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The Dentists

Janice Long Session 02.04.87

    The Medway Sound comes to Precious with Kent’s finest, The Dentists. Released here for the first time ever, this is the band's one and only Radio 1 session, recorded in the spring of 1987 for Janice Long. It features their legendary cover of ‘Both Sides Now’, and two tracks that ended up on their Writhing On The Shagpile EP released in the summer. The final song, ‘Heaven’, was unreleased until it was re-recorded for 1993's Powdered Lobster Fiasco. Package includes sleeve notes from Bob Collins and a set of five postcards with rare pics – plus free download codes. Strictly limited to 300 copies.


    Both Sides Now
    (We Thought We'd Got To) Heaven
    Just Like Olver Reed
    A Strange Way To Go About Things

    Helen Love

    Steve Lamacq Session 16.09.98

      Thirty years after they started kicking out the jams, indie legends Helen Love make their debut on Precious with a session that has legendary status with fans – and with listeners of Steve Lamacq’s much-loved Evening Session.

      Yes indeedy, pop pickers, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of its initial broadcast, this is the session featuring none other than Joey Ramone on the phone and a never-to-be-forgotten (and never-before-released) cover of The Clash’s ‘Tommy Gun’ that morphs into a jingle for Lammo.

      Then we get three Helen Love classics, great photos from Alison Wonderland and a set of postcards (and Joey shows up here as well – more than once) Free downloads with the vinyl – and get a move on, because there are only 300 copies.


      Tommy Gun
      Does Your Heart Go Boom
      Shifty Disco Girl

      The Bodines

      Janice Long Session 18.11.85

        An early signing to Alan McGee’s Creation label, The Bodines were the missing link between Orange Juice and Echo and the Bunnymen. Never before released on vinyl, this is their first BBC session, featuring a fantastic version of C86 classic ‘Therese’ plus three more of their early setlist staples.

        All four of these tracks featured on their wonderful Ian Broudie produced debut album which as released a couple of years later.

        Package also features a set of postcards with unseen Bleddyn Butcher pics, sleeve notes by Mick Ryan and Paul Brotherton plus free download codes.
        Limited to 350 copies.


        Laura says: One of my favourite bands from the mid / late 80's. Originally signed to Creation Records they were then snapped up by Magnet, releasing their debut album and a handful of singles before gravitating back to Manchester based Play Hard Records run by Dave Haslam and Nathan McGough.

        "Therese" which features on this session is a slice of pop genius!


        Scar Tissue
        William Shatner
        The Back Door

        The Bodines

        Janice Long Session 09.07.86

          Never before released in any form, this is the second BBC session from The Bodines.

          Features What You Want and Slip Slide which later featured on their debut album. Slip Slide was also released as a single with Naming Names and Long Time Dead on the B-side.

          Package also features a set of postcards with unseen pics by Kevin Cummins, sleeve notes by Mick Ryan and John Rowland plus free download codes.

          Limited to 350 copies.


          Laura says: Glossop four piece The Bodines were one of the most underrated bands of the mid / late 80s. They released some classic jangle-pop singles and a wonderful Ian Broudie produced LP.


          What You Want
          Slip Slide
          Naming Names
          Long Time Dead

          The Orchids

          John Peel Session 08.05.90

            Never before released on vinyl, this is the Sarah Records’ legends at their finest on their debut session for John Peel in 1990. The four songs here include a cracking version of live favourite ‘Caveman’ (better than the Lyceum mini-LP version, how the band wanted it!) and two others destined to end up on their Unholy Soul album – plus one song never properly released at all. Precious package also features a set of six postcards with unseen pics from studio and tour and download codes.

            TRACK LISTING

            Frank De Salvo
            Dirty Clothing
            And When I Wake Up

            The Orchids

            John Peel Session 09.04.94

              Now you’re gonna want this – more unreleased Orchids material! This is the enigmatic Scottish five-piece’s second session for John Peel, four years after the first, by which time they’d started phoning in football reports to the legendary DJ. Two of these songs were never released at the time, though one came out as a demo about 25 years later (the shoulda-been-single ‘Patience Is Mine’) – and the other two were very different on Striving For The Lazy Perfection. Package also features a set of six postcards with unseen pics from their famous session at Toad Hall Studios in Glasgow.

              TRACK LISTING

              Patience Is Mine
              Waiting Seems Vain
              A Living Ken And Barbie (Back To Basics Mix)
              The Searching

              The Soup Dragons

              John Peel Session 24.02.86

                Never before released on vinyl, this is the Soup Dragons’ very first session for the iconic John Peel show, back in the legendary Scottish popsters’ formative days when they were indie kids finding their way, long before their pioneering efforts in indie-dance crossover. Features an early version of blistering single Whole Wide World, plus never-released early-setlist staples such as Too Shy To Say and Learning To Fall. Sleeve notes by Sean Dickson, who also did the masters. Includes download codes and a set of postcards.

                TRACK LISTING

                Too Shy To Say
                Whole Wide World
                Learning To Fall
                Just Mind Your Step Girl

                The Soup Dragons

                Janice Long Session 01.09.86

                  The Soup Dragons’ second BBC session (this time for the band’s longstanding friend Janice Long) reveals a group on the verge of change – as witnessed by the fact that most of these songs were never released in any shape or form. Make My Day is a prototype of the single Head Gone Astray, while Lindy’s Realised was named in tribute to the Go-Betweens’ drummer Lindy Morrison. It has never before been released. Sleeve notes by Jim McCulloch; mastered by Sean Dickson. Includes download codes and a set of postcards.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Slow Things Down
                  Make My Day
                  Lindy’s Realised
                  The Same Old Story

                  The Soup Dragons

                  John Peel Session 06.01.87

                    So what do you do when you’ve had a run of BBC sessions and fancy trying something different? How about a session of cover versions, with each member of the band choosing a song? The Soup Dragons were changing before our ears – one listen to their version of Purple Haze tells you that. Of course, their fondness for a cover was to re-emerge years later with Top 5 hit I’m Free (a Rolling Stones song); they didn’t do that song for the BBC – but we do have a six-second arthouse prank that reportedly did not entirely amuse John Peel. Sleeve notes by Sushil K Dade; mastered by Sean Dickson. Includes download codes and a set of postcards.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Our Lips Are Sealed
                    The Kids Are Alright
                    Purple Haze
                    Listen To This

                    The Soup Dragons

                    Janice Long Session 30.06.87

                      The Soup Dragons’ status as indie-dance pioneers is often overlooked; first, though, came a more rocky sound, as evidenced on their fourth session for the BBC (and the second for longtime supporter, the much missed Janice Long). Can’t Take No More, however, was actually one of their earliest songs; a re-recorded version went to No.1 on the indie charts and just missed the Top 50 in the UK. Session includes another future single in Kingdom Chairs and the instrumental Cow Nest, never before released. Sleeve notes by Ross Sinclair; mastered by Sean Dickson. Includes download codes and a set of postcards.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Can’t Take No More
                      Kingdom Chairs
                      Cow Nest
                      Turning Stone


                      John Peel Session 02.09.94

                        “Boyracer were on Sarah for three EPs, but there wasn't a scene we easily fit into – we were often too twee for the punks, and a little too ramshackle for much of the Sarah supports we blagged our way onto.” Stewart Anderson

                        Find out for yourself with Boyracer’s only session for the legendary John Peel featuring the band in typically feisty form with three of their own songs (under pointed alternate titles, one of them a version of ‘He Gets Me So Hard’) plus a cover of a single by beloved Sarah stablemates Even As We Speak. Package includes sleeve notes and a set of six postcards with vintage flyers and other stuff – and we’ve stuck a Peel interview with Nicola Hodgkinson as a bonus hidden track on the download (thanks Stew!)


                        John Peel Session 13​.​10​.​98

                          Hefner’s unique brand of lo-fi indie folk made them a staple of John Peel’s show in the late 1990s, when they often took high rank in the annual Festive 50 chart voted for by the legendary broadcaster’s devoted listeners. Released on vinyl for the first time, this is the group’s first Peel session, featuring a Beach Boys cover plus three early Hefner songs - and free downloads of the original BBC files and a set of postcards featuring early gig flyers designed by Darren.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. The Science Fiction (Peel Session) 04:30
                          2. I Stole A Bride (Peel Session) 05:23
                          3. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (Peel Session) 02:40
                          4. Lisa And Me (Peel Session) 02:38

                          This Poison!

                          John Peel Session 30​.​11​.​87

                            “I love this session. Four great songs full of hooks. All of them under the three-minute mark. La-la-la singalongs. Shiny guitars. What more do you want?” Gideon Coe

                            From Perth in Scotland, This Poison! released two classic late 80s singles on the Wedding Present’s Reception Records and that was it. Apart from this stunning Peel session, featuring four songs that never saw the light of day on vinyl during the band’s lifetime. “Rip-roaring stuff!” said John Peel, and he wasn’t wrong. Package also includes download codes, sleeve notes from Derek Moir and a set of postcards – among them one from the great man himself sent to the band, a must for any Peel devotees.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Question Mark (Peel Session) 02:13
                            2. St Johnstoun (Peel Session) 02:45
                            3. Driving Skills (Peel Session) 02:15
                            4. It'll All Work Out (Peel Session) 02:07


                            David Jensen Session 08​.​12​.​82

                              On vinyl for the first time, this is the only BBC session ever recorded by legendary 1980s indie pioneers Hurrah!, featuring an early version of their fabled second single ‘Hip Hip’ alongside three more bursts of immaculate guitar pop. Comes with a set of postcards – first 250 copies signed by Paul Handyside and Taffy Hughes, who have also provided sleeve notes. Postcards also feature excerpts from the Kitchenware fanzine, the first-ever group photo shoot and a Bleddyn Butcher photo; Bleddyn also did the cover. And download codes, of course.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Hip Hip (Jensen Session) 02:40
                              2. Saturday’s Train (Jensen Session) 03:10
                              3. This Boy (Jensen Session) 02:59
                              4. Lonely Room (Jensen Session) 04:36

                              Marine Research

                              John Peel Session 18​.​05​.​99

                                This is the only BBC session ever recorded by the wonderful Marine Research, the group formed by members of Sarah legends Heavenly following the death of Mathew Fletcher. Gatefold double 7” vinyl has four songs, among them the gorgeous ‘Angel In The Snow’ and previously unreleased ‘Bad Dreams’, featuring David Gedge of the Wedding Present) plus ‘Capital L', which would probably have been a single if the band hadn’t split up. Package includes a set of postcards with previously unseen pics, download codes and informative sleeve notes from Amelia Fletcher. As an added extra freebie on the download, you also get a live show from BBC Sound City in Liverpool in October 1999 - introduced by Peel himself.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. I Confess (Peel Session) 03:25
                                2. Angel In The Snow (Peel Session) 04:18
                                3. Bad Dreams (Peel Session) 04:16
                                4. Capital L (Peel Session) 04:55


                                Steve Lamacq Session 24​.​03​.​99

                                  Third and final Hefner contribution to the Precious singles series … and what a contribution it is, a session from Steve Lamacq’s ‘Live Lounge’ with a Jonathan Richman cover in the mix. The download will also include ‘The Hymn For The Cigarettes’, which the band played live into the show from Maida Vale. Plus the package includes a set of four 'Hefner does DiY' postcards by Darren Hayman, which any self-respecting fan will surely want. And he's done his usual top job on the sleeve notes.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. The Weight Of The Stars (Lamacq Session) 02:57
                                  2. The Hymn For The Things We Didn't Do (Lamacq Session) 03:38
                                  3. Every Little Gesture (Lamacq Session) 04:04
                                  4. To Hide A Little Thought (Lamacq Session) 03:04


                                  Steve Lamacq Session 15​.​07​.​98

                                    Indie favourites Hefner were to become regulars at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios with both Steve Lamacq and John Peel vying for their services. This is the group’s first-ever BBC session, recorded for Lamacq soon after the release of their debut LP; among the four songs is live favourite Twisting Mary’s Arm, which was usually the closing song of their live set. According to Darren Hayman, they intended never to record it but eventually relented. Gatefold package also includes free downloads of original BBC files and a set of postcards.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. The Librarian (Lamacq Session) 04:17
                                    2. Tactile (Lamacq Session) 04:53
                                    3. May God Protect Your Home (Lamacq Session) 04:11
                                    4. Twisting Mary's Arm (Lamacq Session) 05:04


                                    John Peel Session 08​.​04​.​97

                                      Here's the explosive second Peel session from the masters of discord (or should that be dischord?). You'll want this for 'Deanshanger' alone but the rest's pretty good too – including two previously tracks – made up on the spot according to the group. Features a set of postcards, download codes and sleeve notes from Linda telling us how relieved she was to miss out on TOTP.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1. Slash/Oblique (Peel Session) 04:19
                                      2. Deanshanger (Peel Session) 04:59
                                      3. Outside Of It (Peel Session) 06:34
                                      4. Place Called Clock (Peel Session) 03:56


                                      John Peel Session 20​.​08​.​94

                                        On vinyl for the fist time, this is Prolapse's spectacular debut session for John Peel, featuring divergent versions of a couple of classics and the previously unreleased 'Broken Cormorant', the subject of much debate among devotees down the years. As usual, comes with a set of postcards – among them a Joe Dilworth contact sheet – plus download codes for the BBC WAVs. And sleeve notes from Scottish Mick.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Serpico (Peel Session) 05:40
                                        2. Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc (Peel Session) 04:49
                                        3. When Space Invaders Were Big (Peel Session) 04:25
                                        4. Broken Cormorant (Peel Session) 05:21


                                        John Peel 14.04.91

                                          Released on vinyl for the first time, this is Heavenly’s first three-song session for John Peel, dating from early in the group’s life when they were still a four-piece – vinyl also features a couple of gems from elsewhere, one of them a rare Beatles cover. Includes free download of original BBC files and sleeve notes from Amelia and Rob – plus a set of postcards.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          And The Birds Aren’t Singing
                                          So Little Deserve
                                          Escort Crash On Marston Street 

                                          Plus Extras (She Says - Borobudur Version, It Won’t Be Long - Revolution No.9 Version)


                                          John Peel 07.05.94

                                            Legendary Sarah band’s second session for John Peel, released on vinyl for the first time and featuring versions of some of their favourite songs – among them Dumpster, set to become Three Star Compartment on the Decline And Fall of Heavenly LP later in 1994. Includes free download of original BBC session recordings plus sleeve notes from Cathy and Peter and a set of postcards.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            Itchy Chin
                                            Sperm Meets Egg
                                            So What?

                                            The Jasmine Minks

                                            Janice Long 24.11.86

                                              “The Jasmine Minks were the first real Creation band – their single ‘Think!’ was the fourth single we put out. An amazing unknown gem of a band. Working-class heroes – to me, anyway.” Alan McGee

                                              Formed in Aberdeen in 1983, the Jasmine Minks were one of the original artists on Alan McGee’s fledgling Creation label and regulars at the storied Living Room. They recorded several classic singles for the label – among them ‘Think!’, ‘What’s Happening?!’ and ‘Cold Heart’ – plus a number of LPs.

                                              Adam Sanderson had left the band by the time of their second BBC session, this time for Janice Long, with Wattie Duncan joining (and actually getting them the session!) This second outing features early versions of some of Shepherd’s best-known songs, including future favourite ‘Cut Me Deep’ and the soulful ‘Ballad’ (later released as ‘Soul Station’) – plus a rampant version of old single ‘Where The Traffic Goes’. 

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Follow Me Away
                                              Cut Me Deep
                                              Where The Traffic Goes

                                              BMX Bandits

                                              Janice Long 09.04.87

                                                "If I could be in any other band, it would be BMX Bandits." Kurt Cobain

                                                Much loved in ultra-hip circles across the globe for 35 years, BMX Bandits are the extended musical family of Duglas T. Stewart. Many notable Glasgow-based musicians have passed through the group, among them Stewart’s childhood friends Norman Blake, who later founded Teenage Fanclub, and Sean Dickson and Jim McCulloch of the Soup Dragons, who also came out of Bellshill in Scotland.Both appear on this session from 1987 recorded for long-term supporter Janice Long for the BBC.

                                                Jowe Head, of Swell Maps and Television Personalities, is among those to appear on this second session, which includes a version of the jazz standard ‘Take Five’ – with words.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Rosemary Ledingham
                                                Figure 4
                                                Take Five

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