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Of Montreal

Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer - 2024 Reissue

    Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? is of Montreal's landmark 2007 album. The album defined of Montreal's career and continues to be hailed as a classic. Pitchfork called the album "Ceaselessly fascinating and inexhaustibly replayable," honoring it with "Best New Music" and placing it in the Top 5 albums of 2007.

    With Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?, of Montreal has created its masterpiece. It is an irresistible and remarkable album, sounding like a logical extension of the erratic indie-disco sounds of The Sunlandic Twins. However, Hissing Fauna is also the most personal of Montreal album to date, with Kevin Barnes, lead of Montreal songwriter, pouring tremendous amounts of emotion, heartbreak, frustration and elation into its twelve tracks.

    Written and recorded primarily during what they call "an insane year," Hissing Fauna sees Barnes adopt a new writing style. It's an unabashedly autobiographical attempt from a songwriter whose early material tended towards characters and story-songs. Barnes continues down the whimsical pop-funk path, while changing up its lyrical scope; and Hissing Fauna balances its poppy nature while showcasing brutal and unflinching honesty. 


    1. Suffer For Fashion
    2. Sink The Seine
    3. Cato As A Pun
    4. Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse
    5. Gronlandic Edit
    6. A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger
    7. The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
    8. Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider
    9. Faberge Falls For Shuggie
    10. Labyrinthian Pomp
    11. She's A Rejecter
    12. We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling
    13. Du Og Meg
    14. Voltaic Crusher/Undrum To Muted Da
    15. Derailments In A Place Of Our Own
    16. Miss Blonde, Your Papa Is Failing
    17. No Conclusion 

    Xiu Xiu

    Unclouded Sky - 10th Anniversary Edition

      During the summer of 2013, Xiu Xiu frontman Jamie Stewart and producer Shahzad Ismaily traveled to Sigur Rós’s personal studio in Iceland. Having access to the space for only one day, Stewart worked on setting down his interpretations of American and Caribbean spirituals using a 1953 Silvertone guitar given to him by his father (producer Michael Stewart), the man who introduced him to religious thought and folk music. The resulting album, Unclouded Sky, explores themes of death and faith over the course of nine songs originally composed between 1850 and 1920, which are interspersed with field recordings Stewart made in the jungle of Guyana.


      1. (Demerara)
      2. Blood Of The Lamb
      3. (Berbice)
      4. I’ll Fly Away
      5. (Kaieteur)
      6. Lonesome Valley
      7. (Essequibo)
      8. Wreck On The Highway
      9. (Rupununi)
      10. Church In The Wildwood
      11. (Cuyuni)
      12. Unclouded Sky
      13. (Kanuku)
      14. All Fo’ You
      15. (Guiana)
      16. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
      17. (Pomeroon)
      18. Just As I Am

      Of Montreal

      The Sunlandic Twins - 2024 Reissue

        Of Montreal's seminal record, The Sunlandic Twins, arrived in April of 2005 as the follow-up to their breakthrough album, Satanic Panic in the Attic.


        1 Requiem For O.M.M.2
        2 I Was Never Young
        3 Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games
        4 Forecast Fascist Future
        5 So Begins Our Alabee
        6 Our Spring Is Sweet Not Fleeting
        7 The Party's Crashing Us
        8 Knight Rider
        9 I Was A Landscape In Your Dream
        10 Death Of A Shade Of A Hue
        11 Oslo In The Summertime
        12 October Is Eternal
        13 The Repudiated Immortals
        14 Art Snob Solutions
        15 The Actor's Opprobrium
        16 Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks
        17 Everyday Feels Like Sunday
        18 Family Noveau
        19 Psychotic Feeling
        20 Kristiansand
        21 Micro University
        22 Subtext Read, Nothing New
        23 Noir Blues To Tinnitus 

        Good Morning

        Good Morning Seven

          After signing with Polyvinyl in 2021 and releasing the critically acclaimedalbum Barnyard (as well as the two double singles Mollyduker / KeepIt & Out to Pasture / Misery), Australian duo Good Morning returnwith their aptly titled seventh album, Good Morning Seven. On GoodMorning Seven, Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons share some of their mostbeautifully complex and ambitious work to date - a double album thatinvites the listener into a world of unwavering tonal depth and sonicmasterpieces. Produced & engineered by the band in their Melbournestudio and mixed in Joshua Tree, CA by the band with help from TylerKarmen (My Morning Jacket, Sharon Van Etten, Devendra Banhart),the album features stand-out tracks such as the breezy “Excalibur” andthe lush and sweeping “Toy.”

          In addition to being streamed over 300 million times around the globe,Good Morning has been featured in publications such as Billboard, TheFADER, SPIN, and many others. In 2018, their song “Don’t Come HomeToday” was sampled in A$AP Rocky’s track “Kids Turned Out Fine,”introducing the band to an entirely new set of listeners. The band hasplayed to sold-out crowds around the world, including festivals such asRoskilde, Nine Lives Festival, Tropicalia, and others


          1. Arcade
          2. Ahhhh (This Isn't Ideal)
          3. Monster Of The Week
          4. As The Dogs Were Playing
          5. The Worm Turns
          6. Dog Years
          7. Queen Of Comedy
          8. The Lake
          9. Diane Said
          10. One Night
          11. Excalibur
          12. Real I'm Told
          13. Just In Time
          14. Toy
          15. Jelly Legs
          16. Dogs On The Beach
          17. The Fear!


          Parallel Realms

            Prolific and constantly evolving, Portland, OR’s STRFKR have continued to release music that consistently connects with music lovers all over the globe. The band started out in a time when a co-sign from blogs and music outlets of note were all but mandatory for new music to be heard and accepted. STRFKR bypassed the hype machine almost completely, focusing instead on making their shows more exciting and pushing their music to new places. Their work ethic both in the studio and on the road has kept them on a steady climb, consistently playing venues on the level of legendary rooms like Terminal 5, Stubb’s, and the 9:30 Club while using any available downtime to work towards the next recording.

            On their latest full-length album, Parallel Realms, STRFKR embrace a more pop-forward approach as heard on their recent single “Running Around,” while also hinting at experimentalism and the gentler textures on 2020’s heralded, Future Past Life. Tracked by the band in their home studio in Portland, with additional engineering in Joshua Tree, CA, and mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House, The Drums), the new album feels exciting, cohesive, and familiar with immediate, yet diverse qualities that can only be found on STRFKR records.

            In addition to being streamed over 1B times around the world, STRFKR have performed at festivals including Coachella, Outside Lands, FYF Festival, Mad Decent Block Party, and others. The band has also toured consistently, playing to fans throughout North America, Europe, China, Japan, and other countries.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Always / Never
            2. Holding On
            3. Interspace 2
            4. Feelings
            5. Together Forever
            6. Under Water / In Air
            7. Armatron
            8. Interspace 3
            9. Chizzlers
            10. Interspace 4
            11. Running Around
            12. Carnival
            13. Lot Of Nice Things
            14. Interspace 5
            15. Waited For It
            16. Something To Prove
            17. Leaving


            Birth Of Omni

              On Birthmark’s latest album, Birth of Omni, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Nate Kinsella delivers his most thematically dynamic and experimental album to date. The album highlights the gargantuan shift in perspective that comes along with becoming a parent, including core themes of identity, duality, sexuality, overwhelming responsibility, feminism, and fear of men. Over the course of the album’s ten songs, Kinsella takes the listener on a wild ride, full of emotions and inner thoughts. On “Rodney,” Kinsella enlists Shudder to Think’s Craig Wedren on vocals for a track that explores sexuality and desires, while “Boyfriend” touches on how things change between partners in a relationship while raising children.

              In addition to Kinsella’s work with Birthmark, Nate also plays in two other bands with his cousin Mike Kinsella – American Football and Lies. He’s also collaborated with artists such as Tim Kasher, Joan of Arc, TTNG, and others. Kinsella’s work has been featured in outlets such as Pitchfork, Fader, Rolling Stone, Stereogum, NPR, and many others.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Snowflake In My Palm (Not For Long)
              2. Butterfly
              3. Birthday (Product Of Our Lust)
              4. Rodney
              5. Baby Woncha Come On Home
              6. Boyfriend
              7. Green Skies
              8. Red Meadow
              9. I’m Awake
              10. Pretty Flowers


              Electra2000 - 2023 Reissue

                Champaign, Illinois band Hum reissues its four-album catalog on vinyl with exclusive distribution by Polyvinyl Records. The band members oversaw every step of the re-mastering, lacquer cutting, and manufacturing stages while working with original designer Andy Mueller/Ohio Girl in updating the artwork. Each album is offered in a double-LP 180g set in black.

                Recorded by Mark Rubel at Pogo Studio, Champaign, IL. Mixed by Brian Malouf at Pacifique, LA. Licensed from Sony Music and re-mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, New York.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Iron Clad Lou
                2. Pinch And Roll
                3. Shovel
                4. Pewter
                5. Scraper
                6. Firehead
                7. Sundress
                8. Double Dip
                9. Winder
                10. Diffuse


                Inlet - 2023 Reissue

                  Champaign, Illinois band Hum reissues its four-album catalog on vinyl with exclusive distribution by Polyvinyl Records. The band members oversaw every step of the re-mastering, lacquer cutting, and manufacturing stages while working with original designer Andy Mueller/Ohio Girl in updating the artwork. Each album is offered in a double-LP 180g set in black.

                  Recorded by Mark Rubel at Pogo Studio, Champaign, IL. Mixed by Brian Malouf at Pacifique, LA. Licensed from Sony Music and re-mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, New York.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Waves
                  2. In The Den
                  3. Desert Rambler
                  4. Step Into You
                  5. The Summoning
                  6. Cloud City
                  7. Folding
                  8. Shapeshifter


                  Downwards Is Heavenward - 2023 Reissue

                    Champaign, Illinois band Hum is re-issuing its four-album catalog on vinyl with exclusive distribution by Polyvinyl Records. The band members oversaw every step of the re-mastering, lacquer cutting, and manufacturing stages while working with original designer Andy Mueller/Ohio Girl in updating the artwork. Each album is offered in a double-LP 180g set in black.

                    Recorded by Mark Rubel at Pogo Studio, Champaign, IL. Mixed by Brian Malouf at Pacifique, LA.
                    Licensed from Sony Music and re-mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, New York.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Isle Of The Cheetah
                    2. Comin' Home
                    3. If You Are To Bloom
                    4. Ms. Lazarus
                    5. Afternoon With The Axolotls
                    6. Green To Me
                    7. Dreamboat
                    8. The Inuit Promise
                    9. Apollo
                    10. The Scientists
                    11. Puppets
                    12. Aphids
                    13. Boy With Stick

                    Chris Farren

                    Doom Singer

                      With his sophomore full-length album, Born Hot, Chris Farren paired polished, up-beat pop songs with lyrics full of self-examination and insecurity, all while developing a newfound sense of humor when it came to promoting himself. Stereogum called it “a tongue-in-cheek exploration of ideas of confidence and self-loathing," while The Atlantic featured it on their “Best Albums of 2019” list.

                      On his third full-length album, Doom Singer, Farren injects his latest work with a newfound sense of power and cohesion. Collaborating for the first time with outside drummer Frankie Impastato (Macseal), Farren's songs take on a whole new dimensionality, with Impastato's live drums bringing a fresh spontaneity to the tracks. Doom Singer marks another significant milestone in Farren's career as it is the first time he collaborated with a producer, multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte (Jay Som, Bachelor, Routine). Her masterful production experience adds a layer of sophistication to Farren's sound, creating a rich and multi- dimensional sonic landscape that takes his music to new heights. With Duterte's keen ear and meticulous attention to detail, the album resonates with a level of clarity and depth that showcases Farren's songwriting and vocal abilities in a whole new light.

                      Chris Farren’s music has been praised in outlets such as MTV, Stereogum, and The Atlantic, who describes his music as having “bright-eyed hooks, sparkly orchestration, and tight songwriting.” With numerous world tours alongside artists such as Jeff Rosenstock, The Gaslight Anthem, Laura Stevenson, and others, Farren has been building a dedicated following of fans who connect with his introspective lyrics and infectious pop sensibilities.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Bluish
                      2. All We Ever
                      3. Get Over U
                      4. Only U
                      5. Doom Singer
                      6. Screensaver
                      7. First Place
                      8. My Beauty
                      9. Cosmic Leash
                      10. StatueSong


                      Eye On The Bat

                        With their latest album, Eye On The Bat, Palehound have unleashed a sonic tour de force that cements their status as one of the most exciting and forwardthinking artists in indie rock. Recorded with Sam Owens (Big Thief, Cass McCombs) at Flying Cloud Recordings in the Catskill Mountains, the album is a breathtaking showcase of artistic growth and evolution, with primary songwriter El Kempner (as well as multi-instrumentalist Larz Brogan) delivering a stunning batch of new songs that brim with energy, vulnerability, and raw emotion. From the explosive guitar riffs to the thunderous drumming and Kempner's signature vocals, Eye On The Bat is the most thrilling and exhilarating album Palehound has made to date. The album's sharp and introspective lyrics explore themes of selfdiscovery, anxiety, and empowerment, adding a layer of depth and nuance to the album’s uncompromising vision.

                        In addition to Kempner’s recent work with Bachelor (a collaborative project with Jay Som's Melina Duterte), Palehound has earned widespread critical acclaim in outlets such as The New York Times, Pitchfork, and NPR, which praised their unique sound and fearless artistic direction. Palehound's long and storied touring history has seen them play shows around the world alongside some of the biggest names in indie rock, including Big Thief, Sylvan Esso, Lucy Dacus, PUP and more. And it's not just other artists who have been inspired by their music - Kempner’s passionate and introspective songwriting has struck a chord with fans around the world, cementing Palehound’s status as a deeply admired and widely influential artist. 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Barry says: The new Palehound LP takes the formula established so solidly on the previous albums, with soaring vocal lines over tight instrumental hooks and expands the pieces outwards. Though Kempner's playing remains as dynamic as ever, it's the emotional weight and cinematic intensity that set this apart from the previous outings. Superb.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Good Sex
                        2. Independence Day
                        3. The Clutch
                        4. Eye On The Bat
                        5. U Want It U Got It
                        6. Route 22
                        7. My Evil
                        8. Head Like Soup
                        9. Right About You
                        10. Fadin' 

                        Man On Man


                          For Man On Man, the duo of boyfriends Roddy Bottum (Imperial Teen, Faith No More) and Joey Holman (HOLMAN), 2021 was a monumental year. Without knowing exactly what they were making the year prior, the couple had recorded a batch of songs while traveling across the country to be with their ailing mothers during the pandemic, both of whom passed away in the span of just 6 months. The songs that came out during this time celebrated the love they have for each other while championing the queer scenes they surround themselves with. They are deeply intentional and their overall message is rooted in the Queer experience – songs about gay love, pride, acceptance, self-empowerment, and appropriation. The tracks would eventually appear on their self- titled debut album, which instantly garnered critical acclaim in outlets such as Paste, them, and Rolling Stone, who called it “a new type of queer anthem that celebrates body image and diversity, while also remaining ironic and subversive."

                          On the band’s second album, Provincetown, Bottum and Holman sharpened their songwriting and production choices with an adrenalized agenda. Mixed by Steven James Aguilar (The Head and the Heart, Moby), the album is more focused and cohesive, showcasing themes of encouragement and support for the queer community in ways that may be seen as provocative or unorthodox - it’s loud and abrasive rock music with a message. Standouts like “Showgirls” and “Take It From Me'' reinforce the band’s inspiring sense of confidence and love for their community, while tracks like “Piggy” and “Hush (featuring J Mascis)” feature intense and biting distortion that elevates the album’s energy and strong throughline. If MAN ON MAN introduced the world to the gay anthems of two supportive lovers, Provincetown turns it up a notch - M.O.M. are taking risks, putting themselves out there and shouting for what they believe in. 

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Take It From Me
                          2. Showgirls
                          3. I Feel Good
                          4. Haute Couture
                          5. Piggy
                          6. Kids
                          7. Feelings
                          8. Gloryhole
                          9. Who Could Know
                          10. Hush


                          Frame & Canvas - 25th Anniversary Edition

                            To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Braid’s iconic 1998 album, Frame & Canvas, Polyvinyl and the band are thrilled to announce a new version of the album, completely remixed, remastered, and repackaged for 2023. Originally recorded and mixed in the span of just 5 days with producer J. Robbins (The Promise Ring, Against Me!) at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA, Frame & Canvas would eventually become a genre-defining staple and essential listening for indie/emo fans.

                            Since its release, the album has received praise from outlets such as Stereogum and Rolling Stone, who ranked it at #5 on their “Top 40 Emo Albums of All Time” list. The band would go on to play hundreds of shows across the globe in support of Frame & Canvas from 1998- 99 before disbanding roughly a year after the album’s release. Braid’s influence on the numerous bands and DIY scenes that arose in their wake is vast and undeniable. Remixed by J. Robbins and remastered by Dan Coutant (with vinyl mastering by Bob Weston), the 25th anniversary edition has also been repackaged for a deluxe vinyl release, featuring expanded artwork and additional liner notes written by each band member. 

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. The New Nathan Detroits
                            2. Killing A Camera
                            3. Never Will Come For Us
                            4. First Day Back
                            5. Collect From Clark Kent
                            6. Milwaukee Sky Rocket
                            7. A Dozen Roses
                            8. Urbana's Too Dark
                            9. Consolation Prizefighter
                            10. Ariel
                            11. Breathe In
                            12. I Keep A Diary

                            Xiu Xiu

                            Ignore Grief

                              Over the course of the last two decades, Xiu Xiu’s prolific output of critically acclaimed albums and collaborations has been consistent and dazzling. They have collaborated with songwriters like Mitski, Sharon Van Etten, Deerhoof, Chelsea Wolfe, Twin Shadow and others, as well as avant-garde composers like Charlemagne Palestine. They’ve released many full-length albums that have been praised in outlets such as The New Yorker, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, NME and others, and have toured the globe relentlessly, performing alongside artists such as Deerhoof, Swans, Tune-Yards, and more at places like The Guggenheim, Primavera Festival, Benicassim Festival, Pitchfork Festival and others. Xiu Xiu has spent twenty years grappling with how to process, to be empathetic towards, to disobey and to reorganize horror.

                              Ignore Grief is a record of halves. Angela Seo sings on half of the record. Jamie Stewart sings on half of the record. Half of it is real. Half of it is imaginary. The real songs attempt to turn the worst life has offered to five people the band is wconnected with into some kind of desperate shape that does something, anything, other than grind and brutalize their hearts and memory within these stunningly horrendous experiences. The imaginary songs are an expansion and abstract exploration of the early rock and roll “Teen Tragedy” genre as jumping off point to decontaminate the band’s own overwhelming emotions in knowing and living with what has happened to these five people.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: Xiu Xiu have admittedly, never been the easiest band to follow. While their dedication to the more off-piste sonic arenas has certainly showed what a talented and inventive bunch they are, i've not really got it before. 'Ignore Grief' has made it twig for me, with the juxtaposition of really quite tender instrumental restraint meeting hellscape industrial noise battering me into submission. It's intense, huge and brilliant.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. The Real Chaos Cha Cha Cha
                              2. 666 Photos Of Nothing
                              3. Esquerita, Little Richard
                              4. Maybae Baeby
                              5. Tarsier, Tarsier, Tarsier, Tarsier
                              6. Pahrump
                              7. Border Factory
                              8. Dracula Parrot, Moon Moth
                              9. Brothel Creeper
                              10. For M. 

                              Of Montreal

                              Freewave Lucifer Fck Fck Fck

                                Over the course of the last two decades, of Montreal’s creative force, Kevin Barnes, has been wowing fans with their vast catalog of endlessly fascinating pop and mesmerizing live shows. Barnes’ songwriting and production aesthetic has since become iconic in the industry and has garnered massive critical acclaim in publications such as Rolling Stone, The New York Times, NPR, and Pitchfork, who described the band’s album, Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? as “ceaselessly fascinating and inexhaustibly replayable,” as well as ranking it as the #5 album of the year. Barnes’ influence on pop music is undeniable, with multiple late night TV appearances, including The Late Show With David Letterman and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as well as brilliant collaborations with the likes of Solange, Janelle Monáe, Jon Brion, and others. The band has also performed across the globe, with festival appearances at Coachella, Sasquatch!, Pitchfork Music Festival and others, as well as hundreds of millions of streams worldwide.

                                On of Montreal’s latest album, Freewave Lucifer fck, Barnes continues to push the boundaries of what pop music can be. On songs like “Marijuana’s A Working Woman,” Barnes revisits themes of psychedelia using pulsating synths over their instantly recognizable bass playing. The album also touches on aspects of gender fluidity and is a fascinating look at what makes Barnes one of the most prolific and creative songwriters making music today. "...every year or so of Montreal is going to release a new full-length of mind-bending glam-punk decadence that sort of blows everything else away." - Paste

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Marijuana's A Working Woman
                                2. Ofrenda-Flanger-Ego-à Gogo
                                3. Blab Sabbath Lathe Of Maiden
                                4. Après Thee Dèclassè
                                5. Modern Art Bewilders
                                6. Nightsift
                                7. Hmmm

                                Ian Sweet

                                Show Me How You Disappear

                                  Mesmeric and kaleidoscopic, shimmering with electrified unease, Show Me How You Disappear is both an exercise in self-forgiveness and an eventual understanding of unresolved trauma. Jilian Medford’s third record as IAN SWEET unfolds at an acute juncture in her life, charting from a mental health crisis to an intensive healing process and what comes after. How do you control the thoughts that control you? What does it mean to get better? What does it mean to have a relationship with yourself? Recorded with Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Empress Of) and Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers), among others, Medford approached this album as a curator. She handpicked the producers that fit each song, which explains the range and experimentation showcased. Medford then recruited Chris Coady to mix and tie everything together into one cohesive piece. Dizzying and enthralling, Show Me How You Disappear is the sound of someone coming apart and putting themselves back together — the moment an old mantra, repeated into the mirror time and time again, finally clicks. To look at your reflection, and finally feel seen.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. My Favorite Cloud
                                  2. Drink The Lake
                                  3. Sword
                                  4. Dirt
                                  5. Sing Till I Cry
                                  6. Dumb Driver
                                  7. Get Better
                                  8. Power
                                  9. Show Me How You Disappear
                                  10. I See Everything


                                  Fever 121614

                                  On one special night, the band took to the bandstand in a tiny Tokyo club while the tape was rolling. The result is Fever 121614. With gems from throughout the band’s ridiculously deep back catalog, the 12-song collection that appears on both the LP and the video is Deerhoof at their rawest.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Exit Only 
                                  2. Paradise Girls 
                                  3. Let's Dance The Jet 
                                  4. Doom 
                                  5. Fresh Born  
                                  6. We Do Parties 
                                  7. Buck And Judy  
                                  8. Dummy Discards A Heart 
                                  9. Twin Killers 
                                  10. I Did Crimes For You  
                                  11. There's That Grin 
                                  12. Come See The Duck 

                                  Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

                                  Fly By Wire

                                  Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin returned to the attic where they made their debut full-length Broom. Phil Dickey, Will Knauer, and Jonathan James spent up to twelve hours a day working on the songs that would become Fly By Wire. With James assuming the role of engineer, Dickey and Knauer wrote lyrics and guitar parts on a third floor windowsill and recorded vocals in the staircase. This laid-back approach to recording is clearly evident in the album’s warm, welcoming sound.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Harrison Ford
                                  2. Young Presidents
                                  3. Cover All Sides
                                  4. Lucky Young
                                  5. Ms. Dot
                                  6. Loretta
                                  7. Unearth
                                  8. Bright Leaves
                                  9. Nightwater Girlfriend
                                  10. Fly By Wire

                                  Stagnant Pools are Bryan and Douglass Enas, two brothers (21 and 22) from Bloomington, Indiana. With just one guitar and a drum kit, they make music which the Chicago Reader describes as “drone-heavy, slate-gray art-rock that should appeal to fans of Disappears, Joy Division, and Sonic Youth records from back when they were still actually scary.”

                                  After a couple of DIY releases, the sibling duo spent one day in the studio recording their debut full length ‘Temporary Room’. With a tour van as a recent graduation present, and shows under their belt with EMA and labelmates Japandroids, they’re releasing ‘Temporary Room’ this summer and then hitting the road.

                                  “A massive slice of punked-out sky-high shoegaze from the Bloomington brothers” - · “Stagnant Pools use a lot of distortion over pretty melodies to make something that sounds a little like a harder edged Interpol” - ohmyrockness

                                  “A beautiful, swelling thing. Aided by both a beautiful, sweltering, heat-haze throb of guitar treatment and some deep, effortlessly melodic vocals” - musicfromagreenwindow

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Dead Sailor
                                  Temporary Room
                                  Dreaming Of You
                                  Maze Of Graves
                                  Alternate Ending

                                  After his last time touring the United States in support of 2009’s ‘Dear John’, Emil Svanängen AKA Loney Dear returned home to Sweden and began to play shows with chamber orchestras throughout the country. As such, he was forced to revisit his earlier material -- re-writing and re-arranging these older songs for performance on a grander scale. This experience had an indelible influence on the writing and recording of the appropriately titled ‘Hall Music’, an expansive record that finds Svanängen closer to creating the type of orchestral music he has always sought to bring to life on stage (whether he’s actually playing with an orchestra or not).

                                  Above all, ‘Hall Music’ is a study in merging contrasts, an album of impossible pairings. The pacing is simultaneously fast and slow, with gently weaving harmonic structures propelled forward by quickly moving notes. The instrumentation is orchestral and synthesized; organic and invented. A church bell paired effortlessly with horns and an analogue keyboard.

                                  Though at first listen it occupies your ears for just over a halfhour, it is an all-consuming sonic affair. This is intimate music that effortlessly fills vast, empty spaces -- in your head, in your room, in your life -- with a grip so delicate yet unyielding that you can’t (and don’t want to) escape it.

                                  Drawing from both of the emotional states it joins together - joy and darkness – ‘Hall Music’ creates its own unique expanse -- one you’ll surely want to re-visit again and again.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Name
                                  2. My Heart
                                  3. Loney Blues
                                  4. Calm Down
                                  5. Maria, Is That You
                                  6. D Major
                                  7. Largo
                                  8. Young Hearts
                                  9. Durmoll
                                  10. I Dreamed About You
                                  11. What Have I Become?

                                  "Life Like" is Joan Of Arc distilled down to / embracing their rock essence.

                                  Gone from the band’s music (for now) are the electronics and layers upon layers of tracks. Gone from their liner notes are an extensive list of musicians and instruments. Instead, ‘Life Like’ is the result of four men adhering to Thoreau’s famous principle, “Simplify, simplify, simplify!”.

                                  "Life Like" is the first Joan Of Arc record to feature Victor Villarreal (Cap’n Jazz, Owls) as a member. The album was recorded at Chicago’s Electrical Audio with Steve Albini (who has previously engineered records for two other of Joan Of Arc singer Tim Kinsella’s projects: Owls and Make Believe).

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  I Saw The Messed Binds Of My Generation
                                  Love Life
                                  Like Minded
                                  Life Force
                                  Night Life Style
                                  Howdy Pardoner
                                  Still Life
                                  Deep State
                                  After Life

                                  The Red Hot Valentines

                                  Summer Fling

                                    A template stolen from 80s proto emo / moog-induced power pop band The Cars and transposed into the noughties. With three-part harmonies and songs so catchy they should be illegal, "Summer Fling" is the Red Hot Valentines' second album and has that distinctive Polyvinyl label sound.



                                      Aloha's second album takes post-rock a la Tortoise and Trans Am and adds emo stylings like the Promise Ring but then injects it with the prog time changes of a Midwest King Crimson. There's some sublime vibraphone and guitar interplay and the instrumental invention never fails to produce some of the most beautiful sounds and ensemble playing.


                                      Hours Of Operation, Discography 1991-1994

                                        Featuring Bob Nanna of Hey Mercedes this 2xCD set is every song that Friction recorded, including many previously unreleased songs. All 32 tracks have been completely remastered and there's tons of photos, lyrics and complete liner notes. Included on the discs are the band's long out-of-print LP "Blurred In Six", all the 7"s and compilation tracks, as well as nearly a dozen tracks that were finished for a second album, but never released.

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