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Precious Recordings

About this item

This limited edition 3x10" collection features the two Precious Recordings Sessions EPs along with a Radio Clyde Session EP which is exclusive to this bundle.


John Peel Session
1. Loopholes 02:44
2. From This Day On 04:42
3. What Is There To Smile About? 02:47
4. Mirror Breaks 03:46

Janice Long Session

1. Never Seen Before 02:55
2. Pathetic Trivia 02:38
3. Heaven … Rains [Going To Heaven To See If It Rains] 03:06
4. Nothing Really Matters 03:04

Radio Clyde Session
5. Lovely Little Swan 03:48
6. Le Grande Ennui [Knee Trembler] 04:37
7. Nature Thing 03:59
8. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 04:25

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