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Phantasy and Factory Floor's celebrated synth molester, Gabe Gurnsey returns with a new album entitled "Diablo". Reveling in the energy surrounding spontaneous connections, the album takes you on myriad twists and turns; all the while nurturing lustful, good time feelings.

Opening with a typically electronic, lyrically strong post-acid-house jerker: "Push", the album quickly deploys giddy echoes, teasing 808 boings and more vocals that are both sexy and menacing and suited to darkly lit areas of large warehouses and industrial spaces; injecting lascivious energies into environments once baron of human feeling.

The album unashamedly makes us of Gurnsey’s girlfriend, Tilly Morris, whose role is that of both muse and collaborator. 'I wanted Tilly to dominate on "Diablo",' Gurnsey explains. Morris (who was also featured on "Physical") sings on most of "Diablo"s tracks as well as contributing to the lyrics, melodies and synths, and her image is the album artwork. An album with such a level of collaboration only feels this good when you can really trust somebody. “This record is formed out of a lot of trust and lust,” Gurnsey says. “And I think it's very honest in a lot of ways, in terms of letting go, in terms of exploring, just in terms of being a bit fucking happy.”

Keeping to a role of 'rhythm section first' - Gabe's previous roll as drummer has led to a very rhythmic-centric way of songwriting. That being said; we find most of the beats across the LP sequenced and programmed rather than played live.

Title track “Diablo” sees Gabe and Tilly deliver a disembodied duet, love-sparring like a postapocalyptic Donny & Marie Osmond - they reprise this routine on “So Sweet” (which is anything but): ‘I’m breaking at the thought of your love, I’m shaking at the thought of your mind.’ “Power Passion” has a touch of wine bar and a hint of Daft Punk and “You Remind Me” is all sharp little squelches, stutters, and swooning sunrise vocals. “Give Me” shifts from demand to begging in the sweetest and sexiest way, really highlighting the subtle but proficient lyrical urgency coursing through the LP. “To The Room” closes the record with a sinister softness, glimpses through a doorway into other possibilities.

You’ll hear all sorts of influences here, from Peaches, Detroit techno, deep house, electro, Suicide and Eurythmics. It’s a generous stew which shows its appreciation for his forebears without ever being overshadowed by them. Let’s face it, most of the best dance music has that minor-key sadness, channeled to perfection by Gurnsey and Morris.


1 Push
2 Hey Diablo
3 Power Passion
4 You Remind Me
5 I Love A Sea On Fire
6 Give Me
7 Blessings
8 Higher Estates
9 So Sweet
10 To The Room

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