-pronged indie-pop masterminds. Sounds like Graham Coxon armed with fresh socks and power-tools' - NME.

      Yo La Tengo

      I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass

        Once again moving the bar for 'what can be done in just one record', no two songs sound the same. There's everything from epic soundscapes to jaunty popsongs, to gorgeous love songs with a few rock'n'roll numbers thrown in. All delivered with humour, a smattering of falsetto and a huge dose of that unique Yo La Tengo charm.

        Q And Not U

        On Play Patterns

          First release from these emo / art rockers, since their "No Kill No Beep Beep" album in 2000. Two new tracks, produced by Ian Mackaye.

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