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Primal Scream

Reverberations (Travelling In Time)

    ‘Reverberations (Travelling In Time)’ is the debut Primal Scream album that never was: 16 perfectly formed pop nuggets weighing in at just under 35 minutes.

    Boasting eleven previously unreleased BBC session recordings plus all five songs from the band’s first two Creation Records singles, ‘Reverberations (Travelling In Time)’ perfectly captures what many believe to be a crucial era for one of the UK’s most important groups as they went on to influence a wave of emerging bands, most notably The Stone Roses. It’s a collection which provides a snapshot of the youthful innocence and uninhibited passion that characterised their early two-minute indie-pop adventures.

    Bobby Gillespie says, “This music proves we really had something special going on back then. I'm very proud of this album, I'm glad these sessions are finally being released.”

    ‘Reverberations (Travelling In Time)’ will be available on limited edition black or clear vinyl, as well as a special gatefold CD edition. Physical formats of the album include a wealth of unseen period photography plus essays by band members Bobby Gillespie and Jim Beattie as well as music historian Bob Stanley. The cover illustration was provided by renowned British illustrator and designer Julie Verhoeven, and each vinyl LP comes in a lavish gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve and a large format 8-page booklet.

    A recap of the band’s early years provides the context within which the songs on ‘Reverberation’ were written and recorded. Primal Scream were formed in Glasgow during the early 1980s by Bobby Gillespie and Jim Beattie, two music obsessed kids from Mount Florida on the southeastern edges of the city. Initially inspired by punk rock and yet to learn how to play their guitars properly, early Scream home recordings were primitive affairs that often-featured Gillespie shouting into the microphone over droning basslines whilst banging on household objects that came to hand.

    By 1983 the band were developing a sound and writing style of their own with Beattie playing an amplified acoustic 12-string on songs inspired by the duo's eclectic music tastes that ranged from PiL through Love, Big Star and The Byrds via the Ramones - beautiful melodies delivered with attitude and intent. The duo became a fully formed band during 1984 with the addition of Robert Young on bass and Tom McGurk on drums, by which time Gillespie had been invited to drum - Mo Tucker style - for East Kilbride pals The Jesus and Mary Chain.

    The debut Mary Chain single ‘Upside Down’ - released on Alan McGee’s fledgling Creation Records in November 1984 - caused an overnight sensation upon release and placed Gillespie at the centre of a new and exciting sea change in the UK’s independent scene.

    The debut Primal Scream single ‘It Happens’ (backed with ‘All Fall Down’) was hastily recorded at Alaska Studios, London in February 1985 but following its release on Creation in May it caught the attention of John Peel at BBC Radio 1 who invited the band for their first session on his show. Four new songs - heard here for the first time since being initially broadcast - indicated that the band were capable songwriters with a melancholic edge and self assured swagger.

    Early Primal Scream shows were special events. The band, now augmented by tambourine player Martin St. John, were one of the most exciting and original prospects in the UK at the time. As Bob Stanley describes in this album’s sleeve notes, “They looked like a gang. More precisely, they looked like a Glaswegian variant of Love, a bunch of hard-nuts playing soft sounds laced with something potentially explosive.”

    In May 1986 the NME offered the now legendary ‘C86’ cassette to its readers offering recordings that the magazine felt captured the zeitgeist of the UK indie scene at the time. The opening track - and by far the best thing on the tape - was Primal Scream’s ‘Velocity Girl’, a new recording that featured as a B-side on the group’s second single ‘Crystal Crescent’.

    ‘Velocity Girl’ sparked an even greater interest in the band including a second John Peel session and four songs recorded for the Janice Long show. Whilst fans eagerly awaited an LP of Primal Scream material, Alan McGee was being courted by major labels who had seen the impact of The Jesus and Mary Chain and were keen to cherry-pick the best candidates from the Creation roster for stardom. The two unlucky groups chosen for McGee’s ill-fated Warner Brothers experiment - Elevation - were Primal Scream and The Weather Prophets. Delays in signing the deal and recording what would become the the band’s October ‘87 debut ‘Sonic Flower Groove’ meant that a crucial part of the Primal Scream story had been overlooked - until now.

    Released on Primal Scream’s own Young Tiki label, ‘Reverberations’ is the first in a series of limited edition releases that will explore rare and unreleased archive material. The band’s ‘Sonic Flower Groove’ album - including unreleased recordings and remixed masters - is set for release in 2024.


    Andy says: No early Primals, no Stone Roses! Whilst their first album proper was something of a disappointment, their 2 original Creation Records singles (included here)and magical BBC sessions wrote the book on 80's/60's (what would ultimately be called) indie-pop.1985-1987: just incredible and even after all these years, still, by far, my favourite era of this brilliant band.


    1. Imperial
    2. Velocity Girl
    3. Feverclaw
    4. Silent Spring
    5. I Love You
    6. Tomorrow Ends Today
    7. Bewitched And Bewildered
    8. Crystal Crescent
    9. Subterranean
    10. Leaves
    11. Aftermath
    12. All Fall Down
    13. It Happens
    14. Crystal Crescent
    15. Velocity Girl
    16. Spirea X

    As part of tici taci's 10 year celebrations, they present a soundclash between Primal Scream and Sons of Slough. Ian Weatherall takes up the story : -

    'I was listening to various Primal Scream tracks a while ago and just kept coming back to Running out Of Time - a bonus track on More Light (deluxe version) - and I just really liked it. I was talking to Andrew Innes and Bobby G and asked if anyone had ever done anything with it, and whether we could have a go - just as a studio project, nothing else. They sent us the parts and myself and Duncan Gray had great fun in the studio doing our thing. We sent the results back to the Primals and Bobby really liked it - he asked us if we'd thought about doing a limited edition 12" release .... and here it is'

    The 12" has two versions of "Running out Of Time" - firstly a dub version with Jah Wobble inspired bass and plenty of Echodek style action, and then a deep dive version more akin to Crooked man, who the Sons are big fans of. Special limited edition - don't sleep! 


    Matt says: Sons Of Slough revisit a lost Primal Scream number with deliciously dubby and baggy results.


    A1. Running Out Of Time (Sons Dub) 
    B1. Running Out Of Time (Sons Wreck Mix) 

    Primal Scream


      Across 2LPs, ‘Demodelica’ will take fans on the journey of the creation of the album, through demos and work in progress mixes, allowing them an insight into the creative process that went into the finished album. ‘Demodelica’ will also be released on CD and digitally and will feature liner notes from acclaimed British music journalist and cultural historian Jon Savage.


      Barry says: As one of the most well known albums of all time, it's no surprise that Primal Scream's 'Screamadelica' garners significant interest from those who want to know every detail about the albums' creation. Enter, 'Demodelica', cataloguing the recording process with a wonderful selection of alternate mixes and unheard rarities and filling in the lore of this piece of musical history.


      SIDE A
      1. Come Together (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)
      2. Damaged (Hackney Studio Demo)
      3. Movin’ On Up (Hackney Studio Demo)
      SIDE B
      1. Higher Than The Sun (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio)
      2. Higher Than The Sun (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)
      3. I’m Coming Down (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio)
      4. I’m Coming Down (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)
      SIDE C
      1. Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio)
      2. Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Isle Of Dogs Hypnotone Mix)
      3. Don’t Fight It, Feel It (EMI Publishing Studio Mix)
      4. Inner Flight (Hackney Studio Vocal Mix)
      5. Inner Flight (Henry Accapella Jam Studio)
      6. Inner Flight (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)
      SIDE D
      1. Shine Like Stars (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)
      2. Shine Like Stars (Eden Studios Demo)
      3. Screamadelica (Eden Studios Demo)

      Primal Scream

      The Screamadelica 12" Singles

        The 12” singles box features nine replicas of the singles from the original campaign, all pressed on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl – as well as a tenth disc, which consists of a previously unheard remix (and accompanying instrumental) of ‘Shine Like Stars’ by the album’s late and beloved producer Andrew Weatherall. The box also features three art prints by the album’s cover artist Paul Cannell and a download code.


        Disc 1: Loaded EP
        A. Loaded
        B. I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have / Ramblin’ Rose (Live In NYC)

        Disc 2: Loaded EP
        A. Loaded (Terry Farley Remix)
        B. I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have / Ramblin’ Rose (Live In NYC)

        Disc 3: Come Together
        A. Come Together (Terry Farley Extended Mix)
        B. Come Together (Andy Weatherall Extended Mix)

        Disc 4: Come Together
        A. Come Together (The Hypno Tone Brain Machine Mix)
        B. Come Together (BBG Mix)

        Disc 5: Higher Than The Sun
        A. Higher Than The Sun (12” Mix)
        B. Higher Than The Sun (American Spring Mix)

        Disc 6: Higher Than The Sun
        A. Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)
        B. Higher Than The Orb

        Disc 7: Don’t Fight It, Feel It
        A. Don’t Fight It, Feel It (12” Version)
        B. Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix)

        Disc 8: Don’t Fight It, Feel It
        A. Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Graham Massey Mix)
        B. Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Instrumental)

        Disc 9: Dixie Narco EP
        A. Movin’ On Up / Stone My Soul
        B. Carry Me Home / Screamadelica

        Disc 10: Shine Like Stars
        A. Shine Like Stars (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
        B. Shine Like Stars (Instrumental)

        Primal Scream

        Dixie Narco EP (RSD21 EDITION)



          A hidden but much loved  gem from the band's early 90s output, the Dixie-Narco EP was released in 1992. Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, it marked a continuation of the experimentation explored on the preceding Screamadelica album, taking in acid house, country blues and a rare Dennis Wilson cover across its four tracks. Long out of print, the 2021 RSD edition is the first official reissue since 1992. Artwork and packaging replicates that of the original EP

          Primal Scream

          Velocity Girl

            Velocity Girl was originally released in 1986 and quickly become a landmark single for the British indie scene, inspiring the C-86 movement and a generation of guitar bands. For the first ever reissue – it has never been included on any Primal Scream album or compilation – it will be backed by Broken, a brand new song recorded earlier this year. The 7” will be available exclusively to Independent retail stores only.

            Primal Scream

            Give Out But Don't Give Up - The Original Memphis Recordings

            “In 1993 Primal Scream went to Memphis to make an album with Tom Dowd and the Muscle Shoals rhythm section, that album never saw the light of day , until now .....” Bobby Gillespie 2018.

            Following the recent discovery of these tracks in a box lurking in Andrew Innes’ basement, Primal Scream now release the original studio recordings from Memphis of the tracks that eventually became their 1994 album ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’.

            Teaming up with legendary producer Tom Dowd and the Muscle Shoals rhythm section of David Hood (bass) and Roger Hawkins (drums) at Ardent Studios in Memphis, the resulting recordings from those classic sessions showcase the more country soul, rock’n’roll side to a band who continue to surprise. It’s Primal Scream as you’ve never heard them before.

            Dowd’s deft production, coupled with the merging of this sublime rhythm section and one of the UK’s best ever bands, led to the creation of nine glorious tracks that run the gamut between blues, gospel and brilliant songwriting, available for the first time.

            “I felt we went down there with such good intent, but somehow we lost our way afterwards,” Bobby Gillespie admits. “There’s definitely a lesson to be learned about how creativity can go down the wrong track. We’re a band that constantly keeps moving and doesn’t look back, but, for years, I felt bad about us going to Memphis and not doing what we set out to do. Hearing these songs after all this time has made everything all right again. I feel redeemed.”

            After their genre-defying breakout album ‘Screamadelica’ (1991), now widely regarded as one of greatest albums of all time, Primal Scream relocated to Memphis in 1993 to record what would become ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’.

            Once the band and Creation Records’ boss Alan McGee heard the recordings, however, they were both confused and underwhelmed. Their inner punks got the better of them and they brought producer George Drakoulias onboard to overhaul the recordings, with the band replacing, guitar, bass and drum parts over several sessions in the ensuing weeks until they were left with what became ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’.

            TRACK LISTING

            CD Track Listing:
            CD1 – TOM DOWD ALBUM MIX:
            1. Jailbird
            2. Rocks
            3. Call On Me
            4. Everybody Needs Somebody
            5. Sad And Blue
            6. Big Jet Plane
            7. Free
            8. Jesus
            9. (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind

            CD2 – ARDENT OUTAKES:
            1. Billy / To Love Somebody
            2. Memphis Groove (Improvised Song Jam)
            3. Sad And Blue (Early Rehearsal Jam)
            4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Trying To Get To You
            5. Big Jet Plane (Early Rehearsal Jam / Tom Dowd Instructions)
            6. Free (Bobby Vocal / Full Band Rehearsal Jam)
            7. Everybody Needs Somebody (Alternative Recording)
            8. Country Guitar
            9. Jailbird Guitar
            10. Jesus (Monitor Mix )
            11. Funky Jam (Original Recording)
            12. Free (Early Rehearsal Sitar /Piano / Bobby Vocal)
            13. Call On Me (Monitor Mix)
            14. Cry Myself Blind (Monitor Mix)
            15. All I Have To Do Is Dream

            LP Track Listing:
            SIDE A
            1. Jailbird
            2. Rocks
            3. Call On Me
            SIDE B
            4. Everybody Needs Somebody
            5. Sad And Blue
            SIDE C
            6. 1. Big Jet Plane
            7. 2. Free
            SIDE D
            8. Jesus
            9. (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind

            Primal Scream


              Primal Scream had been fragile, 60s obsessed  dreamers, influenced by Love and (particularly) The Byrds (85-87) but in 1989 they were NY Dolls leather-clad rockers with the odd Big Star slowie or Stonesy ballad thrown in for good measure. Then BANG acid house and ecstasy hit  and in the spirit of the day, Andy Weatherall took one of those Stones style heartbreakers and made the hit single "Loaded" . Indie-Dance was born, anyone remember?!But this LP is much, much bigger than that. It goes up, it comes down, and covers all the magic in between. There's blues, soul, gospel, house, dub and yes a beautiful Stonesy ballad ("Damaged"). No songs are fillers, it's a perfectly realised musical statement. With the Orb, Andy Weatherall and even the Stones'Jimmy Miller to help them, they created one of the best albums of the 90s that still resonates today. Higher than the sun.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Andy says: First time on a cd-only box set for every single Screamadelica affiliated track. Lovely new booklet and a storming live set (which better illustrates the band's fusion of rock'n'roll and dance grooves) make this a brilliant collection.

              Martin says: Classic album, perfectly presented.

              Patrick says: Not only do you get a defining moment in musical history, you get all the remixes, live versions and backstory to put the whole thing in context. Raver, do yourself a favour!

              TRACK LISTING

              LP Tracklisting
              Side A

              1. Movin' On Up
              2. Slip Inside This House
              3. Don't Fight It, Feel It
              Side B
              1. Higher Than The Sun
              2. Inner Flight
              3. Come Together
              Side C
              1. Loaded
              2. Damaged
              3. I'm Comin' Down
              Side D
              1. Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)
              2. Shine Like Stars

              CD Tracklisting
              Disc: 1

              1. Movin' On Up
              2. Slip Inside This House
              3. Don't Fight It, Feel It
              4. Higher Than The Sun
              5. Inner Flight
              6. Come Together
              7. Loaded
              8. Damaged
              9. I'm Comin' Down
              10. Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)
              11. Shine Like Stars
              Disc: 2
              1. Movin' On Up
              2. Stone My Soul
              3. Carry Me Home
              4. Screamadelica
              Disc: 3
              1. Loaded
              2. Loaded 7"
              3. Come Together
              4. Come Together
              5. Come Together
              6. Come Together
              7. Come Together
              8. Higher Than The Sun
              9. Higher Than The Sun
              10. Higher Than The Sun
              11. Don't Fight It
              12. Don't Fight It
              13. Don't Fight It
              14. I'm Losing More (Than I'll Ever Have)
              Disc: 4
              1. Movin' On Up
              2. Slip Inside This House
              3. Don't Fight It, Feel It
              4. I'm Losing More (Than I'll Ever Have)
              5. Damaged
              6. Screamadelica
              7. Loaded
              8. Come Together
              9. Higher Than The Sun
              10. Cold Turkey
              11. No Fun

              Primal Scream

              Beautiful Future

                "Beautiful Future" is Primal Scream's tenth album release and their first for B-Unique. As you would expect from one of Britain's most exciting and inventive bands "Beautiful Future" displays a heady mix of genre crunching taking in Philly soul, dark electro, accelerated rock n roll riffs and pure British pop all given that particular Scream edge. Highlights include the single "Can't Go Back", which is the kind of high energy rock n roll the band excel at, all kinetic drum beats and scuzzy guitar riffs, everything moving at methamphetamine rate. Elsewhere, there's a duet with CSS' Lovefoxxx, "I Love To Hurt (You Love To Be Hurt)" that's full of shivering electro pulses and tense, claustrophobic rhythms. Lovefoxx isn't the only guest to appear on the album, joining Bobby on a duet of Fleetwood Mac's "Over And Over" is legendary British folk singer Linda Thompson, while Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme contributes guitar to the album's closing track "Necro Hex Blues".

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