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Pure Life

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Pure Life are one of the most consistently interesting, stylistically varied labels out there and their latest outing comes in the way of the remastered synthwave / electronic masterpiece 'Ethernet' from Canadian superproducer, Cult Member.

There are moments of snapping, AFX-adjacent braindance like the spine-fluid-drainingly energetic '2 Pills' or the bitrushed glitchy maelstrom of the brilliant 'Mall Corp', but for me it's the moments of crystalline mystery and sidechained throbby pad wooze of 'Steroid Dealer' or the otherworldy euphoria of 'Dream Member' that really hit home. 

A brilliantly immersive, lysergic journey through acid house, techno and synthwave, pushed through a murky filter and beautifully presented as ever, from one of the greatest labels in the biz. Stunner.  


Barry says: Another perfectly presented, wonderfully immersive collection from Pure Life here, showcasing this sonically reworked edition of 2019's 'Ethernet' from Canadian Liam Hayden. You better get in quick for this one, because i've rarely heard a more perfect modern lo-fi electronica record, and it's not going to last for ever.


1. 2080 03:31
2. 2 Pills 02:32
3. Acid Jam Mutek 03:24
4. Steroid Dealer 05:21
5. Faygo 02:49
6. Hello Danny Boy 03:52
7. Mall Corp 03:25
8. Cinderella 99 02:54
9. Санкт-Петербург 04:50
10. Dream Member 03:54
11. Key West 06:42

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