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Understate / Kuroi Ame

ЧЖ039 / EVA-01

    Pure Life co-owners, Manchester based Panta Rhei and Donetsk Ukraine based CMD094’s collaborative project Kuroi Ame combines with mysterious ambient producer 輕描淡寫 (qingmiaodanxie, translates roughly to ‘Understate’). Combination of traditional instrumentation and sound design electronic to create a film score like ambience Embracing the concept of the virtual band: there are also features from from Manchester’s own Greta Carroll aka Currentmoodgirl, formerly of Bernard + Edith and Pearl City, French viola wunderkind Ex Aquis and anonymous Estonian entity Rashida Prime.


    Barry says: Yet another absolute stormer from the Pure Life camp, with Kuroi Ame teaming up with (what loosely translates as.. 'Understate') for this gorgeous distillation of synthwave, ambient and cinematic synth textures. Swimming in the sort of post-apocalyptic haze the label have become such experts at, think OPN meets Hecker, pushed through a bank of effects. Hypnotic, stunning and thoroughly essential.

    Various Artists

    Ambient Punk Vol II

      "Contains 16 exclusive collaborations from 31 Pure Life artists to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the label. The first vinyl release from Pure Life records, wanting to show the importance of collaboration and make sure every artist is equally important to the next chapter of the label. For many artists included this was their first vinyl release. Demonstrates the global roster as well as various different styles of electronic that the label showcases"

      What better sampler of the increasingly essential Pure Life could there be than this gorgeous double pressing of the second edition of their well recieved 'Ambient Punk' series. There are tracks from a wide variety of Pure Life favourites, including the opening track from Kuroi Ame who caused much furore in the mailorder dept with their 2018 LP, 'Sacred'. 

      It's a widescreen collection of some of the most uncompromising genre-breaking synth music of the modern day, drawing influence from soundtrack work (as obvious as it may be, Vangelis' Blade Runner, Carpenter, Mansell) as well as heavier IDM and braindance of the 90's. If any of these tickle your fancy, you will LOVE this collection, and no doubt the label as a whole.  


      Barry says: It's ALWAYS worth taking a punk on a Pure Life release. One of the hardest working labels out there, and this collection is the perfect way to get initated with the huge variety of talent associated with the label. There never hang around for long (See also Kuroi Ame / Twin Galaxxxies releases in this week) so get on it ASAP!

      Twin Galaxxies

      Imminent Reversal

        "Twin Galaxxies is the electronic project of London based artist Alex Myers. Began in 2015 whilst living in Berlin Full hardware setup First album Alex has taken into the studio Released with full visual album by Karen Worden Influenced by the connection between the idealised promise of technology in programs such as Tomorrow’s World against the reality of how technology has evolved into a more malicious, ever-present and alien presence in our lives"

        This is RIGHT up my street honestly. Brimming with detuned wooze and brittle, saturated groove. Twin Galaxxies takes the blueprint laid down by well-known contemporaries and mashes it through a multitude of processing, resulting in a synthwave-adjacent fever dream. Wonderfully evocative and wildly inventive, this is synth music for the 24th century. These won't hang about for long, so get on it quickly.  


        Barry says: Yet another amazing release from the Pure Life crew. This time sees Twin Galaxxxies soar the stratosphere with a wonderful mix of ambient electronics, synthwave adjacent ambient soaring and deep rich analog static, rich with feeling and as evocative as can be. Really stunning stuff and as ever, pressed beautifully.


        1. Triumph Of The Object 03:49
        2. Mirror Systems 03:13
        3. Imminent Reversal 04:47
        4. Echo Razor 04:48
        5. Excrescence 04:00
        6. Infinite Wisdom 05:20
        7. Fiction Wall 04:48
        8. Between Inner Space 04:13
        9. Troubled With Lovers 03:10
        10. Vignette For VR 03:53

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